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  1. This makes me feel worse knowing that I got a good grade on her midterm haha. Is there a way we can request that it be included? It was one of my highest marks this term...
  2. Never cancel your score unless you are absolutely sure you bombed, as in you didn't complete a section or doodled on the paper instead of filling in the scantrons. I was so sure that I bombed my third take only to end up with a 164. You really never know how well you did until you get your score back.
  3. When people mention that they want to go to law school to have an "alternative" legal career, what jobs are they referring to? Could it be that some people who go into the legal profession assuming they will have an "alternative" legal career simply don't realize that the career they are envisioning (research, policy, soliciting opinions, what have you) usually falls under the ambit of most practicing lawyers?
  4. Forgive my ignorance here, but I was hoping someone could explain their reasoning behind why they think chances of in person classes in Fall 2021 would be 0%.
  5. Haha, does this inverse law apply to final written assignments rather than exams? I'm feeling pretty good about my property final assignment but maybe I shouldn't be now 🤔
  6. Thanks for this. Is there a data set for the Ottawa recruit? I'm mostly looking to stay in Ottawa.
  7. Hi, Being on this forum for so long I should probably know this, but one of my colleagues mentioned the 1L recruit today and it dawned on me as to whether I should apply. I haven't received my mid term grades yet but I'm not expecting any stellar grades (there is a chance I will receive a B+/A- in property and B-s to Bs in the rest) so I always assumed I wouldn't be competitive and therefore would not apply. I also secured an RAship for the Winter which has a chance of being extended into the summer, so I'm trying to hold on to that. That being said, is it mostly true that 1L summer positions are extremely hard to come by? What about 2L? Are the 2L recruits also mostly based on grades? What sort of grade threshold would be competitive for public sector summer employment for both 1L and 2L? If you want to flame me for my frightening lack of self-awareness, by all means this is your chance.
  8. I've recommended Yoni every chance I get. He's a wizard. Go with him!
  9. To provide you with some further encouragement, I had a sub-optimal cGPA (3.25) and a diagnostic score in the low 150's which I eventually brought up to a 164. It can be done but I had to be persistent in not only my LSAT studying but accepting the fact that I would have to go back to do courses to raise my cGPA.
  10. Due to the pandemic, all of our exams were online. The online portal with which you submit your exam on allows the prof to clearly tell who wrote what, as the portal is based on individual student accounts. So, not sure what it's like in the normal situation, but my exams this year were not anonymously marked.
  11. Mods can move this post if its ultimately deemed irrelevant, but one thing I want to say which I feel needs to be said: 0Ls - please use discretion and common sense when making a chances post. Asking whether a 3.7 GPA and a 165 (or, to be more appropriate to the topic of this thread) a 170 LSAT is good enough for a school and then freaking out about your chances makes your fellow applicants, who may be legitimately wondering if their stats are good enough for law school, feel worse about their chances. Not to mention, the lack of awareness of what constitutes good stats makes it seem like a humble brag which is always annoying. Am I off base here? Seeing a lot of this lately but I imagine it's not a new practice.
  12. The LSAT feels like so long ago I barely remember it. So, my advice to any 0Ls who are applying, please don't feel the need to inflate your scores. Noone cares about the LSAT once you get to law school, and there will be so many more challenges once getting into law school that the LSAT will all but feel like a distant memory. Do your best, of course, but don't put all your eggs into one basket and think a 170 LSAT is a make or break thing. Anything above a 160 will be good enough for (most) schools.
  13. I found most 1L courses to be sort of dry and uninteresting. There have been moments in Crim and in Property that have been somewhat interesting, but I'm hoping for the upper year seminar courses to be more interesting. The Legal Research assignment fall assignment was fun as it was very hands on if you dig the research process.
  14. This isn't a good sample to gauge school spirit since most 1Ls at uOttawa and elsewhere are quite disgruntled due to the pandemic, but that has nothing to do with uOttawa. For the most part, everyone is quite happy to be here. I see uOttawa apparel everywhere on campus, even before I was a law student and was doing my graduate degree here. The panda game between uOttawa and Carleton attracts many people every September, it's a big festivity (if that's your thing, it certainly isn't mine). The stuff about uOttawa not being most peoples first choice is garbage. Not sure where you heard that. I get the sense that most schools that aren't Osgoode, UofT, UBC, and McGill have had similar rumors spread about them. That debate has been covered ad nauseum on this forum. If you want detailed reasoning on this topic, visit the school comparisons forum. By all accounts, and certainly in my mind, uOttawa is an excellent school with incredibly distinguished faculty and alumni.
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