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  1. They do. Call them this week to hear it from them directly but I've already confirmed over the phone with both uOttawa and Queens that they do. Don't quote me on this but judging by your cGPA, if you went back and did a full year of two semesters of 4 or more courses and got all A's (choose your courses wisely with profs that know you or remember you), your cGPA could go up to over a 3.5. The other alternative, a Masters, is normally a two year commitment (at least). It took me three years because it took me longer to complete my thesis while I was doing language training and studying for the LSAT. There are 1 year Masters programs, but I get the sense that the sort of soft skills (research, scholarships, co-op programs) that law schools are looking for are more germane to the 2 year programs that focus on completing a thesis. This is not to say that there are not 1 year Masters programs that may have some of these features, but my guess is that an admissions committee would look more favourably at someone who has completed a 2 year Masters with a thesis as well as coursework vs someone who has only completed a 1 year Masters with only coursework. Even then, though, a graduate degree is only a marginal improvement in the overall competitiveness of an applicant's application if their undergrad marks or PS are lacking. Best thing to do is to address those first before considering a Masters.
  2. I agree with everything you said, but I just wanted to add that if you have the option to go back and take your courses to raise your cGPA, it can’t hurt in addition to working on your PS. That’s my current rationale anyway.
  3. Negligibly, yes. But undergrad marks count the most. I say this as someone with a graduate degree who has been accepted to two law schools. It’s the unfortunate truth - I learned this the hard way.
  4. Raise your cGPA. Masters will have a negligible effect on the competitiveness of your application. Take courses as a special student.
  5. For lawyers working in the federal government but NOT at Justice, what is your classification? Are you under the EC stream or the LP stream? I have heard that lawyers working for the federal government who are not employed at Justice are actually under the EC stream and what to know if this is true or not.
  6. Thank you. Anything helps.
  7. Oh I definitely considered that. I made an extremely tough decision, after hours of deliberating with myself and my family, if that would be the best decision for me given my health. Unfortunately, I didn't believe those schools were in environments that would allow me to feel comfortable enough to do well in school. So, unfortunately, my only other option is to do another cycle (if these waitlists don't pan out). I'm still feeling a bit of regret from my decision but I knew it was the right one. It means potentially doing another cycle, but I know my decision will benefit me in the future. Just sucks still being in the limbo of the cycle.
  8. I don't understand. I have the exact same stats if not higher than several people who've been recently accepted and I am still on the waitlist. It's so discouraging. Currently taking summer courses to raise my GPA, will be taking more in Fall and more in Winter of next year. The amount of work I've done to make myself more competitive has been backbreaking. I'm emotionally exhausted from it all.
  9. Is anyone whos provisional offer went firm yesterday still on the uOttawa waitlist as of today?
  10. Yes, OLSAS will calculate the new courses into your total cGPA. I may not even apply as Access next year because, especially if I do two semesters of courses, my numbers are just as competitive as most General applicants for places like Queens and Western. uOttawa still may be a long shot but hopefully it communicates to them that I am relentless in trying to get in to their school.
  11. Yeah I declined Windsor after deliberating the cost/benefit for a while. It was a tough decision to make. You can take courses after you've graduated but they have to be taken as a special student (courses taken as a non-degree student).
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