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  1. Can you publicly support the PPC/ Maxime Bernier? Can you disagree with feminism? Can you go against the mainstream or will you be shunned from the law community for not supporting the feminist narrative?
  2. Let me start by knocking off the obvious question- yes I want to be a lawyer and my side hobby isn't really my deep sided passion that I am repressing. I have a sentimental reason I want to go into family law, and I have heard that family lawyers typically go home at 5-6 pm instead of working the 9-9 I hear a lot regarding corporate lawyers. But I also really enjoy drawing. I am finding it hard to make time for my art during law school, and I am wondering how realistic it is for me to expect to be able to pursue it as a lawyer. Its not necessarily the time constraint, because I just need 40 minutes to an hour a day to satisfy that creative itch. What worries me is that I am not going above and beyond as a law student and eventually as a lawyer. When I look at the staff list of lawyers, I see they often did something impressive on the side in the field of law. I am worried that if I take my side hobby seriously, I won't get hired into a law firm or promoted. Right now my only extra curricular is a PBSC project and I am going to try out for one of the moots. It seems like a lot of the students around me have law as a huge focus in their life, and it definitely is for me, I just don't want it to be my only serious thing. I don't want to have to rely on my art for income and I don't think I am anywhere near being good enough for that to be realistic anyways. I want to just be able to pursue it without worrying about profiting from it. Is it so ridiculous to expect that working 9-5 is enough and then my nights can be devoted to family and my side hobby? How much does my life have to revolve around law to get hired and promoted? Thank you
  3. Hey friends, sorry if this has ben covered by i didn't find it using the search bar. Is there anywhere on this site or another that catalogues all the law firms specializing in a particular practice? I am particularly interested in Family Law firms and am willing to relocate to most places in Ontario, except perhaps very northward. Thank you
  4. I am not sure if I should post this in criminal law but it was regarding a couple so here it goes. I am quite disturbed by what I just saw but i don't want you to sugar coat it for me. I was at a restaurant in Ajax tonight and a women started cussing her husband out loudly in front of everyone so basically everyone in this room of the restaurant started looking. I have no clue what the spat was over but she literally was calling him every name in the book- loser, faggot, pathetic etc. All he did was say "can you shut up we are in public" and she lunges at him and starts slapping the crap out of him, like really badly over and over. He must have taken 10-15 slaps before he finally has enough and stands up assertively. She backed up, grinned and said "what are you going to do, if you touch me I'll call the police and who do you think they will believe?". At this he stormed away from the table, but I can't help but be disturbed by the whole thing. If he called the police would they really have just sided with her? Do men have any way to even defend themselves? This just seems like such an injustice. What are you supposed to do as a man if you get attacked by a woman? If its a man who attacks then I can defend myself, but women just seem to have this loophole where they can enact any violence against men but if he fights back he's a monster. I just feel so disgusted from what I saw tonight. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
  5. I always thought you couldn't practice law in the states since we have different legal systems. Recently I heard of a lawyer who moved to a corporate law firm in the states. What focuses of law allow someone to move to the U.S.A? Do you have any examples of someone you know of? Thanks.
  6. I just finished applying for this cycle. Some schools stop considering after the December LSAT. Even if they do consider it, just write it in September, and then again in December if you are unsatisfied. I did both and I ended up actually getting the same score twice! Writing twice doesn't seem to have that negative of an effect as i got into a few school and did better than expected If you are posting this now there's no reason why you don't have enough time. There's only 3 types of section on the test, start doing a little now and you'll be good to go. Good luck!
  7. Right now I don't have any specific section of law that I am definitely interested in. The only thing guiding me is that I want to find a battle worth fighting and represent someone/a group of people i feel are not fairly supported. Therefore it's hard for me to find a school that really appeals to me because I don't think i will be able to make the choice until I've studied all the areas of law. i know for sure I don't want to sell out and I am not in this for the money. So if you have any recommendations as to areas of law where I can make a meaningful difference please let me know. My last two gpa was 3.48 I did have very good ECs tho I worked at pharmacy throughout my undergrad and used the pharmacy owner as one of my references Worked at town shoes, a property management company, as a private tutor and swim instructor during my summers Volunteered: at a food kitchen for one semester with adults suffering from complex mental disabilities one summer part of the Canadian human rights voice (basically just attended meetings, i told them that i didn't actually organize anything) was the community service chair for my fraternity helped an autistic child enjoy camp for 2 weeks one summer
  8. Admitted 3.41 cgpa 160 LSAT may not accept if i get into an Ontario school. Does anyone have any reasons as to why Calgary would be a better choice than other schools?
  9. Are you 100% sure its march second and not February third lol? I have seen both formats used.
  10. To the people who replied to my last panic-induced post, I want to thank you very dearly for your support. I took a week off from thinking about law school to relax and focus on work. I came back today to see that I had an offer from Manitoba. So the good news is i got in somewhere. However the bad news is I have to decide by February 3rd. Since my admission stats are low (3.41, 160) I probably won't hear back from the Ontario schools until May/June with a decision. I am from Ontario and would definitely prefer to stay if possible. Do I have any options right now? Can I accept the offer now and then rescind later? I think I remember reading that the schools are in contact so if I accept does that mean the other schools will take me out of consideration? Any advice/ wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  11. I applied to: Western Queens Osgoode Windsor Lakehead Ottawa Calgary Manitoba Saskatchewan UNB Dal ..with a 3.41 GPA and 159 LSAT. My second score came in right now and its a 160. I thought worst case possible i got a 162 but somehow for the first time since i started studying I went -15 on the two LR sections. I don't know what happened, it was a huge fluke. I'm in panic mode now though. I haven't done research into studying in England/Australia (stupid i know) but I'm feeling like they may be my only option now. Which schools should I be looking into in those countries now? My degree is in Honours Life Sciences from McMaster, so I was thinking about specializing in either health law or patent law, but those aren't set in stone. Thanks for your support guys.
  12. I meant to say directly from LSAC** I submitted my application and on the status page it says they are still waiting to receive my LSAT score. I provided them with the LSAC Account Number that should be enough no?
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