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  1. lawhopefuluofs

    Accepted to Windsor 2017

    Waitlisted March 21 Accepted March 28 3.06 CGPA 3.7 L2 163 LSAT strongly social justice oriented, good ec's and reference letters Will be declining
  2. lawhopefuluofs

    Accepted to USask 2017

    Accepted today via email!! 3.68 B2 163 LSAT Zero Sask Connection Have until March 24th to accept, will likely do so!
  3. I just received an offer and when i click the decision letter it will not let me enrol....is there a glitch or have I messed it up.
  4. lawhopefuluofs

    Accepted to Manitoba 2017

    First Acceptance of the year!! AGPA: 3.68 LSAT: 163 INDEX: 76.72 Have until march 2 to accept, likely declining
  5. lawhopefuluofs


    Its included in the email. The PDF is just another option if your referee doesn't have an email for some reason.
  6. lawhopefuluofs

    Admissions Process

    I'm applying from out of province and was just wondering how to check my application status. As far as I know I've only been able to log on to OLSAS and check the offers/choices. In previous threads I have heard people mentioning myUWindsor and checking their status that way, how does one go about doing this?
  7. lawhopefuluofs

    Wait List 2016

    I received the same one as well, is there still a chance of being outright accepted ??
  8. lawhopefuluofs

    Wait List 2016

    What do you mean by "request a place" and how would one go about that
  9. lawhopefuluofs

    Chances ~3.68B2 (3.74/4.5) 157 LSAT

    Yeah I'm more concerned with my stats and the lack of a sask connection
  10. lawhopefuluofs

    Chances ~3.68B2 (3.74/4.5) 157 LSAT

    I have great ECs but no sask connection
  11. Soo I'm not sure how accurate my gpa conversion is but by B2 is 3.74/4.5. What are my chances??