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  1. I know im not allowed to derail this thread blablabla but I wanted to say congratulations Dreamchaser on your acceptance! I am so happy for you and I was always rooting for you since last year before we even started the cycle when you had the puppy profile picture, LOL!!! Once again congrats, you worked hard and you deserve this! God bless and good luck on your amazing journey Ecclesiastes 3:11 "He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end." Thank you for your testimonial and good luck on this new exciting chapter of your life!
  2. Hello ig4k876, a DDS typically takes four years, and law school is three years. Have you considered finding a job right after law school at a firm in NYC while your partner is finishing up his degree? That way when you come back to Canada, and ultimately go through the NCA process, you at least have one year of experience at a firm to make you more marketable as opposed to coming over here with a degree and zero work experience. But if your partner is doing an accelerated degree then this plan won't be as beneficial. You said you also applied to other schools, were any in Ontario and did you receive an acceptance? If your partner is set on studying in New York, studying in Ontario would guarantee a shorter trip to see each other. And you are still getting a Canadian degree. Of course studying in Ontario and transferring over to Edmonton/Calgary would still require effort, but it would be much easier than going to a foreign law school, going through the NCA process, trying to find articling, blablabla. My ultimate advice is stay in Alberta for school and maintain a long distance relationship and visit him often! If not, then studying at an Ontarian school would guarantee a much shorter airplane or train ride and therefore a more manageable LDR. In the end you said there are people you know in Alberta who might be able to help you secure a job. But then what is the purpose of going to NYLS if you aren't going to stay in New York long term? Funnily enough, It will actually cost you MUCH much much less money to stay in Canada and visit him often rather than go to to school in New York! Either way, good luck with your decision !
  3. Hi smiles! I can't recommend the course enough! Before I signed up for HarvardReady, I went through all the reviews and I was surprised at how many glowing reviews they had (the only negative review I found was on Google reviews and it wasn't even about the course, the person complained about finding parking lmao)! It wasn't until I took the course that I understood where the praise was coming from. Yoni and Allan (@AllanRC) are excellent and patient instructors. They will answer any question you need. Once I had a question about a section and they were kind enough to walk me through it even though class was already finished. The online practice interface is also extremely helpful and they have have lots of practice tests to go through. They provide you with the necessary tools to do well, all that is left is to practice. Make sure you are keeping on top of your homework and doing as many tests as you can without exhausting yourself, I cannot stress this enough. It is very easy to fall behind. You get better at the LSAT the more you are able to practice. HarvardReady taught me how to read and attack questions, but it was practice that allowed me to do the sections in a timely manner. Good luck on your LSAT studying!!!
  4. Sorry legallybound, I am confused. Did you provisionally accept today or earlier? Because if you did today, then you wouldn't have access to decline anything because the webpage has to update your decision and blocks you from changing anything. When you provisionally accept, you get an e-mail summary that looks like this: Response Information - ******* - JD Action Added Still to be Considered Response Information - ******* - JD Action Added Declined: No further consid­eration Response Information - ******* - JD Action Added Provis­ionally Accepted So whatever you provisionally accepted, and whatever school you checked to stay in the applicant pool for, remain. Whatever you didn't check the box for, is a decline. So, in that case, I don't think you need to decline anything! Just keep them there and they will expire ^^
  5. What u do is click on the school u want to provisionally accept, then in the second part, click on the schools u want to remain in consideration for. Everything that is lefted unchecked is what you will be removed from.
  6. omg do not do this LOL. You have no guarantee right now you will get either D or E. Choose amongst A/B/C right now to secure yourself a spot in law school for September, while you wait too hear back from D and E! Good luck
  7. Hi Carson! Yes, if you accept C, you lose A and B. You are only left with C while you wait for a decision from D
  8. Hello xoxxo111, what do you mean by helping you in law school? I don't think anything can help you for law school until you start classes! As someone who used to regularly volunteer at a food bank, I recommend you get in contact with your local food bank because they are always looking for extra hands with handing out food baskets and stocking up the inventory. But no volunteer work is going to necessarily help you, it's just a nice thing to do
  9. Dear Jade, first of all, congrazzles on the acceptances! In this case, I would chose Osgoode simply because of the very generous renewable scholarship! That is a good chunk of change! Also, you should take a look at Osgoode's clinics because many of them seem to satisfy your interest in social justice and criminal work, like CLASP, Innocent Project, and their Feminist Advocacy Clinical Program! Good luck either way :))
  10. I am definitely going to use a line of credit and government loans!!
  11. Thank you everyone for your thoughtful responses! I think I will go ahead with my plan of living alone. I had the realization the other day that law school is a new experience for all of us, so I am sure everyone is more than willing to make friends and be open to hang out with each other:)
  12. did these people come ur friends and do u guys hang out outside of the apartment?
  13. I agree with everything you said but I would replace Kate Spade bag with a Jacquemus Le Chiquito Long bag because kate spade is just as tacky, ugly, and flashy as gucci bags
  14. Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well on this Saturday. Right now I am deciding between living alone or finding a roommate. I was initially planning on living alone first year and finding roommates with friends I would make at law sküle, however given how limited our interactions will be with classmates, this seems more difficult to accomplish. Therefore, finding a living arrangement with one or more roommates seems like a good way to make friends if networking continues to remain stifled. The benefits of living alone are having your own place therefore a sense of peace and quiet, and ensuring the interior design and style of your space does not clash with that of someone else. However living with roommates makes friendship more accessible. But also this is only beneficial if your roommates are likeable people. What is everyone's plan? I would also love to hear from the older girlies who had the make the choice in the past. Thank you!
  15. I think it also has to do with Kim Kardashian studying law. She inspired a lot of young people in this generation to become jurists
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