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  1. I believe they do. I know people from a third country (non-Canadian/non-US citizen/permanent resident) got in
  2. Hi I'm trying to figure out how and when to pay the $500 deposit for the Dual JD program. Uwinsdor's website says If you have Web banking set up, simply add the University of Windsor as a payee. Your student ID is your account number for web payments Where can I find this information? My uwinsite user ID is my last name with some numbers, doesn't seem to be right. btw, can I wait until the end of May to pay for this or do I have to pay for it before my offer expiry date? Thanks
  3. I really wish they could have opened up one year earlier. I really want to stay in downtown Toronto. Ryerson is just about 15 min drive from my home. And I can even drop off/pick up my kids at their school on my way to Ryerson.
  4. In my offer letter it states: Your offer of admission is contingent on receipt of your final official undergraduate degree transcript. The American Bar Association (ABA) requires that all accredited law schools receive an official transcript from a first-year student’s undergraduate degree-granting institution before that student begins classes. The transcript included in your Credential Assembly Service Report does not fulfil this ABA requirement. Please have your undergraduate degree-granting institution send an official transcript that includes the date your degree was granted to both the Detroit Mercy Law Admissions Office and the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) by August 1, 2019. After Detroit Mercy Law receives your final official transcript, we will register you for your first-year course. I applied through OLSAS and my transcript submitted to the OLSAS was a WES report since my undergraduate degree was from another country. And I have finished my undergrade study long time ago, it's not like I am in my fourth year. Any of you got this? The word of the whole offer letter seems a bit strange to me. Somehow I feel it focus a lot more on people who apply to the US side? Thanks
  5. Did your OLSAS update the offer?
  6. Get Accepted via email yesterday cGPA 3.1 LSAT 168
  7. The other threads above pretty much nailed. Retake your LSAT as many times as you can. Your GPA is decent, with a high 160+ you will have a lot of options. I just want to chime in since I am from Asia as well. You don't sound like you have been living in NA, so I assume you will come directly from Asia. Therefore I strongly recommend you to retake your LSAT and go for Ontario/British Columbia law schools. There is a huge difference for Asian immigrants to live in a multi-cultural region versus living in a more "deep north" area. After the cultural honeymoon period(which usually last a few months since everything is new to you), you will undoubtedly experience cultural shock. That, combining with the stress of study in law school, language/cultural barrier and alien social norm, sometimes can lead to great mental burdens for newcomers. In BC/Ontario at least you can occasionally visit local Asian stores/restaurant, or buy some authentic Asian grocery and cook yourself something familiar. And you would have more opportunity to make some Asian friends who happen to share a similar cultural background with you. It's like give yourself a tiny break during the long and tedious law school life. Besides, since population density in Canada is much lower comparing to Asia, unless you move to metropolitans such as Toronto, Quebec, Vancouver and live in their downtown core areas, you will need some time to get used to the open country here. (I assume you are from a highly populated area since most Asians here do) Personally, I prefer Ontario, especially GTA area to any other province/city in Canada, but I heard many Asian international applicants aims for UBC/UVIC as well since they like Vancouver. A good approach is to talk to someone you know who have immigrated here, preferably has a white-collar job and lived in Canada long enough to give an opinion about a certain province/city as a newcomer.
  8. Hi I received an email saying I am accepted by dual JD program. But it also states that the offer deadline is April 15 or the deadline in OLSAS, whichever is later. For those who have been accepted by dual JD, what's your deadline? This April 15 seems too close for me since I only got the email yesterday. P.S: The OLSAS hasn't updated my offer yet and I read somewhere that it could be 10 days for OLSAS to update. Would this be a problem?
  9. Thanks! I sent out the form this morning, haven't got any reply email yet
  10. Just saw this thread. Did you get any confirmation once you send them the form and made the payment? Will there be any change in the bear track to show that the payment is processed? Thanks
  11. waitlisted as 12 index 75.99 LSAT/AGPA :168/3.24 Ontario resident(not sure if this matters)
  12. I found out my accept email yesterday. The email was actually from Last Friday. I just haven't check the UA email for a week. cGPA by WES around 3.1 Master gpa 3.65ish Lsat average 163 It is my first offer. I'm really glad. For a while I thought I might just give up the hope and put my focus elsewhere. Good luck to everyone who's still waiting!
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