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  1. Thank you both for the reassurance!! I appreciate it so very much
  2. This website is for law school, which is a professional school program that typically follows an undergraduate degree. You are asking about an undergraduate major. To find out what courses are mandatory for the Law and Society program, please click on this link: http://calendars.registrar.yorku.ca/2015-2016/faculty_programs/AP/law_society.htm Look at the graduation requirements, general education requirements, major credits, upper level, etc under "Honours BA: 120 Credits." This is the degree you should focus on if you are planning to apply for law school after your undergraduate.
  3. i was feeling okay, a normal dose of nervousness, but generally normal..until someone on here mentioned the applicant pool from OASIS for this year's cycle LOL!
  4. Osgoode: Median CGPA: 3.69 Median LSAT score: 82nd percentile this seems normal for osgoode
  5. Hello all, I understand people say that the LSAT writing is irrelevant and no one looks at it but I feel that has changed ever since it has become digitized. Now schools don't have to read illegible handwriting and pay closer attention to the content since it is typed. Unfortunately I just noticed some grammar mistakes in mine and it's making me nervous. I was wondering if anyone has gotten into their school choices despite having a few grammar mistakes on their writing portion? The response on how much weight is given to them is very mixed. Does the fact that I didn't have typos on any of my personal statements mitigate the typos on my writing sample? Please let me know what you think, thank you!
  6. From OLSAS website: Beginning in December, you will have access to your OLSAS GPA calculation in the Document Tracking section of your application. You are responsible for reporting any required changes to your academic record to OLSAS. hope that helps
  7. Anyone have an idea of how long for your transcripts to show up on your OLSAS record?
  8. Hello! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is not any building in Canada. Only two law schools in Canada are named "School of Law": Allard School of Law of UBC and Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law. The former's building is made of all glass. The latter's building is brick and glass but the frieze upon which the logo is attached is not similar to the photo on OLSAS' portal. This is the Schulich building: The photo used by OLSAS is a stock photo you can find on numerous legal blogs and webpages. You can reverse google image search to find them
  9. hi guys i can't log on either. I have a hunch maybe it isn't accessible because they are doing maintenance on the website? Usually educational websites do maintenance in the early hours. maybe in an hour it will work.
  10. opinion on putting academic distinctions on ur sketch like latin honors? I have seen some people on here do it but no confirmation if its a good/bad idea. OLSAS says anything that is on ur transcript does not need a verifier which I assume means it also doesn't need to be put down e.g. a scholarship on ur transcript, but on my transcript my academic distinction is not listed. Thank you all
  11. Hello all! I have read in past threads on this website of people who find that the space is not enough in the biographical sketch for OLSAS. So they used multiple entries usually two to three to explain an activity. I was wondering if anyone just ended up summarizing their role as best as they could into one entry or if it is now looked down upon to do multiple entries since the threads I were reading were from a while back. Pls LMK how you did it, thank you!
  12. Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well. I have some work experiences that I am considering omitting from the sketch, not because I did anything wrong or was fired but because I do not think the manager even remembers me. I could put it down but I don't even think the manager will remember who I am (I was a temporary work hired from an agency). What if the verifiers call my verifier and he does not even know me? In which case I assume it would actually worsen my application because they could suspect I was lying. So is it alright if I just not mention it at all? I also don't want to make it seem like I am trying to fluff my sketch by putting in as many entries as I can. Thank you
  13. Hi, i just wanted to know where you read to order your transcripts on your own? Because the application process says you request your transcript through the actual application itself, and you only pay for the fee via OLSAS The transcript section of the application only allows for you to request transcripts, but it does not have the option to upload the document there. I have somewhat of the same concern as OP. The OLSAS application portal says the following: Which I think means, you can't request the transcript ahead of time. But then in another part of the website it states they are prepared to receive transcripts early starting after August 20th. But maybe that is for specific/special cases. @many2021 perhaps send this question on Secure Applicant Messaging (SAM) and see what they say.
  14. From reading some of the horror stories on the reddit, it appears a lot of the proctors were poorly prepared or caused the test takers to lose a substantial amount of time from 1 to 10 minutes, (even one minute, imho is a lot of time...) on the test, that they could not regain. However I think the LSAC would compensate anyone who unduly lost time.
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