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  1. From reading some of the horror stories on the reddit, it appears a lot of the proctors were poorly prepared or caused the test takers to lose a substantial amount of time from 1 to 10 minutes, (even one minute, imho is a lot of time...) on the test, that they could not regain. However I think the LSAC would compensate anyone who unduly lost time.
  2. do you think that the opening of Ryerson Law would offset a more competitive cycle, given that there is another option to apply to?
  3. Thank you for making this thread, I was just thinking (stressing) about the same exact thing! But is it not true that schools put a limit on how many deferrals they hand out? I cannot speak for every school but someone on here said that Osgoode in particular capped their deferrals at 20. In which case, if every school had a similar limit on deferrals then maybe it would not have that big of an impact on limiting the spots for the entering class? Also would applicants actually, after having been offered an acceptance, decline it and reapply the next year to the same school? I feel like the only people who would do this are those with extremely strong stats, like a 170+ or a 3.9+ where they are more than likely to get in because their numbers speak for themselves. Personally I feel like if I am an average applicant, I would just accept the offer I had been given rather than risk it for another year because we don't know if the ad comm committee would feel the same way or if your application is read with the same perspective. If this is true, then maybe also the amount of students who had been accepted but are going to reapply will equally amount to a small percentage, in which case the applicant pool is not that huge. Of course these are all just scenarios I have thought of, and i don't have that much insight so feel free to correct me!!!
  4. Your DP is so cute! LOL, love the puppy! Is it a a cockapoo?! Also to everyone, do you guys recommend preparing yourselves for the diagnostic LSAT you take before the start of the course or just go in w/o preparation since the class itself prepares you?
  5. Just did that, thank you very much for the suggestion!
  6. Hello everyone! I was using lawapplicants.ca to calculate my cgpa, L2, and B3. However, would the B3 provided by this website differ from UofT's B3 calculation, given that UofT does not include summer courses in its B3 GPA calculation?
  7. Hello @Ryn, i hope you are doing well 😃 I was wondering, is there a way to calculate your cGPA if you went on exchange? Right now my cGPA includes all my grades from all my academic semesters except for the one semester I went on exchange. This is because those grades translated into pass grades. In which case, I guess the question can also be posed, how does the calculator sort pass/fail grades? TYSM!!
  8. What is their reason for not mimicking the original format of the test? I don't see a problem with having the same sections with breaks in between.
  9. I think the only sound and just option is to administer the test online. In times like these, the LSAC requires an innovative solution and simply cancelling all future tests until further notice is not acceptable or adequate. There is definitely enough brain power and innovation on the lsac to figure out how to prevent cheating. Simply cancelling is a blanket or bandaid policy that will just screw every applicant over. The lsac could partner with certain programs like ProctorU to administer the test but I am just saying that cancelling as the only solution is not sustainable for the long term. What I am worried about is how much more difficult the next few application periods will be because of the increase in applicants
  10. i agree but this thread is from 11 years ago
  11. Sorry to hijack this thread but are you guys referring to the group tutoring classes or private individual tutoring hours? Is one better than the other?
  12. You know I see those same exact posters all over the campus. I found it odd that despite being currently enrolled in a phD program, and claiming to be an alumna of Osgoode, she doesn't seem to have a linkedin. She is practically invisible on the internet.
  13. i won't be able to thank you for your input could you please tell me what are the cons of using Kaplan? Also thank you for the suggestions I will definitely try using 7sage as I have heard very good things about it. its all digital i am assuming?
  14. Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great day. I had a question, if you all could please tell me what you think about my study plan. I have the 2018-2019 The LSAT Kaplan Unlocked comprehensive prep with real preptest questions book. I was thinking of using it to self study starting in April-May and then I would be interested in registering for a private tutor from June to July, probably HarvardReady. Ideally, my goal test date is the August LSAT. I was wondering if you think I should change something in this plan? The reason I already know what months I will be studying is because those are the months I have the most time to study. Also I was wondering if you think studying with the 2018-2019 kaplan book is bad, and I ought to purchase the newer version. I know some people say an older version can be a disadvantage whereas others say there are very little differences between a year or so. Thank you very much !
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