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  1. I get the impression that a large number of the student cohort at Windsor wants to do some form of public interest law.
  2. I called, and according to them they will have the waitlist out by early June. I took it to mean that they will have the waitlist rankings out by early June as well. I specifically asked if we will know our waitlist rankings before the July 3rd firm accept date and she said we will. I really don't want to go to Windsor.
  3. Did they mention if they will have released everyone's waitlist ranking/number before the July 3rd firm accept date?
  4. Yes, right. Solicitor work for government is something that I'm also keenly interested in.
  5. DOJ has one as well. I'm meeting one of their senior counsel in a couple of weeks to discuss the work that their department does and if there is any similar roles within government or outside of government. Good to know that there are provincial branches too.
  6. I have a keen interest in federalism, specifically comparative federalism - did my MA thesis on constitutional courts in the EU (EU law vs Member State law, specifically Germany and France) so I enjoyed reading about federalism during my research.
  7. Average grades I can live with. I get the impression that I can still have access to the jobs I want with average grades and some of the intangible additions to my resume you mention.
  8. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing this but I appreciate your encouragement and I pray to God you are right!
  9. What I take from the last couple of conversations is that its grades or bust. Can you still have access to these kinds of positions with average grades (B)? That would take some of the pressure off I've been feeling lately. I don't anticipate having below average grades. Evidently, some people have to be last and noone enters into a law school with the intention to be last place but I've done well at every stage of my education, even at the PhD level, and I plan to do whatever is humanly possible to fix whatever mistakes I make during my tenure in school. Whether this gives me above average grades or just average grades, I can live with that.
  10. Leaves me pretty embittered. I pray to God that Ottawa accepts me at some point this summer.
  11. OK, WTF QUEENS. Whats with the delay for all Access applicants? I can only assume they've accepted most of their Access pool and we're going to get waitlisted or rejected. I have absolutely no idea what went wrong with my app. I have higher stats than several of those who've been accepted in April/May, and I wrote a good PS (or so I thought). Super, super discouraging.
  12. Hmmm. I geuss I'll see what my grades are like after 1L. If they are not competitive enough for government or boutiques, and can't be improved in 2L or 3L, I will throw in the towel and choose a different career.
  13. I see some "Constitutional Litigation" classes being offered in 2L at most Ontario law schools. Is this an area where one can specialize in after law school? What jobs would focus on this kind of specialization, and what would they entail? I have an interest in solicitor work in the public interest law area (government) but if jobs are scarce in that area or I don't for whatever reason have competitive enough grades for government, I'd like to focus on private practice firms that have a niche in constitutional litigation. Are there firms which primarily practice this area, or is this a small niche area contained within a larger portfolio of other niches for most firms?
  14. I really hope I am accepted a bit later. Ive been accepted to Windsor but I would much prefer to stay in Ottawa due to personal/health reasons - some of which I indicated in my application. I hope they can take it into account! Really really hope so.
  15. When were you accepted? I have a 3.25, 3.7 L2and a 164 with an MA in Access but havent heard shit. I thought I wrote a good, tailored PS. Im thinking its my GPA, so I inferred that a higher LSAT would be needed to offset my GPA.
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