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  1. I see, so according to the partner who offered me the position, their formal signing and documentation procedures take place next summer before the work term begins, and the start date is flexible but always is in beginning to early August. I am thinking I should ask much before then though haha.
  2. I haven’t signed anything yet nor am I seriously interested in renegotiating the salary - I’m just glad I received my top choice and don’t have to stress about finding a position over the upcoming school year. I’m just asking when it is best now to ask what the salary is without it coming off as awkward, since I missed the initial typical opportunities to do so. Do I ask in an email ASAP? Or do I wait until winter to bring it up in person (when I am having a scheduled lunch with the firm and following up).
  3. I received an offer from my first choice Toronto firm but during both interviews did not ask about salary (first one didn't feel it was appropriate, second one i overheard the rambunctious girl who interviewed before me make a loud, awkward joke about asking about salary and felt turned off about it when I walked in after her, so I didn't) and when I received the call I was so flustered and nearly speechless that I again did not bring it up. I sent a reconfirmation/thank you reply to their email confirming my acceptance and anticipation for the next steps, but again didn't bring it up in the email. I do remember their posting saying they provide a competitive salary. At this point, when is the best time to bring it up, and would I be able to/is it suggested that I negotiate?
  4. This might be an extremely silly question, but i can whole-heartedly admit that my school/no one has informed me of its answer, nor had I thought to ask it until now (my fault), but, are all firms bound by the LSUC requirements of summer recruiting? Meaning, if you don't get a position through the recruitment process/apply to all possible firms by August 20, are you not permitted to apply to other firms (as in, those not in your school's OCI participant list/those not on ViPortal) and/or be hired by said firms after all the LSUC submission, notification, and interview dates? TL;DR: After August 20th, are you essentially screwed for next summer?
  5. Hey guys, good news! I was last minute admitted to University of Ottawa last night and will be accepting their offer and declining my offer from U of A today (my flight to Alberta was literally this afternoon... talk about timing)! Hopefully one of you guys will be given my spot. Good luck!
  6. Received a personal email from the Admissions Officer indicating I was admitted. Good luck!
  7. Admitted this afternoon!! Was 30/71. Will be accepting!
  8. Just got an email/application update saying the class is officially full and I've been removed from the waitlist. At least they had the decency to do that!
  9. 11am crim with Yahya for me (thank goodness)!
  10. Anyone been informed of any movement at all? Or have we all given up? lol.
  11. Requested to join the group but peeps are loafting on accepting the request. :/
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