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    I logged into my student account and under "view/acccept/decline awards" I saw that I received a bursary. I wasn't emailed about it yet. Maybe take a look on your student account!
  2. fatimagc

    Class Schedule

    In the email that Malina sent us it mentions that we will get instructions in June on how to register for classes. We're going to be assigned to a designated section and we have to choose the classes online that are part of that section. I don't think you get to pick and choose which section you'll be in. Be on the look out for that email!
  3. fatimagc

    Crowsnest/ Apartment

    I never received an email notifying me that I could register or a register time slot. I just logged in back into the res portal one random day, clicked on the cycle I was applying for, "continue application" i think?, and then it prompted me to select a room.
  4. I'm not 100% sure on that. I made an appt to speak to a rep tomorrow and I can ask them how it works. Hopefully the interest can be rolled into the loan like Scotia. I'll keep you posted!
  5. Here is the link for TD's new offer with the bluetooth speaker. It's valid until October 2018. When you open up the limits for each graduate program, Law has a 125K limit on their page. http://www.tdcanadatrust.com/products-services/borrowing/loans-lines-of-credit/student-line/graduate-offer.jsp
  6. fatimagc

    U of C vs TRU

    I haven't seen an older post comparing U of C vs TRU for a BC resident. Would anyone be willing to give some insight? I'm a BC resident and would like to practice in BC (Vancouver/lower mainland area) Cost is an issue since I will be funding the cost of tuition + living costs with loans and PLOC. I've never dealt with extreme weather conditions. I do have some connections with Vancouver lawyers (big firms + crown counsel) which might help with networking later on when I look for articles. Thanks for your time!
  7. fatimagc

    Accepted to TRU 2018

    Just got the acceptance email this morning! Stats: cgpa: 2.8 (olsas) L2: 80% (UBC) Lsat: 150, 157, 158, 156 (Dec 2017) Application complete around beg-mid January Regular 2nd time applicant with lot's of ECs regarding refugee health. Been accepted to Calgary in January and paid my deposit...now I'm conflicted since I'm a BC resident and would like to stay close to home, but that tuition cost is making me unsure... Need to pay deposit by April 30th.
  8. Hey! From my understanding, people usually apply for student loans to pay for tuition fees but each province usually has a limit on how much they can give out. Depending on the cost of tuition for your school you may have to take out a line of credit to cover the remaining tuition fees and to cover your cost of living such as rent etc. Totally depends on your situation, if you are going away from school, have any savings, parents are paying for schooling etc. Usually it's student loans first then touching your line of credit to "top up". Hope that makes sense?
  9. fatimagc

    Residence Building

    Thank you so much for the reply. I've never looked at floor plans so intensely before and researched sunlight angles! That's a great tip.
  10. fatimagc

    Residence Building

    Hi all! I'm about to pick my residence room within the next few days and I just wanted to confirm that the building I should be signing up for is Crowsnest instead of Glacier Hall? Past threads mentioned Glacier hall for law students living on campus. Anyone with experience living in Crowsnest....is the 1 bedroom price really worth it over the studio in terms of space/comfort level? 1 bedrooms are already a bit limited so I want to act fast before they fill up. Thanks! **forgot to add that I will be a 1L from out of province and I've never been to Calgary so any thoughts would be appreciated!
  11. fatimagc

    [2.8 / no LSAT] Non-Competitivie applicant

    If your last 2 years or best 2 years are sitting at 3.5, you may have a chance if you apply to schools in Canada that look at your L2 or B2 And you have a high LSAT score. Have you taken the LSAT already? It's hard to say what chance you have without an Lsat score. I also have a really low CGPA of 2.8 but managed to get an early offer to Calgary who looks at your last 2 years and are more holistic in their admission process. I also did lots of EC's to make up for the low gpa.
  12. I was pretty much in the exact same position you are in when I applied last cycle and I was waitlisted only at windsor but not accepted in the end. I applied broadly (Tru, Alberta, calgary, Sask, Ottawa, Windsor,western,dal) and the jump from my Dec LSAT (150) to a 157(Feb LSAT) didn't really make a difference since schools had already made a ton of offers by the time my application was complete. I also had a really bad CGPA (2.8) and l2 of 80%. I ended up applying early this time around and got an offer from Calgary last week so I think timing really makes a difference. But you never know, maybe it might be different for you. Just thought I'd share.
  13. fatimagc

    Application process

    I got the exact same thing too this morning! Compared to last year, it's really nice they are actually notifying us when files are complete.
  14. fatimagc

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    I am over the moon!!!! Just got the email this morning!! Stats: cgpa: 2.8 (olsas) L2: 80% (UBC) Lsat: 150, 157, 158, 156 (Dec 2017) Application complete around beg-mid January Regular 2nd time applicant banking on my ECs and personal statement to push me through the door. I have tons of volunteer and work experience working with refugees in non-profits and pretty good references from profs + executive director. Hope is not lost for all you without a killer GPA + LSAT!
  15. fatimagc

    Waitlisted at Windsor 2017

    I've been waiting since February but my stats are pretty low so I'm not holding my breath. Although it would be nice to get some closure since this is the last school I'm waiting for. All the others I have applied to have given me a no. Checking this forum daily for any updates haha! Studying for the lsat in September isn't easy during the summer especially when you're on a wait-list.