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  1. @pinkroses Thank you for this exhaustive list. I will add that the CAMH has a daily walk in service where you can see a licensed psychotherapist or psychiatrist within a few hours or less. I believe it is covered under OHIP but don't quote me on that specfically.
  2. Speaking purely out of intuition - if that were true, that would be grossly unfair.
  3. My instinct is anywhere between 163-168 will leave you with a pretty strong chance so long as the rest of your application is on point. A 158 doesn’t automatically leave you out of the running though.
  4. That is pleasantly surprising to hear. I do have about three (took part time studies) semesters at a really high GPA in my last two years, an MA, and I'm also doing a full year of courses right now that I am expecting to do really well in. Performing quite well so far. I have documentation that reflects success in dealing with my mental health with an attestation from my current therapist of our intention to work together to devise the proper accommodations which will help me adjust to law school. Still, though, despite all of this, I thought my 3.35 would automatically leave me out of the running. So that's great to hear.
  5. I have similar circumstances (extenuating circumstances, health related factors, documentation) but my cGPA is 3.35 and I have a 164 LSAT. Does this leave me out of the running for Osgoode?
  6. "You're a long way from home, yuppie boy. I'll start a tab."
  7. This is something that I really, really, really hope happens with my application to Queens once my Winter grades come back.
  8. I (mistakenly) submitted my applications about a month ago because I operated under the erroneous assumption that you could still edit your PS's after you submitted your apps. I was under this assumption because I noticed that my LSAT scores and transcripts weren't showing up after my requests had gone out and so I sort of panicked. Anyway, the PS's I submitted I was ultimately happy with because I spent a long time reviewing them and editing them. However, after sending off my PS's I noticed that each statement had 1-2 typos/proofreading errors in them. As I look back on it now, I'm a little nervous about whether these proofreading errors will hurt my chances. I don't have a stellar cGPA due to extenuating health circumstances (as part of my Access application). I called Queens, explained the situation and they said they would accept the letter I was intending to send without errors and attach it to my file, but I don't know if this ultimately means they will review the letter I sent in over the one I uploaded to OLSAS. Anyway, I'm just wondering if these errors will ultimately hurt my chances because of my mediocre cGPA. I'm a little worried because I thought I really worked hard to improve my application this year, and I think that I have an overall strong application if not for these typos.
  9. This will be my third time. I'm currently doing a year of courses to raise my L2 GPA and to allow Queens to calculate a B2 for me. Doing well so far. A+'s across the board - undergraduate courses are much less demanding than graduate coursework is and writing papers has become second nature to me at this point. But I look at the uphill battle that my cGPA poses and I wonder if it's worth continuing. As of right now I have a 3.3 cGPA with a 164 LSAT. If all goes according to plan this year, when my Winter 2020 grades come back I should have a 3.4 cGPA, 3.92 B2/L2 and a 164 LSAT. I have an MA as well. I just worry that I'm leaving it slightly late and that the schools I'm applying to will run out of seats by the time my Winter grades are registered on OLSAS (Late April - early May) and that I will be forced to apply a fourth time. I'm hoping that Queens sees how well I'll do after my Fall grades come in and offer me admission before my Winter semester is over. Anyway, do I have a chance at all for uOttawa, Queens, Western, Osgoode? I'm applying as an Access applicant. One of the things I think I've improved about my application is my PS and the lengths I've gone through to show that extenuating health circumstances affected my second year grades and that I am in control of my health now. I'm fairly sure I've done everything I can to demonstrate this, this time around.
  10. Lol you’re in for a long wait depending on your stats. First round of offers don’t go out until end of November if I’m not mistaken.
  11. If the admissions committee does not feel like your application deserves to be considered under Access, they will move you to the general category.
  12. Neo-Marxist, eh? There is arguably no such thing, as the definition is inherently oxymoronic, at least in the way the appellation is intending to use the term.
  13. They can be submitted no later than Nov 1st.
  14. You want to explicitly state in your PS that you have a routine that adequately controls your mental health and that this routine will help you adjust to the rigors of law school. That's the biggest thing I've taken from applying with a mental illness the past two years.
  15. You have to submit your application before the transcript request can go out. As long as the request is sent out before the deadline, you’ll be ok.
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