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  1. Anyone mind sharing their past experience with ELC? I've heard the summer session still has some room left and I was considering switching into it. I'm kind of surprised that a clinic has such low demand. Plus a 2-month clinic seems like it would be quite intensive with the project. Thoughts?
  2. Would you mind elaborating on the culture being exclusive? From what I've been reading Victoria seems to be really hit or miss, people either love it or find it a really boring city.
  3. A bit late to the party but I just got accepted to UBC off the wait list and now I'm having some difficulty in deciding where I want to spend the next three or so years of my life. I found a few good discussions in comparing the two schools but I was hoping I'd be able to get some more opinions on a few other things. Here's a post I found helpful in case anyone else is interested: http://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/43341-ubc-vs-uvic/?hl=%2Bubc+%2Buvic For me, unlike the Op of the post linked, corporate law is something I could see myself being interested in. Also, as of right now my ideal location to settle down would be Vancouver and I have 0 desire to establish a career in Victoria. Yet, I would say my gut is making me lean about 70:30 towards UVIC. I think the biggest things pulling me towards UVIC are its Co op program and the change of pace it would provide after spending 5 years doing undergrad at UBC. It would also be slightly cheaper but this isn't a huge factor for me. I also keep hearing that the student body of UBC is typically is more cliquey and more "cut throat" in comparison to UVIC's. However these are all 2nd hand accounts so I'm not putting too much significance into them but I'd still very much appreciate hearing some opinions from people who have experience with the two schools. I guess after typing all that, what I'm really trying to get a sense of is whether I'd be putting myself at a major disadvantage if my final goal is to work in Vancouver and potentially do corporate law if I were to attend UVIC.
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