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  1. Thank you so much for the feedback! Just seeing this now because 1L is totally kicking my ass already!
  2. One more question! I saw someone mention up thread to get dresses with sleeves if you want to skip the blazer. Wondering if something like this (with hose and heels) is formal/dressy enough for wine and cheeses, etc. without anything over it? http://s7d9.scene7.com/is/image/Aritzia/hi-res/f16_01_a08_60271_1274_on_c.jpg Thanks again
  3. I am definitely going to be sticking with basic suits for interviews and such, but I am wondering if something like this http://www.thebay.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/thebay/brands/wear-to-work-dresses/abstract-print-sheath-dress-0600089278663--24 with a blazer over top would ever be ok for receptions, or once you're working if paired with conservative blazer/shoes, etc. I'm definitely going to invest in some basic sheath dresses too, just curious how much of a pattern you can wear and still have it considered 'serious' . Thanks in advance!
  4. Thank you SO much! I have saved and will reread this comment. Starting 1L in a few days and very nervous about everything wardrobe related!
  5. Hey everyone! I noticed in my student account that the calendar appears to show that classes only run until the end of November. Is this true or is it possibly a glitch with the system? I'm wondering how close to Xmas classes and then exams typically fall. Hoping to possibly plan a vacation Thanks in advance
  6. I ended up signing with TD for $100k at prime, no cosigner. I was talking with Scotia as well while I was deciding though, and all I had to do to get the prime + 0% offer was to tell them that TD had offered it. Overall though, TD offered me a better deal considering the extras. Good luck!
  7. Just logged into my U of A account and saw that I got an offer on the 14th as well! LSAT 166 cGPA 3.67 L2 3.85ish I will be declining in favour of U of C. Congrats/good luck to everyone!
  8. Thank you! I think you're right actually, that the GPA calculation is based on your last 2 years.. I think my L2 was about 3.85
  9. Oh no!! Maybe a silly question, but did your referee check their junk mail? It just seems crazy that they wouldn't send it out on time...
  10. Thank you! I submitted my materials very early in September, but my last reference only submitted early November.. my account was still listing LSAT scores in my to-do list until Friday (apparently still waiting for LSAC to release them) , got the green circle on Monday - definitely wasn't expecting to hear back so soon! Good luck! I'm sure you'll hear something soon.
  11. Just got the email! I'm thrilled as U of C is my first choice... Stats are CGPA 3.67 (before drops), LSAT 166, couple years work experience and average ECs.. Good luck to everyone waiting to hear back!!
  12. I think my application was complete around September 15th Stats are 166 LSAT and GPA 3.67 before the drops, not sure about after...
  13. Thrilled to be able to start this topic -got the call a couple of hours ago! Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear back
  14. I actually just spoke with a lady at admissions a few days ago, and she said their index for automatic admission is GPA * 22.5 + LSAT score, with 242 being the score at which automatic admission was granted last year. She said it can change year to year but not by much. So I agree with AudreyBerry that even a 158 should get you in with a GPA like that. Good luck!
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