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  1. I'm not sure about the pre-Great Recession hiring statistics for all 1L positions, but based on the hiring reports of Ultra Vires (U of T Law's newspaper), 1L Bay St. hiring increased, for the most part, between 2013-2016 and then dipped during this year's recruiting cycle by 8 spots (see 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 reports). Second-year recruitment also took a big hit this year as Bay St. shed 45 positions compared to last year.
  2. You park at your own risk whenever you leave your car in and around the York U vicinity whether it's off-street or on commercial property. I've heard of students getting tickets from by-law enforcement noticing the same car parked day after day for several hours at a time. Trust me, there are no long-term "free" parking opportunities near York U. They've all been tried and tested, and eventually discovered by parking enforcement. If you're sure you want to drive to school, you're better off splitting a parking pass with a fellow student and car pooling.
  3. I second the above. Take courses you genuinely like rather than taking courses purely with the bar exam in mind. With that said, though, you won't get much out of the business module. Business Associations is one of those classes where you really do need an entire semester to thoroughly understand business law, especially if you don't come from a business background. If you decide to take it later on, send me a PM and I'll see if I can get you a summary for whichever prof you take it with.
  4. It's not nice to ask people how much money they make. Like, ever. But ... how comfortably do you live on your salary as a commercial litigator in a large boutique firm?
  5. The question of whether York U is actually unsafe versus whether students perceive York U to be unsafe are two very different questions that often get conflated. I've yet to see any empirical studies showing a markedly higher crime rate or higher reports of sexual assault on or near campus when compared to Toronto's other universities. In fact, it seems like the inverse is true: the communities that UofT and Ryerson are located in have much higher reports of sexual assault--at least based on 2013 statistics--notwithstanding the fact that "York University" as a search term disproportionately ends up in more media reports than the other universities (see this Macleans article for an illuminating take on the issue).
  6. You can look at how Canadian courts have treated the parol evidence rule in the context of oral warranties/contracts and whether it can still be considered a "rule" despite all of the exceptions.
  7. Whereverjustice is right. And you very likely won't get a parking pass with outstanding fees if the vehicle is under your name. Normally (and depending on how much you owe), you'd be able to negotiate a reduced sum but since they know you want a parking pass, they might be less inclined to exercise that discretion. Pay off any debt you owe to parking services. It's not worth the headache in the long run.
  8. Yes, although it's actually Pub Night Thursday this year. It's also supposed to be a mixer for incoming 2L transfers.
  9. I don't think you can change courses manually (i.e. online) once you've registered for one. You should call the faculty just to double check. But if you want a quick look at course availability, sign in to your uoZone. On the tabs at the top, go to "Applications." Then go to "Courses -- Places Available." Input the courses you're interested in. This should tell you how many spots are currently available, if any. Keep in mind that there is movement for thematic courses closer to January so you'll have an opportunity to switch into a more desired thematic course once you complete the Add/Drop Modification of Registration Form. Hope that helps.
  10. Yes, you'll definitely be able to register in a block, but they haven't finalized the course selection yet.
  11. Can you expand on this? I'd appreciate it.
  12. Good point! I wasn't aware of this since I found my last unit directly through Kijiji but that's good to know. Most of my friends and classmates had roommates. I know of only one student that lived alone. It's hard to give you advice because much of it has to do with your personality and subjective preferences as you've recognized. There's a risk in finding a roommate because he/she might not be compatible with you, but it might also get pretty lonely to live alone and it's nice to have some company. If you're the type that can afford to pay a few hundred extra dollars a month and are well suited to living on your own, then I'd say go for it.
  13. On average, Ottawa has some of the highest rent in the country primarily because so many people are employed in the public sector. You should only expect to pay over $1,000 if you're living on your own. You can find a nice, clean two-bedroom unit in the Market for less than $800 each. Although the units in Sandy Hill are not as well kept as units in the Market, a similar unit will probably cost you more because of its proximity to campus. I'm not sure how much it would cost to live on residence but very few law students live there. Here is a summary of the average rent in in the surrounding areas. Padmapper Ottawa gives you listings and will provide you a good estimate of how much you should be paying for the unit (whether it's above or below a similarly situated unit in the surrounding area).
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