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  1. I agree. The gambit of speculation that has occurred among applicants has really turned me into a mess.
  2. I was more asking along the lines of whether the committee will look at the score as invalid or not as competitive as those other applicants who took the LSAT without accommodations. Some people have suggested this and it has been bothering me.
  3. But if the person has a high LSAT that was taken with accommodations who applied Access, what happens in that case?
  4. Can you elaborate? Are you saying that schools will understand if an LSAT is accommodated if an applicant applies under Access because the Access applicant has probably received accommodation before and will conceivably request accommodation in law school?
  5. Some schools can ask about having accommodations on the LSAT which to me is fine, but my only question would be: in accordance with LSAC's policy, are they allowed to ask what kind of accommodations the test taker had? Is that information even reported by LSAC? Plenty of people take accommodated LSATs, so I would imagine just having incomplete evidence of an accommodated test without proper context wouldn't be enough evidence for adcomms to make a definitive admissability judgement on the applicant. Leads me to believe they just look at the scores. Queens has confirmed the latter to me recently.
  6. Thanks very much. I`m losing hope at this point; despite my high LSAT, I'm seeing people with lower stats than me be accepted since January. Leads me to believe that the schools are not taking my access claim into account and harshly weighing my cGPA against my L2 and LSAT. Makes me wonder just how competitive I am and whether I should expect to be accepted in the coming batches to go out over the next few weeks. Aren`t we getting late into the cycle? How many offers are sent out between now and end of May? I don't want to be waitlisted again.
  7. Why wouldn't you hold out hope for Queens? You have strong stats for them.
  8. Wow. With a 3.7 and a 166 I would have assumed you`d have been in. I guess Western favours cGPA more than we thought. Did you apply Access
  9. Closer to 25-26 from what I read last year.
  10. Do we know approximately how many people have been accepted under the Access category thusfar Seems like the majority of us are still waiting.
  11. Wrote and received my best and most recent score in January. I am thinking I probably won't hear back until after April 1st for this reason (hopefully).
  12. Haven't been accepted yet with a 3.7 L2 and 164 LSAT, applied Access. Wasn't planning on going, as UOttawa and Queens are my top choices, but still slightly curious why I haven't received anything yet.
  13. I feel the same way and am in the same boat with 3.25, 3.73 and 164 + MA degree in Access. Waiting really is incredibly frustrating. If I don't get in this year, I'm going back as a special student to raise my cGPA, and may rewrite the LSAT but leaning towards raising my GPA. Someone was trying to tell me that potentially I haven't received an offer yet is because I wrote the LSAT with accommodations and schools will know and have a preference for scores taken without accommodations. Really has me bummed out even though it's probably not true.
  14. Applying broadly would be an issue because I have an anxiety disorder that would be exacerbated if I moved far from my family and doctors. Living in Ottawa, Western is about as far as I'll go out of pure necessity. I work for the government now, so if I don't get in this year I'll continue working with gov and save money to go towards tuition.
  15. That is interesting considering I opted not to pursue a philosophy PhD and chose law instead mainly because I thought it would be comparatively easier to get a job in the legal field than in academia. Still a dream of mine to do both though.
  16. I'll also add that, at least in my experience, the LSAT can be learned with the right materials and right learning strategy that works for you. It may take some time, but it is now my belief that any reasonably intelligent person can improve their score and get in the mid-high 150's, at least.
  17. High, may not be high enough. But it's Access so who knows.
  18. Did you find out how many courses you would need to raise your cGPA? Mine is low (3.25) so I think it would take two full years to raise it to a 3.4-3.5 which still would be a little low. I think I may have a better chance applying in the Access category this year and in the Mature category next year if I don't get in. The Access category is supposed to be there for legitimate cases that had an effect on the students grades. In my estimation, I fit this criteria. It would defeat the purpose, by definition, to go back and raise my GPA, if this process was deemed too costly in terms of time and money. In my view, the Access category gives students like me a chance to demonstrate academic potential outside of my GPA, which by virtue of my L2, LSAT score, and MA, I have demonstrated. The waiting is just making me crazy and causing me to doubt the consistency of this process. I feel like if I had a higher GPA, I would have been accepted back in January with my LSAT score. But because, cosmetically, my GPA doesn't look too hot without the proper context (which by way of being an Access applicant, the committees wont know until they do a thorough review of my file), my application gets pushed back. The limbo and the uncertainty immediately causes me to think the worst, and I go through all of these what-if scenarios of what to do if I don't get in. I guess I should just sit back and trust the process. Also: Are you confident that you can increase your current score? Our scores are quite high, in the 90th percentile. Would be difficult to improve from there, don't you think? But if you feel you can, go get 'em.
  19. I think, for whatever reason, they are taking a long time to get back to Access applicants. I haven't heard of many acceptances under Access, at least on this forum anyway. I'll take a chill pill for now and resolutely admit that it is a bit early to count ourselves out, especially considering this Access phenomenon. I am banking on Queens if uOttawa falls through, but I'm just slightly worried they won't take my L2 into account because for health reasons I never had a full load of courses for a full academic year. I appreciate your kind words, though.
  20. Yes but your GPA would be extremely high or you would fall into an access/special circumstances case. It's certainly not the norm.
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