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  1. It's self-indulgent and sometimes contradictory advice from someone doing the LPP, nothing more
  2. K...I have wanted to be a lawyer ever since I can remember. HOWEVER, when I was 5 I thought criminal defence lawyers were the only kind of lawyer (literally, in my 5 year old mind I believed that, and had no concept of what a 'Crown' was, or a commercial lawyer etc. - please don't make fun of me). Still wanted to be a lawyer though... My point is that you go into law school knowing very little about the realities of the profession (of course, I'm speaking generally here, and of course I'm aware you go into it knowing that there's more than just criminal defence lawyers). However I think it's fair to say you come out of law school still not knowing too much more than you did coming in. Like some people still think it's imperative to work at a "sister" to have "made it", and their definition of "making it" is making a lot of money, but you can make even more at US firm or a condo litigation firm, for example. I am not going to be doing insurance defence. I didn't know what insurance defence was going into law school. But I now know that it's a type of practice that allows you to do litigation, engage with corporate clients, etc. etc.. I have noticed from some people's profiles that they switch into corporate. A lot of this game is the connections you make. Insurance defence isn't something to write off.
  3. I think that's a good way to see things
  4. And why do you think you are running at “top speed”? You seem to lack self awareness
  5. My point is that you can’t blame firms for having these practices sometimes. If you can’t see that then that’s a problem.
  6. This really isn’t fair at all. While I’m not a minority, my friends who are got great jobs in this recruit. And in the 2L recruit. I don’t mean to insult you but maybe your attitude is holding you back in interviews. You may have some kind of bad vibe or sense of entitlement (ie. I should get this job because I’m a minority with good grades etc.) that shows through and puts interviewers off. Also if you don’t know what they meant when they said other candidates fit their profile more than you, then that’s a problem. Some people have parents who are insolvency trustees or condo developers and perhaps worked with their parents for a summer. Or people with immigrant parents who have been treated horribly by the system and can speak fluently on labour law issues. Or maybe the student worked on an oil rig for 4 years to make some money right out of high school so they could go into university and law school debt-free. That student accumulated a ton of industry knowledge. All of these examples are real and they’re people I know who range from being wealthy to having been brought up on welfare and they are all in great law firms, yes, including big law. And don’t forget about the people who have strong connections to that firm. You can get mad at nepotism all you want but the fact remains if you have a smart son or daughter doing well in a Canadian law school, why wouldn’t you want them to take over your practice eventually. Yes there are always unfair hiring practices but it isn’t the norm and the cream always rises to the top in the end. If they see potential in you and they like you as a person you’ll get the job. Yes I know this post was long and blunt but you said some things that were not cool.
  7. No no no! I know a lot of people who get good articles in third year! Actually, when I was still looking, I emailed some really good firms in TO (tax, commercial litigation) and they all said to email back in the spring of 3L if I was still looking. You'll get articling! For example this firm will be hiring in spring 2019: https://www.rktaxlaw.com
  8. Disputes

    Thomas M. Cooley Law School

    Donald Trump's lawyer (Michael Cohen) went to Cooley
  9. Not in the recruit but just curious - was Dickinson Wright hiring?
  10. I am going to be taking a financial accounting course to help me for articling, but most people don't bother with that. You'll be fine.
  11. Disputes

    Looking for Best Chances

    If you get mainly A- and A your last two years you have an excellent shot at a B2/L2 school if your LSAT score is decent (160+). I got into uOttawa with a low CGPA (7.1/10) but my last two years were in the A range, I had work experience overseas and a high mark in my MA from a good school, 160 LSAT. I have no clue if I would have gotten into Ottawa with my same undergrad CGPA without my LSAT score and other factors. Also got into L2/B2 schools Western and Queens.
  12. Disputes

    1L Grades Feedback For NY

    Would also be curious to know about how easy it is to write the NY bar after a few years of ON practice. More specifically, do a couple years of practice instill a kind of confidence/knowledge that makes studying for/writing the NY bar easier, even though the law is different? Forgive me if I sound ignorant...
  13. Disputes

    1L Grades Feedback For NY

    Yeah and I know there's really prestigious shops like Weil etc. with very high grade cut-offs, there are firms like that everywhere - I'm not that naïve! I definitely just want to get a sense of how it is more generally, whether some firms look for other things, etc. When I was living in London UK, before having even gone to law school, I got interviews at national, international, AND American firms in London (some based in NY). They were going off my MA (high standing from a good UK school) and my undergrad transcripts (which weren't that great but a sharp upturn to all A's and A-'s the last two years). I didn't end up getting a job there mainly because I got into law school Canada and decided to move home (I think the CDN JD is much more valuable than the UK training but that's just my opinion). Anyways, I was pretty surprised to have gotten those kinds of interviews, didn't think I had the grades for them. I really like living abroad and wouldn't mind trying New York eventually, or maybe going back to London...anyways I digress . If anyone knows about what it takes to go to NY, just let me know. Edit: I wasn't special for getting interviews without having gone to law school - that's just how it largely works if you didn't do an LLB