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  1. This happens every year, you will just lose your deposit.
  2. TriNerd

    UVic vs. UofA

    Pm'd you
  3. TriNerd

    Environmental Law Centre clinic

    Sure. Pm me
  4. TriNerd

    Accepted to UVic 2018

    No, usually a incoming 1L does....so go for it
  5. In another thread you have posted asking for info on transferring to either UBC or UVic...do you attend either school now? We do have many events on the weekends. You will miss out if you are not around. You have not started law school yet. The amount of study time lost is not trivial and is absolutely a factor.
  6. This will be really tough for you to do. You will lose a lot of time travelling between the cities and you will probably feel very overwhelmed during you first semester as you will be taking 7 courses and trying to figure out what you are supposed to be doing. Also you will miss out on a lot of law school related social and networking events if you are not around on the weekends. If you take the ferry using transit it will cost about 17$ and 5ish hours of your time each way. This will probably only be doable every couple of weeks. I suggest not putting too much pressure on yourself, especially during the first semester. Set a goal of making it back every other or every three weeks instead if that is possible for you to do with your family situation.
  7. TriNerd

    0L Summer- books to begin reading?

    Do not read ahead it will be a complete waste of your time (and you probably won't have access to most of the materials until September anyway).
  8. TriNerd

    UVIC HOUSING for Students

    1) I believe law students get stuck in undergrad housing on campus since it is an undergraduate degree. Either way not that many law students live on campus and those who do are generally not too happy with their situation. 2) Used Victoria and Craigslist are best. You can join the uvic law buy and sell Facebook group to look for roommates/housing. Start looking early and try and secure a place for August at the latest. Housing is tough to find here. 3) everyone is pretty spread out. Some all the way out in Langford and Sooke but that is not really the norm. There are a chunk of us in Vic West/Esquimalt and the majority are between campus and downtown. Prices: for a room: 600-900, 1 bdrm: 1000-1200, 2 bdrm: 1600-2000 4) not sure, I cycle everywhere and it’s about 20-30 minutes from downtown to campus. There is no fb group yet, usually a incoming student makes one.
  9. TriNerd

    Accepting then rejecting Uvic for UBC

    You can accept the offer, pay the deposit, and wait for acceptance from UBC, then let the school know you will no longer be attending. Many people do this. You will just lose your deposit. It might be frowned upon by admissions council but by that point why would you care? It is your life and you want to make the choices that are best for you. No. You would be holding a spot out over a student either way. You don't need to pay a deposit until the deadline for accepting your offer. You can then pay the deposit to hold your spot and if you decide to go somewhere else just withdraw. If you have made a decision though please be courteous and let the school know so they can offer your spot to the next person on the list.
  10. TriNerd

    UBC vs. U of A

    If you like Edmonton and want to practise in Edmonton (or Alberta in general) go to UofA. Plus it’s nice to have friends and family, your support group, in place before law school starts.
  11. TriNerd

    UofC, UBC, or UVic? Which is best for me?

    You should go to UofC
  12. TriNerd

    The Bar Exam/Wedding Dilemma

    I think a month would much more manageable and you will be happy you gave yourself that extra time. Organizing 75-80 people is still a big chore and as you get closer to the day it won't matter what the number of guests are because you will still have a lot of last minute stuff to do and family members/friends pulling you in a thousand different directions. If you can give yourself a month you will be much happier for and it, less stressed, and better able to enjoy the wedding.
  13. TriNerd

    The Bar Exam/Wedding Dilemma

    Okay then. Feel free to ignore my advice to OP.