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  1. drankcoffee

    Is law school fun?

    April me definitely agrees with this sentiment.
  2. drankcoffee

    Is law school fun?

    I did a STEM undergrad. I think law school is more work and more stressful. I felt like much of the work I did in undergrad, I was on auto-pilot for it. Sure, I "worked hard" but it felt like I was going through the motions. No curve, usually knew what was going to be on the exam, everything had a solid "right" answer, etc. You just did the work and you got the grade. It felt a lot less "real" and a lot less transactional. Dealing with all of the uncertain elements, the curve, etc. has made law school a bit more stressful. I do find 100% exams to be a blessing instead of a curse (unpopular opinion?) but I think that the other parts make it a lot harder. It gets easier and more predictable the more exams/assignments you do, I guess.
  3. drankcoffee

    UofT Payment Question

    Not sure if this has been mentioned but since you paid via Western Union, the student likely got refunded in the form of a cheque in the mail. For things like this, I think WU is the worst service you can use. WU offers an extra level or privacy that makes things like this kind hard to refund. WU is usually a scammer's #1 option when it comes to these financial scams. I think if you had paid using another method (credit card, direct bank payment) then your payment would have bounced back into your account, but since you used WU, the school had no choice but to mail a refund to the student whose name it was paid under. When you pay to U of T using one of the other methods, usually your name would be on the payment information, so the refund would likely be made back to you. It doesn't work that way with WU. Although I think that universities should just automatically reject any payments made when the balance for tuition owed is zero. I'm sorry for what happened to you.
  4. drankcoffee

    Is law school fun?

    I've met a lot of JD/MBAs at U of T who seem to really recommend it/enjoy it, so it might just be sampling bias. I'm sure it depends on the individual. I find that the ones who tend to be the most vocal are the happiest students and the most upset students, the average person who is like "meh" doesn't really talk about it much.
  5. 1. Distance from home/friends. 2. Where I would want to live (Toronto). I'm not sure about this one anymore. The city can be kinda drab. I gotta say, I really miss the small, cozy, college town vibes in Western.
  6. drankcoffee

    Waitlisted at U of T 2018

    I would honestly love it if my mom used this forum, she'd finally understand what "2L recruit" and "HH/H/P" mean.
  7. Yeah, I would add onto what epeeist said. Good counselling, especially on campus at any university, is something that you have to shop around for.
  8. drankcoffee

    "University Magazine" Law School Rankings

    I feel like the next logical step is to assume that a Macedonian teenager is running the website via a botfarm.
  9. drankcoffee

    Junior associate $20 an hour???

    Also... not everyone, or even 1/2 of the class goes to Bay St. Maybe that is true for Osgoode or U of T (which is presumably what BlockedQuebecois was talking about) but there are other law schools in Ontario and nationally that have much lower placement rates. That's just the truth. I find it hard to believe that 70% of the Windsor law class places at "decent articling jobs that pay over 50k/year"..ZXD4. con lots of people article for free. So a junior position that pays $20/hour would probably be right up their ally.
  10. drankcoffee

    Does anyone regret going to law school?

    Because otherwise the hypothetical doesn't work. Also find it hard to believe that Joe the lawyer didn't put any money into savings or invest any money elsewhere.
  11. drankcoffee

    Does anyone regret going to law school?

    I see a lot of commuting in my future.
  12. drankcoffee

    Suits For Men

    To all the men out there looking for comfortable work/interview attire... https://www.betabrand.com/mens/jackets/mens-business-suit-onesie-hybrid
  13. I remember having a long-winded convo about this with a Peterson fan. All this tweet proved is that JBP is weird, and also that the bing search engine sucks because it just provides you with images from the same website over and over again and suppresses any other popular results.
  14. drankcoffee

    Will I Face Any Issues Being a Conservative in Law School?

    I've actually thought about this at length and asked around - this doesn't happen. No one is going to expel you while you're paying $35,000 in tuition over something someone accused you of saying... unless you're actually going around advocating for an ethnostate and genocide - in that case you might have a problem that goes beyond "objective evidence".
  15. drankcoffee

    Will I Face Any Issues Being a Conservative in Law School?

    The point I was trying to make is that no one in LS (in my opinion) seems to put this much thought into what @theycancallyouhoju called "self-sorting" and I don't think people tend to view the world like you do. I have friends who are more conservative than me and friends who are more liberal than me and even met a few left-wingers who are well respected. Everyone seems to get along fine. Whenever someone says anything too controversial (on either sides of the political spectrum) people just tend to respectfully disagree and move on. Maybe people talk behind backs, but that's just life - if it wasn't about politics, it would be about something else. Personally, I don't care about the political ideology/religion/whatever of the person sitting next to me in class. I don't care to "debate" them. I don't care about "destroying SJWs". If you care about these things so much, then yes, you will probably find law school to be a huge issue.