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  1. Trying to outgrow your surrounding is by its nature a long and lonely journey, the only solution is to toughen yourself up mentally imo.
  2. Thanks, this is actually very helpful. Tbh I was really just fishing for ideas. And I know that entry level of any high power profession is a lot of grunt work, which I've come to terms with. From what I heard about IB, PE, and consulting, work gets more and more interesting as you become senior. I just want to see if there's light at the end of the tunnel for business lawyers.
  3. That's fair. I knew I was thinking ahead of myself. Gotta sit down and grind first.
  4. I should've been more specific. Surely most of the transaction work is M&A. I guess the kind of work that would bore me out of my mind is to meticulously go over a contract line by line just so the deal doesn't break. What would excite me is litigation, commercial arbitration, and treaty negotiation (I suppose things that don't take place in national court is a good way to define it). A quick google search suggests that Osgoode actually has an LLM specializing in this area whereas Toronto doesn't. However, I can see quite a few classes at Toronto that are relevant. Still, what should I do to put me on the right track?
  5. It might be a bit early to ask this as an incoming 1L but I wonder what kind of ECs and courses I should gravitate towards to fit my goal. I am interested in business law, but not the mindless M&A transaction work in corporate law, but the area that pertains to international business transaction, or even the policy aspect such as trade treaties. Is there an established career path for this and what resources are there that could help me get there? Would appreciate some pointers.
  6. Thanks for the write-up. I'm doing JD/MBA because of some personal reasons and because I am not too committed to anything at the moment, but it's definitely true that Rotman is not on par with the top ones in the US. Although I also tend to believe that where you go to school matters less than who you are as a person, presuming you don't go to Sunshine community college.
  7. Sorry, I am not sure if I read this right. Do you mean they get those corporate law jobs reserved for JD/MBAs their second summer (after Rotman 1st year), and then consulting/IB gigs in the third year? What do they do the first summer then?
  8. Hey, I vaguely remember your avatar. I think you are in JD/MBA ? I was wondering how law school GPA affects the business part of the program, such as Rotman scholarship and non-legal internships. Would appreciate some input, thanks!
  9. Cheers, that helps a lot. Especially the speed failure concept sounds like a very interesting yardstick, definitely will incorporate that.
  10. Since OP does not benefit from NAFTA, the visa is a whole different ball game. I think John Smith overlooked that.
  11. That's interesting to know, can't wait to find out how big or small a deal I really am hehe
  12. Dope, always great to hear from different perspectives.
  13. What do you wish you knew before your 1L? Tips to succeed academically and socially? Thanks.
  14. Fascinating stuff! That clears up quite a lot for me. I have always held the conviction that muscles respond well to 8-12 RM, and that by the end of a proper set you should be exhausted. Maybe that doesn't hold true beyond a certain level? I have a feeling I am at the end of my noobie gain stage and any further growth requires increasing amount of fine-tuning of my noobie PPL routine. My back pain is nagging and constant, and I suspect it's due to my improper form from boundary-pushing, i.e. putting too much weight on my lower back when all other muscle groups are exhausted. The 60%-75% range of 1 rep max rule sounds like a promising cure, should I aim for something like 20 reps before moving on to heavier weights? 455 lbs max at 230 lbs is quite a feet! Was it part of the plan to gain that much and then shed 35 lbs to reach the ideal body fat %? I am currently in the anabolic pathway cycle, so I am trying to gain weight, but I've heard stories of lean bulking and always wondered how feasible it is. Seeing as summer is around the corner I am even more conflicted about keep gaining weight. Should I disregard this year's hunting season ;) and stay on my course or should I give lean bulking a shot? How did you get your current beast of a hard man bod (no homo but totally homo) and do you plan to allow your weight to bounce within a range or stay constant?
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