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  1. You're right, it hasn't! Three years of waiting have been hell. This year is the year. If uOttawa doesn't give me an offer, my most recent completed coursework gives me a 3.9 L2 which I think will get me into Queen's. They are just waiting on my winter grades to come in. I will be going there for sure if UOttawa doesn't give me an offer. My ultimate intention is to start this September at one of the four schools I applied to (uOttawa, Queen's, Western, Osgoode).
  2. At risk of exposing myself, I don't really have a life outside of this, especially right now during quarantine. Can't really plan, or focus on other aspects of your life with such a big prospect hanging over you like this. I guess going through this for 3 years now has just made me more frustrated, impatient, and anxious. I've also done so much to improve my application so it really drives these anxious feelings. I'll keep waiting though, no other choice.
  3. Anyone else still under evaluation? What are your stats, and why do you think you haven't heard back yet? Getting a little frustrated. Seeing lots of people get in with my stats or lower. My cGPA is 3.4 (3.5 after winter marks are uploaded), 3.9 L2, 164 LSAT. I applied Access, for the third time. Wondering if this whole process is random; I called back in March and they said they haven't looked at my file yet. Maybe the delays due to the virus are what's causing it. Anyone else still in limbo? When do you expect to hear back?
  4. Waiting for Winter grades to be released but will have a 3.5 cGPA, 3.91 L2, and a 164 LSAT. L2 was taken at full course load. What are my chances (access)?
  5. Waiting for winter grades to come in which will (as far as I know) finally give me a B2/L2 taken at a full course load. Queen's lists a full course load as 4 courses or more taken over Fall/Winter. My current L2 consists of 4 semesters, 3 of which were taken with 5 courses, one taken with 4. What I want to know is: Currently, OLSAS does not show a B2/L2 for me, presumably it will once the Winter grades come in. What does OLSAS define as a full course load, and will the fact that I took 4 courses in one of the semesters in my L2 prevent OLSAS from officially calculating it? Just afraid that it won't show my L2 once the Winter grades come in. Not sure if OLSAS considers 4 or 5 courses per semester a full course load.
  6. Ryn, Will Osgoode, if they have not made a decision on an applicants file or if they have waitlisted them, take into account winter grades once they are uploaded to OLSAS in May? Will Osgoode take these into account when reassessing the competitiveness of the applicant’s file?
  7. Nothing yet. Applied to uOttawa, Queen's, Western, Osgoode.
  8. Not all graduate degrees are built the same. Some are more rigorous than others, and some are more competitive to get into than others. I have an MA and it wouldn't mean much for my application to list that I have an MA. However, the program I did was fairly rigorous in terms of the coursework, reading requirements, thesis, professional development opportunities. I also managed to do TA work and received a large amount of scholarship money. These sorts of things would look halfway decent on a law school application. I think one of the most important things you can do, if you are to pursue graduate education and have thoughts about law school after, is to do an MA that is 2 years with a thesis requirement. In your application, as well, you should take an effort to really sell how rigorous your program was and how it prepared you for the rigors of the law school environment by demonstrating the academic and professional skills it taught you.
  9. Where did you find that email? I’m waiting on my winter grades, but I never received an email from Queen’s saying they were officially waiting for my winter grades before making a decision.
  10. Same here, but it may be a case of waiting for my final grades. Right now, my stats are: 3.4 GPA, 3.8L2, 164. After this semester my stats will be: 3.5 GPA, 3.91 L2, 164 LSAT. I'm mainly trying to get into Queen's though, and hopefully uOttawa, but I'd still like to see if Western will give me an offer with these stats.
  11. When I submitted my Fall transcripts from this past semester, OLSAS included them in the recalculation of my cGPA. When I called Queen’s, they confirmed that they would include the new courses in the B2 calculation. I didn’t have a full two years taken at a full course load in my original undergrad degree, so the advantage of having gone back to take undergraduate courses for an extra year, even though they were extra to my original undergrad degree, was that now I have a B2 years for Queen’s to calculate. Now Queen’s can evaluate me based on my B2 which is competitive whereas before they were evaluating me purely from cGPA. All of the courses taken were at the same institution as my original degree so it shows up as the same transcript. But yes, I received confirmation that Queen’s will calculate the new year with the courses from my original undergrad degree. Call them and confirm if you need to, but that’s what they told me.
  12. I finished my semester with a 4.0 for the year. Haven’t heard anything from Queen’s but they told me they would wait for my Winter marks before making a decision. My stats after this semester will be 3.5 cGPA, 3.91 L2, 164 LSAT. What are my chances once my grades come back (in late April - early May)? Do you think I will get an offer or will Queen’s not have any more seats?
  13. Without going too much into specifics, why were there so many sources involved in your access claim? For mine, I just included my learning disability assessment and a detailed note (a separate note supplementing the official UOttawa healthcare form) from my family physician, therapist.
  14. I’ve heard this, but I don’t have a background in analytic philosophy. My background is in continental philosophy/history of philosophy both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I have a lot of experience writing argumentative and research essays, but I’m not sure if this will translate well to law school.
  15. With the amount of people blatantly ignoring public health advice during this pandemic, practicing social distancing may actually end up being a charitable service you could put on your CV! 🤨
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