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  1. Was wondering the same thing. I have been trying to call them this past week but wasn't able to get through to anyone. Did anybody had luck?
  2. Absolutely. I was initially told by the RBC rep that they can beat "any other offer", while in reality theirs is one of the least competitive ones.
  3. Sounds like RBC. Both Scotia and TD offered me more than 100k and prime + 0. You should definitely shop around.
  4. No, I am currently finishing my fourth year. That's why I was confused and I wondered whether it was a standard for other offers as well.
  5. I am. But so are most people I assume
  6. I am just curious, but was anyone else's acceptance conditional? Mine reads the following: "You must obtain 30 credits of full-time university studies, and in your last year of studies you must maintain a GPA of at least 70%. You must submit a final official transcript before registration. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer of admission if these conditions are not met"
  7. Was accepted earlier today! CGPA 3.85, Highest LSAT: 155. Great LORs, average EC.
  8. My status changed to "deferred decision" as well this morning. Though I am not exactly sure what they mean by "further grades required", as my GPA is at 3.85 already
  9. Hello everyone! I was hoping someone would be able to help me with a question I have. I recently received an offer where it was indicated that the offer expiry date is May 4th. Does this apply to the date by which I have to provisionally accept the offer? or firmly? If I accept it provisionally, how long can it stay in this status before it has to be changed to "firm"? Like many others, I am still waiting to hear from other schools, a process that might continue until the end of June, so I would really appreciate some clarification!
  10. I never really checked on their website, but it does say on my file "LSAT average score" and I have read it somewhere here. But its good to know that they take the highest!
  11. From what I have read on this forum and on the website, yes they take the average and they don't look at the February score (unless it is the dual program).
  12. Got accepted at some point this evening! CGPA: 3.85 LSAT: 145, 155 (since Windsor takes the average) Did not get the email yet, but the status changed on uWindsor!
  13. Just got the email. 3.85 CGPA and 155 LSAT.
  14. I haven't applied to the dual program, just the regular JD, so they won't even accept the Feb LSAT for me. They had all my documents but my file was not updated since mid November so I tried to email and something seemed to work. You can try sending a polite email inquiring on the status of your application and it also might move things along!
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