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  1. I know Maclean's hasn't released a ranking in a long time. (5 years ago) I'd just like to know if the reputation for UWindsor Law has changed? I think one of the main reasons it was ranked so low was because the entering CGPA was a lot lower than average. At the same time, UWindsor receives the second most applicants behind Osgoode. Have things changed at all? If they have, how so, if not why would you speculate not? I saw this on Reddit the other day and it had me worried when I was reading the comments.
  2. I'm coming back home! I'll be finishing school soon and want to move back to Windsor. The longer I've been here in Toronto the more I've begun to realize how much better the quality of life is in Windsor; Toronto is exhausting. I went to UWindsor for my undergrad and lived close to campus my whole life, I just don't know the employment opportunities. Does anyone want to share any places/positions? Windsor is truly a magical city. It tends to draw everyone who leaves it back.
  3. The university has changed drastically since I was a kid. I lived 5 minutes from the University and it was probably half the size/half as good as it is today. Where the engineering building is today used to be an elementary school, the parking lot a soccer field. I just really hope they tear down that cancerous bridge. It's too close to everything! It will never happen, the guy who owns it makes billions every year from it. I also have mixed feelings about the downtown campus; it does look nice.
  4. They will feel the same way one day too. As they are leaving the next generation of students will be getting something new.
  5. I miss Windsor, I grew up there and did my undergrad there. Part of the reason why I left was because the school had ugly infrastructure. I just visited some of my old profs today and they said the law faculty might be moving to a new building in the near future. Check the link below. Can anyone confirm this? I lost connection with all of my Windsor friends. How soon will this be? http://windsorstar.com/news/universitys-law-school-moving-closer-to-locating-inside-paul-martin-building Also WTF Windsor. The campus looks so different now. Huge new engineering building, Sunset avenue closed off and beautiful, downtown campus, welcome center, and that entrepreneur center thing. Fuck me, I wish we had all of that when I went there. Looks like things are look good for uWin.
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