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    LORs are just a check mark in the application review unless the LOR speaks badly of you or the LOR is by an exceptional person (the same school's dean for example). For most people, it should just be a checkmark. Instructor should be fine as long as you were graded academically.
  2. tyrion

    odds of getting in! [2.4, 170]

    Your major matters in this kind of splitter cases. Also, be sure to explain positively and briefly about your grade situation in your personal statement or optional essay if you had some hardship at the time.
  3. tyrion

    Applying, have a few questions..

    Get two birds if you write about your passion in social justice with tangible social justice experiences. These experiences are easy to get, just volunteer at a bunch of social causes, which will open your eyes as a person too.
  4. That's cool. Double network, depending on how social he is.
  5. tyrion


    Heard that uVic is specially good for government positions. Just wondering why?
  6. tyrion

    Waitlisted 2016

    Realistically if rank 4 didn't hear back yet, it seems I'm not getting in, so finally some closure for me, thanks to football's info. For those of us with a low rank, on the bright side, this year's competition is more intense, so we're probably avoiding higher competition in law school. It's friday, now let's enjoy the summer weekend while it lasts.
  7. tyrion

    Waitlisted 2016

    Thank for letting us know
  8. tyrion

    Waitlisted 2016

    How much did the waitlist move? At least a few offers must have gone out since 2.5 weeks ago.
  9. Do they give out cans in the school clubs?
  10. tyrion

    Waitlisted 2016

    Thanks a ton! I can imagine a collegial culture at U of A from the fair responses I hear from you and other students answering questions in this forum. It'd be a long shot for me to get in, so I'm not even sure if I'll get in, but if I do, I am really looking forward to the helping-each-other kind of experience.
  11. tyrion

    Ask a 1L

  12. tyrion

    Waitlisted 2016

    Thanks Velvetfog. How many people from your graduating class (that you know of) went to Toronto for articling? Has the waitlist moved after the updated ranking was released? Anyone?
  13. tyrion

    Ask a 1L

    Is the Legal Research and Writing course Pass/Fail or does it give a specific grade? Thanks
  14. tyrion

    Waitlisted 2016

    Do you know how much of the secured-article-graduates were able to stay in Edmonton or some other city, rather than a small town?
  15. tyrion

    Accepted 2016

    Thanks. I already make more money than many lawyers, and have to move to another city soon if I don't hear back from Alberta. Difficult decisions.