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  1. Hi! I'm really hoping someone can provide some insights with regards to the dual JD (Canadian-American) program. Did anyone partake in this program, or know of anyone who took this path? Would love to know what their experience was like, pros/cons, and most importantly, is it worth it (does it benefit you in any way in terms of securing a job in the US). Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi guys! I'm currently enrolled in Canadian-American Dual JD Program but couldn't find much info about it in this forum, so I hope you guys don't mind me posting here! I initially applied with the intention of having exposure to the American legal education and hopefully to their job market as well, but given an additional year of school/unemployment & none of the affiliated schools being considered as top-tier schools, I'm having seconds thoughts. I'm mainly in it for the experience and for the ease of transition if I happen to like it. So my questions are... 1. Does anyone know/heard of other people's experience in this program? 2. Am I too naive to think that this dual program could open more doors for me, both in Canada and in the States? (ie. are there merits to this program if I'm just wanting to test the water) Any info would be highly appreciated! Thank you guys in advance!
  3. What did you use as proof of your bloc schedule? My rep said that he won't be able to finalize anything for me unless I can show documentation that I'm enrolled full-time... I got mine approved 3 weeks ago too. LOC with TD, 1/3 of the $125K already released. Just showed them my acceptance letter and that was it. Scotia might be different though.
  4. Same with me too. The rep I was speaking to was very caring and knowledgeable. Plus, they have the bluetooth promo, so I went with TD instead of Scotia.
  5. It boils down to personal preference really, but I checked my top 5 blocks (just out of curiosity) and they were all full not even by 10:05. Meanwhile, I checked a couple other blocks I told myself to stay away from and those were still open.
  6. Worked seriously well for me too! 9:59:59 - hits "proceed step 2 of 3" 10:00:01 - BOOM enrolled 10:00:03 - refreshes the page to double check and the block I chose was full already.
  7. exactly this. locked in investments but can liquidate next year so a portion will go towards interest.
  8. Thank you so much! And agreed with your comment on RBC - their deal isn't so sweet
  9. Hi - I'm currently shopping around for PSLOC and I've narrowed it down to TD and Scotiabank. I have accounts at Tangerine, RBC, and TD so I'm not fond of the idea of opening accounts at another bank (Scotia) and rather just reconcile into one bank (looking like TD now since RBC's PSLOC was just a horrible offer). But I'm fully aware that Scotia has a much better reputation for PSLOC. Just a couple questions though! 1. Just like how Scotia had changes in offering this year (bump from 100k to 125k) if there are changes again in the next year or so, will Scotia allow these changes to be applied to existing PSLOC? Do any other banks do that? 2. I plan on making monthly interest payments from my own savings, so Scotia's perk of the interest payment grace period isn't so appealing to me (btw, how does paying out of LOC for interest vs. interest just being accrued automatically and calling it as "no interest payment required until..." any different?) That being said, without this option, isn't TD's PSLOC pretty much the same as Scotia's since I don't need a cosigner or TD and interest is at prime for both? Aside from additional $10K if needed during articling year - TD wouldn't offer this. Any two cents on how to tackle this would be highly appreciated! I also might transfer to the US (as part of the program offered) so I also need the flexibility to be able to have easy access to the loan... which is another reason why I'm leaning towards TD. Thank you soo much in advance!
  10. I provisionally accepted on OLSAS and uoZone says "Status: Accepted Offer" -- but did not receive any emails.. Should I be concerned?
  11. Hi guys! I know this will be a very dumb question but how do I check the application status? When I applied back in November, all I got was just a confirmation email that I applied. There were no links provided with a username to check anything....am I missing something here? Thanks in advance!
  12. I passed Canadian Securities Course and Conduct and Practices Handbook exams, and have certificates, not a point of contact to confirm these. What should I do? I thought of leaving a general number but I don't know what to put as first and last name. Thank you guys in advance!
  13. Yeah I agree! Better to err on the safe side. I will call OLSAS tomorrow and find out! Thank you so much.
  14. Hi guys! Just wondering if you guys uploaded your resume on SAMS? Sketch doesn't have space to list job descriptions so wondering if you guys uploaded an actual copy of resume. Thanks!
  15. Yes, it has a Details section below. That's why I also think it could include voluntary withdrawal... I have an addendum prepared as supplementary document so it won't be a big of a deal for schools that has fields for this extra piece of information, but for some law schools with just one field specific for personal statement, I might have to incorporate this piece into the personal statement somehow. But still, not sure whether to put yes or no for that particular question.
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