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  1. Got an in-firm from Sangra Moller a week ago in a non-OCI school, Btw would anyone be as so kind to PM about their Vancouver In-firm experience?
  2. Can anyone confirm if NRF sent out ITCs? Thanks
  3. Dumb Question - any chance that waitlist move towards the end of acceptance period (Monday is the last day for U of T)? Currently 1 on a few waitlists and the wait is agonizing.
  4. Thank you guys for your input. Probably not going to apply, rather keep the $100.
  5. Should I even bother paying the fee to apply to U of T? CGPA - 3.87 (non-OLSAS), 3.83 (OLSAS) B3 - 3.87 (OLSAS), 3.91 (non-OLSAS) Im above the cgpa median but below even the 25th percentile LSAT. Did undergrad at Rotman (I heard they will consider degree but likely will not matter). EC include - Executive pre-law group, accounting B4 experience (summer internship), other executive positions.
  6. Dodged a bullet right there! Thanks everyone for providing some input, really appreciate it.
  7. My GPA currently (im in 3rd finishing a BComm at U of T) is 3.87 (3.8 OLSAS adjusted), im gonna take the lsat this year in October and was wondering what would be the absolute cutoff that could reasonably get me accepted? My ECs I would say are average. Also I know osgoode requires 2 reference letters but I am wondering would it be okay to get a reference from my old high school teacher whom was a lawyer instead of a traditional professor.
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