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  1. And you literally got 100% of people (who are notorious for usually disagreeing with each other) agreeing on the same "input". You're just choosing to turn a blind eye to it and label it as a debate.
  2. You're risking tarnishing your non-existent reputation in a small professional community over a few thousand dollars this summer? It's just a better paying 2L summer job. It isn't going to significantly help to ease your debt load. You can always work your way up through the articling recruit & later on. I get that you're in a shitty situation and the temptation is there to take the money & run with it. But take a step back and think of it from a long-term career perspective. The advice everyone is giving you is well-founded, you should follow LSO code. Unless of course, you really don't care on whether your $100k ends up in a license.
  3. I heard from someone who's in the legal dept at TTC that they have sent out all interview offers.
  4. Someone I know got a rejection for the corporate finance branch earlier this week. And like I said, the enforcement branch interview panel said they would as well. Not sure about the other branches though.
  5. This is so weird. Has no one heard from enforcement? They said they'd give rejections and offers by Thursday
  6. Stay cautiously confident. It's a gruelling process waiting to hear back from the schools but don't count yourself out just yet! There's still time and offers do come out well into the summer (even if you aren't on a waitlist). With that being said your cGPA isn't competitive so that might place you in a tough position given that your LSAT score is good. If I were you I would definitely have a Plan B set up come September 2018 should you not get in. Good luck & I hope it works out for you!
  7. No not yet, I'm still waiting. I was thinking of emailing the HR recruiter later this week to see if there are any updates.
  8. Does anyone have any insight as to what we can expect from the Ottawa OCI's (the one's taking place on February 7 in London)? Will they resemble the Toronto OCI's (17 minutes, generally casual chit chat about your experiences/interests with little to no substantive questions)?
  9. Email. My mistake, should've specified it's the Enforcement branch. I'm not sure about the other branches.
  10. Interview offers for OSC have gone out.
  11. If you have the option of living closer than Scarborough then obviously do that. My personal experience with commuting (albeit from the Sheppard-Yonge area) has been frustrating to say the least but that's mainly because the buses are unreliable/late. It takes about an hour (factoring in all the delays) to get to Oz. One of my best friends commutes from Scarborough and it takes him 45 minutes with a GO Bus, & GO buses are far better than the TTC in the sense that they are usually always on time and comfier/ you aren't packed in like sardines. Unfortunately, driving doesn't always make a huge difference in cutting back on commuting times in the GTA especially during peak rush hour. I sometimes car-pool with my friends and it maybe saves me 10 mins. Not to mention that you will need to pay almost $1000 for parking in the Passy lots. As a 1L it will be important to get involved in the social scene so you don't lose your mind, so if you're a commuter, like I was, you will need to make an extra effort to ensure you show up to certain events that interest you and put aside the 2+ hours of commuting. It is easier for people who live on campus to stay engaged merely because of their proximity to Oz and some of the events. However, with that being said, it can get quite depressing, lonely, and overly competitive (around 1L Midterms & Finals) if you live on campus. This is just anecdotal from my friends who lived at Passy, but I still think it's something to think about seriously. Best of luck & congrats on getting accepted
  12. It'll be extremely unlikely that you will get in at UofT despite your CGPA. You might have a chance at Oz if you have a really great PS/EC's since their process is more holistic, compared to UofT's. Good luck on the upcoming LSAT!
  13. Loopstra might be out of the mix, but i wouldn't count out Blaney's. Even if you applied earlier, and even if some people have confirmed interview offers, they are still taking applications until midnight tomorrow so there's a fair chance they might be waiting to see how the remaining applicants match up against one another.
  14. It's hard to say since it's all relative to how strong other applicants are in your pool. I have friends who have gotten in with similar GPA's to yours who scored a 148-153 but take that with a grain of salt because I also have friends who have been rejected with 168's who also had relatively high GPA's. With that being said, you do have a stellar GPA & if you have a strong PS then you should somewhat be able to rest easy with a 160+ as mentioned. I will say though, whatever you do, don't shoot for the minimum score you need as that will inevitably backfire. Just do your best, prepare adequately and try not to stress too much.
  15. If the application cost isn't an issue I would still apply if I were you. I agree with the others that your GPA is below par for Osgoode but your LSAT is great and if you have any significant extra-curricular's or Part B considerations - diversity/equity, mature student, illness...etc. then you still have a chance of being admitted later in the cycle. Don't give up hope but don't put all your eggs in one bucket either. Goodluck!
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