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  1. I think this may be the problem. I was told to take my time on tasks. Don`t go way too slowly but don`t minimize time spent. They will write off what they don`t want.
  2. Whoa 😕 . Can anyone confirm this?
  3. The firms in the Ottawa recruit are really tough on grades.
  4. My firm still hasn't decided and it's driving me absolutely nuts...by "how things pan out for articling students" do you mean how busy the students are and what they will be capable of as first-year associates?
  5. They ask shit like whether you should report a colleague to LawPro or the LSO for making strange faces during discovery. l m f a o. this is exactly what I have always thought. wow
  6. But what do they expect you to do for those 3 weeks? Unpaid work for your current firm?
  7. Yes I understand that - I guess I also have another question that may seem obvious. I don't know anything about employment law. If you start sending out resumes and applying for jobs does that mean you are treating it as a dismissal? Edit: Doing the above without telling the law firm, etc.
  8. Ok a credible poster has given me a helpful answer. Thanks!
  9. Because I don't want to appear insensitive in case they have a lot going on. I am just curious if this is an indication of anything.
  10. We were told the layoffs are temporary. By law it is a dismissal but employees can choose to sit tight and wait to see if they are hired back. I am wondering if they were considering it a dismissal.
  11. Oh, ok. Well I am talking just about people who were laid off. They took absolutely everything out of their office including diplomas, paintings etc.
  12. I went to the office yesterday to send some faxes and noticed that a couple people who were laid off have cleared out their offices. Is this normal? Are they treating it like a dismissal? They had a lot of stuff in there...
  13. My firm laid off two people but I have a suspicion that they were using COVID-19 as an excuse
  14. Leaving out the fact that I had a low b average due to extreme outlier grades. I got a D+ in one class, two Cs but then I still had A- in contracts, A in torts, etc. So while my average did not look good I still had good grades. Then my average dropped down after I secured articling because I checked out, and then after some panic I picked it back up. Still at a loss as to what that has to do with my above comments. I have a close relative who is an NYC lawyer, who went to law school in the US, and who became an associate a year before I started articling. Not an influential person and I am not sure how that would even relate to any Canadian markets if you are trying to infer that I got a job because of this person? Attempting to twist any posts I have made in the past into something they are not is pathetic also
  15. So, are you asking whether I am a Bay Street litigator due to: a. My father getting me a job in litigation b. Simply having a father who is a lawyer c. Combination of a + b The answer is no to all, and I do hope me laying them out like that illuminates how ridiculous the question is. Putting that aside, in no world does someone get a Bay Street litigation job and then excel at that job solely based on a or b or c. Also, you should be embarrassed at blaming your shortcomings on these fictional scenarios involving people who magically get amazing jobs due to who their parents are or who they are connected to. That is totally absurd and makes no sense. You need to take a hard look at yourself and figure out why it is exactly you feel so inferior and are getting passed up for jobs. And if I am wrong on that and you do have the job you want, then I would be extremely interested in knowing why you have created these fictional scenarios in the first place and why let them bother you instead of focusing on your career.
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