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  1. Thanks!! Not too late at all! I'm parked at 75 Ann now.
  2. That's exactly how I decided. I applied to four schools in Ontario after looking at what was cost-effective considering my chances. In hindsight I probably should've applied to more but it worked out. I think I read somewhere that the average student applies to about 10 law schools.
  3. Hey guys, hopefully someone can help me with this. I'm moving into 205 Oxford and will have my car with me the entire time I'm in London. Since our building's parking garage is under construction, I was told that there is a free lot near by where I can park my car at. I searched around on google map and the only lot that seems to fit the description is the 75 Ann Street building. Can anyone give me a bit more information regarding residential parking? Anything is appreciated.
  4. Amazing, thank you. Almost bought it yesterday.
  5. hahaha I love the super small font. Okay I won't do anything about it until September. Thank you.
  6. I'm assuming all of these sessions (I heard there are also multiple lunch info sessions throughout the year) will be communicated through e-mail?
  7. I'm curious as to when students typically apply for summer positions. I read somewhere that 1L students have a tougher time getting summer law firm positions. Even so, could anyone share the timeline and any related info? I was told that some on campus interviews happen during reading week in February. Also if we are looking for positions outside of OCIs (on our own), when do firms typically put up postings and take applications? Any info is appreciated! Thanks!
  8. He clearly only wants to hear what he likes to hear. It sounds like the OP already has his mind made up that he knows what he needs to do to get into law school. Then why ask for advice? If you don't accept advice from a practicing lawyer (advice that you said you were seeking, then rejected with a terrible attitude) then why are you here? Clearly he knows more than anyone else here who's either gotten into law school or graduated and practicing.
  9. When do people typically apply for 1L summer positions? I heard from someone that there are on campus interviews during reading week in February (just like the replies here I was told to try and apply but don't necessarily expect a summer position from OCI)? I'm just curious as to when (during the year) firms typically put out summer student postings.
  10. snowdays is right, focus on your LSAT. I am assuming you will be studying for the LSAT while working fulltime. So if you get a good mark, you can stress in your PS that you are able to achieve that while working fulltime which would speak to your potential to succeed in law school.
  11. You can try policing (although these days it's not as desirable a career as it used to be). With a criminology degree you'll have a slight edge on other applicants. If you end up moving up the ranks you can always take law school part-time in the future (I know someone doing this in Windsor/Detroit right now). Like others said, you still have lots of time. I'd apply to shadow different positions or volunteer with them as much as you can to figure out what you like.
  12. Hey, I would try to contact your recruitment officer or better yet, your assistant Dean. I was considering going to the US at one point and got some really useful info from the school's assistant dean. I'll summarize our e-mails for you below, hopefully you find it useful. Her reply to whether I needed a visa for summer interning: -you'll be able to get an OPT (optional practical training) through the assistant dean herself -she said the process costs about $380 USD -the school's website should have a link that takes you to the OPT process -she recommended that you apply for OPT at least 90 days prior to the start of your summer internship as the OPT requests are processed through US Immigration and Customs enforcement Office -they will then send you an EAD (Employment Authorization Document) once your request has been approved -you will have 12-months of fulltime OPT or 24-months of part time OPT And her reply to Canadian students staying in the US post-graduation for work: -while a student in law school you will be in F-1 status with the US government, once you graduate, you'll have 60 days to apply for post-completion OPT (that's the duration of time Canadian students can declare themselves in F1 status after graduation -many students use the post-completion OPT time to study for the BAR and many look for a job DURING their last year of law school (I am assuming this is because since time is ticking, you want to make sure you find a job ASAP since the sooner you receive a job offer, the sooner you can start the alternative VISA route with your employer) Hopefully this was helpful, she didn't mention anything about the alternative VISA route process, but I guess the important thing is to find a job and have an employer vouch for you/get you a visa and worry about the rest later.
  13. I actually just signed a lease there for a 2 bedroom for 1200. I was pretty impressed with the size of the balconies (there are two) and the storage space. The only downside for me is that there is no AC, but I can just bring my own. I'm sure there will be bad reviews since compared to some of the other buildings I visited this one looks the oldest. Although considering the price, space and location I don't think it's a bad deal. Inbox me if you have any questions regarding the whole process and some of the fine prints, I just did it a few weeks ago.
  14. I second that. I also got the 80k with TD. I believe during the school years you are only responsible for paying back the interest per month (or something like that).
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