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  1. 1. U of A uses a 4.0 scale and only looks at L2. Reporting that your GPA is xxx/4.3 means nothing. Reporting your cGPA means nothing. 1a. Holistic *may* look at cGPA, but no one is really quite sure how that round works. 2. Personal statement means little (except for holistic). I got my acceptance months before I submitted mine. 2a. Its all about the index score. Are you correctly calculating your GPA? Are you sure that they do not have to dip into a term that contains an F? If you are absolutely sure, then a 3.7 combined with a 163 is fine. Assuming that you got kicked out for low GPA and not academic misconduct.
  2. Just because no one was accepted last year from Nova Scotia doesn't mean that UofA refuses to accept people from the east coast... it may mean that no one from Nova Scotia even applied!! More to the point, it may mean that no one had those exact same scores or that 25 people did but they decided to go to a different school. The grid/chart is merely a indication of all the 1Ls for the class that got accepted and took the offer based purely on GPA/LSAT. Those that did not take the offer, those who entered in the holistic round or Aboriginal 1Ls are not listed. A 3.8/154 is not a sure bet but it is possible to get in during the later rounds or even in the holistic round. It is a bit low on the index score ranking, but not so low as to not stand a chance at all.
  3. Exam anxiety is not a recognized disability by LSAC, other standardized testing organizations and universities. It might be part of a larger issue, but by itself you can't get accommodations on the LSAT. It's not the same as being blind, dyslexic or not being able to move your arms.
  4. Agreed. I have a BBA in Accounting. Thinking about Intermediate still gives cold sweats. Every other business class I took outside of accounting (and tax) was easy. I knew this and pushed off the hard classes to my last term where the law schools don't look. That said... good luck getting a job with a bare bones Marketing degree if you decide law is not for you. So don't go down that route without a backup plan.
  5. I would advise against attempting to hide investments. This could bite you in ass later... not to mention this is highly unethical.
  6. Why would an alleged director of a 160 million dollar corporation who also happens to trilingual AND is a registered insurance agent want to go to law school? Are you looking to have a business card that is a 8x11 piece of paper?
  7. As I recall, you can't accept via Bear Tracks. You'll have to send back the bottom portion of the letter you'll receive.
  8. If this gets you stressed out... you're in for a really rough time if you actually get in. See this in its proper perspective. Its a -- minor issue -- at best.
  9. I can only give the answer to a few schools. UNB will count every single post secondary class you take (undergrad, grad, special student etc.) then drop the lowest 25%. UofA and UofC will only look at the last 60, so taking a few years of a second undergrad can be a big plus. Each school will be a little different. Although if you're looking and a second degree to boost your chances, focus on the L2/B2 schools.
  10. I am not a morning person.
  11. Same with me. Didn't get my statement in until after I got my acceptance letter. With your stats, it will be the same for you.
  12. Beau Brummell vs Mr. Darcy? That's a fanfic just waiting to be written. More to the point, Sarah, you're right. Very few people are willing to say it but its true. An easy programme (more on that in a second) that leads to a high GPA is a huge advantage when it comes to law school admissions. After all, there are many schools that simply plug in your GPA & LSAT into a calculator and that's it. What an easy programme is depends on the student, of course. For some, its maths or others, its something more writing based. To say that one major is more challenging than another is rubbish. Just because it's 'easy' doesn't mean you should slack off. Its very easy to blow off classes in university and it almost always bites you in the ass in the end. The alleged difficulty of the course has little to no effect on your work ethic, thats all on you.
  13. I chose the easiest classes I could for electives in my last year. I could have taken really difficult ones like auditing but I chose occupational health & safety instead. I do not regret it. Don't do it for four years or you'll end up with nothing to fall back on when a few years down the road you decide law is not for you. Also, do a co-op. Best decision ever.
  14. Why are we YELLING like this and sTuFf!!!11!! Is it because WE SPILT SODA on our KeYbOard in our 800 SQUARE FOOT STRIP MALL LAW OFFICE?
  15. Tell your friend, if he still has his tablet, to try the app Notability. I found it great for organizing and note taking. You can use your stylus like a mouse to encircle an item, then copy & paste it elsewhere or change the colour of the text or enlarge it, etc. Other apps are bare bones and not great for detailed notes. Also, and probably more importantly, there is a learning curve. Don't get one a few days before class and expect miracles, took me a few months to get used to it. Now my laptop stays at home attached to a monitor and my tablet goes everywhere with me.
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