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  1. So, am I doing anything wrong? After googling the prime rates for the big banks, it seems as all of them have the same rate - except CIBC which is with 0.25% lower. How is that? Wouldn't that be beneficial for the student line of credit?
  2. Hey, they said to include anything done in the last year when I was in school...so pretty much last year of university even though I have been away from university for a while. Hope that helps
  3. Hey all, I am applying for scholarships and a few questions ask about extra-curricular activities on and off campus for the previous academic year. If I have been out of school last year, should I leave it blank? Or can I include activities I've done last year (even though I have been out of school)? Thanks!!!
  4. Hey, I wonder do you apply first for a student loan or first for the line of credit? If I am approved for a line of credit would that reduce the amount I will be eligible for from a governmental loan? Thanks
  5. Is there a facebook group for class of 2020 already?
  6. Thank you all for the replies. Reading this it starts making more sense to stay in Calgary looking ahead in the long term. Thanks for your perspectives
  7. Thanks guys! I am from Calgary. Did my undergrad here as well, so kind of was hoping to move away for a while, but maybe I should consider long term implications and just stay here for law as well... Do you know if UofC has goof exchange opportunities, maybe that would be an option
  8. So, I don't know where I want to end up working or what kind of law I will like the most or which area would like to practice in. At this point I welcome any views on both schools. I like that both of them have great extracurriculars and opportunities for outdoor activities. Also can you comment on work opportunities in admin for a spouse. Which city might be easier to get a job in? Thanks!
  9. Hey all, I was wondering how accepting an offer might influence your other applications? What if you get an early admission offer from a school that is not your top choice and you still want to see if you have chances at other schools as well, but the school that is offering the admission wants you to pay the fees and confirm within couple of weeks? So, would pying the fees and accepting the offer will somehow influence your admission options to other schools? I've heard that if you accept to an Ontario school all other Ontario schools stop looking at your applications. Is it the same for other schools? Thanks. Sorry if I wrote that more complicated that it needs to be
  10. Ou cool. Thanks for sharing. I hope your applications are coming along well
  11. Hey, sorry if my questions are a but stupid but I am a bit confused. Would students graduating from Bora Laskin be able to practice anywhere in Canada? I understand you don't have to article if graduating from this school...how would that be translated if later you decide to move and practice in another province... let's say 5 years after graduating and practicing? Thanks
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