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  1. Accepted 3.3 (L2 3.7) LSAT 163 (highest) Applied Access
  2. Accepted sometime today. CGPA 3.3, L2 3.7, LSAT 163 (third write) Hope this gives some hope to those with low CGPAs
  3. I emailed them recently essentially asking if it was a bad sign that I have not been waitlisted or heard anything at this point. This was their reply: "Thank you for your email. Assessments are ongoing and decisions posted continuously through to the end of June. All types of assessments will continue going up as the cycle is not over yet. Best of luck." Hope this helps
  4. If I'm still in queue and not on the waitlist at this point should I give up hope? I know the person who started this thread said that people get accepted after April 1st without being added to the waitlist, but I think it's probably a very bad sign that I have not been waitlisted. Does anyone have any insight on this?
  5. Rejected last night with B3 3.6 and LSAT 163
  6. I sent them an email about the admissions timeline a few days ago. This was their reply: "Thank you for your e-mail. We are still definitely in the process of reviewing files – though we work towards an April 1 deadline, we are still processing many files after April 1, our class is not usually full until June or July." Hope this helps
  7. When did you get accepted if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Yes it has said that since December I believe.
  9. Rejected today GPA 3.3, L2 3.7, LSAT 163 Average ECs and focused my PS on social justice I'm in at a few other schools and didn't know schools even rejected this early. Windsor clearly really didn't like something about my application
  10. I got into Western with cGPA 3.3, L2 3.7, and LSAT 163. Still waiting on every other Ontario school, though.
  11. No email but just checked student centre to see the green check mark woot woot cGPA 3.3 L2 3.7 LSAT 163 Applied Access
  12. If people are being waitlisted does this mean the class is full already....
  13. Which is the later stage - "Pending Review" or "Referred to Admissions Committee" ? lol SOS
  14. In queue today. 3.36 cGPA, 3.77 L2, 163, part B filled out
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