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  1. The call took place via videoconference? Did any candidates virtually attend this? None of the messages I received through the portal provided details about this (webcast link, etc.) I also didn't receive any messages from the LSO after I submitted my commissioned documents (other than the generic auto-reply)...
  2. Anyone heard from Perry + Currier or Hoffer Adler?
  3. Would anyone be willing to share the names of the 3-4 known firms that do Wednesday interviews and not offer a position? Either on this thread or DM?
  4. r2539

    1L Grades

    Thanks for responding! I was actually more interested in the overall GPA distribution. They publish the distribution for the individual courses but I don't know where to find the median for the group (1Ls) as a whole. I assume most students don't just get straight B's and many score above the curve in some or below in others. The individual courses curve to a B, except for ILS and the small section courses that curve to a B+. Does that mean that the median is just above 3.0? I'm just trying to get a sense of how my cGPA fares overall.
  5. Does anybody know what the median GPA is for 1Ls? Just for reference - what is the approx. min GPA that put people in the top 20% (aka tutors)? Is this info published anywhere?
  6. Ditto Yup This was me ~1 year ago I agree with others who have addressed this point before me. There are many other professions that would meet the criteria you listed above. When I graduated from my undergrad, law school wasn't even on my radar. I have been working for a couple of years and I currently have a job that lets me do all the things you mentioned in your post. I decided to attend law school after learning more about the types of work you could do with a JD in my industry. It is possible that I would come out of law school with the same salary + crippling student debt, but I know with 99% confidence that a JD is the next step that I should take in order to pursue my passion. I would recommend researching other careers to see if anything appeals to you. As you know, you are not bound science careers just because you have an HBSc. A few of my friends have gone into PM, PR, HR, social work, etc. with a science degree as well. However, if you are determined to get into law school next year, I recommend beefing up your extracurriculars and studying your ___ off for the LSAT. I got into Ottawa, Queen's, and Western, and was waitlisted at Oz (before the July 2 deadline) with a 3.4 CGPA and a 161 LSAT score. Don't count out the Ontario schools if you really want to go. Anything is possible.
  7. Waitlisted this morning I've provisionally accepted elsewhere so game over, I guess?
  8. I have provisionally accepted Queen's, however, I just got an offer from Western and I need to decide before the July 2 deadline. With so little time left, I thought I would seek the wisdom of LS.caers who have more personal experience (and/or forum exposure). I have a background in life sciences and I am interested in IP and health law. Which school fares better in these streams? I am not 100% committed to either one but it would be nice to know. As far as I can tell, Western and Queen's are pretty equal in other respects. Is it too late to get decent accommodations at Western at this time? I was looking for a place in Kingston a couple of months ago and I was already having trouble finding a place. Switching to Western also means that I would lose the deposit that I put down at Queen's and at the apartment that I'm renting. However, I realize that the amount might be negligible in the long run so if there are any great reasons for me to do this then I'm all ears! Thanks!
  9. Accepted off waitlist 3.4 CGPA 154, 161 LSAT
  10. Waitlisted today 3.4 CGPA 154, 161 LSAT
  11. Accepted CGPA: 3.4 LSAT: 154, 161
  12. Waitlisted L2: 3.59 LSAT: 154, 161
  13. Accepted 3 days ago! cGPA: 3.4 LSAT: 154, 161 General Lots of work experience
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