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  1. If you're still interested in more information about exchange, let me know! I went on exchange in 3L (you can't go before then) and would highly recommend it.
  2. I understand that but we have been given no information on what the administrative process entails or when we'll even be called. It appears as though some people have been told that they'll be called on May 28th but no one else has been given any information at all.
  3. Is anyone else in the 2019-2020 cohort frustrated with the lack of information about the June call? We're supposed to be called next month and have yet to receive any information about how it will work and when it will be. Apparently, the LSO has contacted a random few to say that they can be called on May 28th but this information has not been made public.
  4. Has anyone from Windsor heard from Gowlings or Aird & Berlis?
  5. Thank you!! And thank you for your advice!
  6. I just like to consider every option available to be absolutely sure I won't regret the decision. As I said, I'm leaning much more towards the single JD but I haven't completely written off the Dual option.
  7. LSAT: 156, L2: 3.7, very strong ECs and LORs (in my opinion) - hopefully that gives some hope to others with lower LSAT scores! I've also been accepted to the single JD and I'm currently leaning more towards accepting the single but haven't completely decided yet.
  8. Accepted as of last week! Found out through a phone call first, my UWindsor account wasn't updated until today.
  9. I also wasn't waitlisted. I went straight to accepted final.
  10. Almost can't believe I'm writing this but I was accepted as of this morning! Updated on my Windsor account. Did anyone receive an email or did you just get the letter in the mail?
  11. Does anyone know if accepting a spot on the waitlist will affect any other applications?
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