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  1. I think he or she may have meant to read and review each other's essay
  2. crud ☚ī¸, even if its a F from a pass/fail and not a actual mark F? My uni said that my gpa won't be affected but I guess OLSAS disregards the school GPA and takes the grades from transcripts and makes the gpa themselves. In that case I was just wondering if you know how badly this will damage my chances? (for reference the F is for a semester/half-year/3.0 credit class if that somehow makes it better than failing a full year class)
  3. Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a great day. I ask this question because I cannot find any answers online. I already was informed from my home university, that if you fail a pass/fail grade, it does not decrease your GPA but it does show up on your transcript that you failed a class. However, I want to know if any of you have been through this experience or if you know what the perspective of a law school such as Osgoode, UofT would be on this issue. Do they look at a failed pass/fail class in the same way they would look at a failed letter grade (a grade that actually effects your GPA)? And has anyone ever failed a pass/fail course? Can they speak on this, have they survived? I am so worried about this one semester class and I would love some clarity 😞
  4. Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well and a happy belated Canada Day! I have a question concerning exchange grades. So, I studied abroad this semester to Europe and I just obtained my grades. Let's just say they are horrible but I passed. At my university, it doesn't matter what your grade was, as long as you passed because these exchange courses will be converted into "pass/fail" classes at my home institution (York university). Needless to say, though I worked hard, I was not worried if I got a C or D as long as I passed. Before going on exchange, I e-mailed several schools asking if they take into consideration exchange grades and universities like UofT and Osgoode said they do not. I was not worried up until recently when I contacted York University and they stated that we have to give our transcript from our Host University to the admissions council of any graduate school. Is this true? Can someone confirm? And for example, would we have to submit our host university transcript upon applying to law school or solely the transcript of our home university? Very stressed and worried. Thank you!
  5. hello, I just finished my first year at york and am currently taking a summer school class. I was on the yorku tumblr and read this troubling post: http://yorkulife.tumblr.com/post/93354330612/if-i-take-27-credits-in-the-first-year-and-then-a Is it true that my chances of getting into osgoode or any law schools are slim because of taking a single summer school class? I am not taking the class because I failed but because I was missing 3 credits from my first year of undergrad, and the reason I am missing the 3 credits is because the professor for that class told me that I could switch out of the class because my i was beyond level (it was an intro to a language class) so under the advice of the prof i dropped the class and took the next level class for the next semester. Would osgoode (or any other school) still look down on this even though I didn't take this class as a repeat but simply to fill the missing credits void?
  6. sorry to steal the conversation but do you or anyone else on this forum know if schools use different gpa scales for their undergrad studies and law schools? For example if you went to york for undergrad and then wanted to go to osgoode for law school, would your gpa from undergrad use the same scale (im assuming 9 for york) as the law school or do you need to do a conversion on OLSAS
  7. Hi everyone, I am buying a new laptop soon for university and I am starting undergrad studies this upcoming September. I decided to get this laptop The link says in the product information section that this laptop has 265GB PCIe-based flash storage. I know there is also a 512GB storage model too but it is out of my price range, even if it was refurbished. I know this isn't related to law school but since you have all gone through undergrad, I was wondering if somebody knows if 265gb is sufficient enough for undergrad? Will it last me 4 years? (and hopefully law school as well) My major will be political science if that has any relevance. I was also looking at a macbook air which would be the cheaper route. I could get a 13 inch with 512gb flash based storage. The thing is that this laptop has "1.6GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5, Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz" whereas the first laptop I was looking at, the macbook air, has "2.7GHz Dual-core Intel i5." I really don't know what this means so could someone please explain me what this even means and what the difference is between the macbook air and the pro in regards to this feature. Thank you!!
  8. Hello, so I should go on gimp, change the size, and then save the file as a jpg?
  9. Hi everyone, Every time I try to change my profile picture, the page says the image I have chosen is too big. I try to resize it on gimp according to the maximum size but it still won't load. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Does anyone know how I can fix this? Thank you for your time!!
  10. LMAO woops that totally slipped my mind for a second but thanks for the clarification!
  11. Hello, I am new to the forums and I always like to read through the archives but I get stumped on the jargon. What does 0L, 1L 2L, 3L and 4L mean? I am assuming they mean year in law school? It made sense to me until I saw 0L, which I think means undergrad student right now but I could be wrong. Could someone please fill me in on this, thanks so much.
  12. Thank you everyone for your advice, I really appreciate it. Further, sorry for the delayed response, I just got back from studying for calculus... I also realized that because of Glendon's very small classes, the professors get to know the students much better. So I was wondering if you guys think that would beneficial as I am aware you need references letters for applications. The student body of UofT deters me from accepting my offer as I would feel like a number rather than a student/peer/etc.. Once again, thank you..
  13. Thanks for replying! I like the Glendon Campus more than Keele because it is very small; the class sizes are usually 30 from what I've heard. And I am fluent in English but I am confident in my french. Also I want to take french courses so my french doesn't go away any time soon. I am also from the GTA so location isn't really a problem, although my parents are more hesitant concerning uOttawa because I will be far away + somewhat pricey living expenses.
  14. Hi everyone, First of all, I want to apologize if this is in the wrong forum topic as I am new to this website. I am having trouble choosing where I should go for my undergrad and want to ensure that my decision won't screw me over for law school applications. So my three options are: a poli sci degree at uOttawa in the french immersion program, a regular BA in international relations at uni of Toronto, or possibly poli sci at Glendon Campus. I was thinking first and foremost I want a good gpa which people tell me is easier to obtain at uOttawa in comparison to university of Toronto. Yet, some people say Uni of Toronto is more prestigious and therefore more marketable (which I don't really believe and I think its quite dumb but I was just wondering if this is the truth?) I also really like the Glendon Campus because it is very small and it's in french which is alright with me because I am fluent. (Also their exchanges are great!!) In terms of law school, although I know it is far into the future I would love the chance to go to Osgoode, Mcgill, or Ottawa. So in terms of my BA, I was just wondering which university would be the best choice in terms of a good GPA? And do you guys think that is even important (I know volunteer work is important and scoring well on the LSAT..)? Or just in general, which university would be the best option? Thanks so much and sorry this is so long I just can't make my mind up yet!!
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