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  1. QuixoticLawyer

    Are lawyers still using typewriters?

    I can think of at least one situation from my practice area in which the bolded situation arises. So yes, unfortunately typewriters are still necessary from time to time.
  2. QuixoticLawyer

    Advice About My Beard

    Perhaps link us to an internet photo with someone sporting a similar beard. As noted above, the fact that you describe it as "majestic" is a concern. A well trimmed Ben Bernanke style beard would probably be OK, a hipster beard not so much. If you want to be a corporate lawyer on Bay Street, you should go into the interview looking like one. Look through the headshots of the lawyers at the firms you are OCIing with and see how many of them are sporting "majestic" beards.
  3. The former. Once you've been working a few years your work experience is much more important than what school you went to.
  4. QuixoticLawyer

    thoughts on canadian law firm rankings?

    Google "Chambers".
  5. QuixoticLawyer

    Great Books To Read Before/During Law School

    Bartleby the Scrivener.
  6. QuixoticLawyer

    Accepting a Job in a Relatively New Area of Law

    I haven't been in your specific position, but I would say that if you want the job, take it. It's normal to feel nervous about making a big career change, but if it's what you want to do you'll figure it out and be happier for it in the end.
  7. QuixoticLawyer

    Windsor vs. Osgoode: "Big Five" Firm Prospects

    No, this is not the general consensus. Your cousin has a serious inferiority complex if he thinks he is at a "mid-low tier" firm and that the "Big Five" are the only firms worth working at. I'm not even going to get into the idea that it is only worth striving to work at one of the best/most prestigious firms, but I will note that firm rankings/reputations are dependent on practice area - if you want an actual guide to which firms you should strive to work at, check out Chambers: https://www.chambersandpartners.com/guide/canada/20 (As an aside, I haven't even heard the term "Big Five" before this thread; is this a new law student meme?)
  8. QuixoticLawyer

    Language disadvantage

    Having a high level of English language proficiency (both oral and written) is definitely very important to being a lawyer, however if you already have a BA and an MA it sounds like you may be underselling your existing language skills.
  9. QuixoticLawyer

    Giving away a lawyer firm website

    Yes I agree. It is crazy not to have at least a somewhat professional/modern looking website in this day and age.
  10. QuixoticLawyer

    Practicing Criminal Law Exclusively

    It is an interesting question - whether a specific area of law may shrink or disappear entirely in the future due to societal, political, technological or other changes is not something that I think many lawyers devote much time to thinking about. However, I would think criminal law is about as safe as any area. As nice as it would be, I don't see crime disappearing any time in the near future.
  11. QuixoticLawyer

    Joining small firm after articling on Bay St: Career impact?

    With which part? That the OP couldn't go back to big law? Or that medium size firms will take anyone with 3+ years experience who carry their own weight and are easy to get along with?
  12. QuixoticLawyer

    Typing speed

    I would say this varies from firm to firm. At some firms the lawyers (even old ones!) are trying to type more of their documents themselves to reduce support staff overhead. Not to mention it can sometimes be quicker to just type something yourself as the assistant's transcription will inevitable have errors that need to be reviewed and corrected. All this is to say that I think it is useful for practice to be at least a decent typist, although if OP can already type 80 WPM (which appears to be what is implied in his/her post) I think that is plenty fast enough.
  13. QuixoticLawyer

    Staying in a hotel before the LSAT?

    I think you are overthinking this. Just write at the most convenient location for you so as not to cause yourself any unneeded stress.
  14. QuixoticLawyer

    On Dealing with Local Prejudices

    Is it really? I don't own any fur clothing myself, but there sure doesn't seem to be any shortage of fur-wearing citizens wandering the streets of Toronto, e.g. Canada Goose seems to be as popular as ever (at least anecdotally, based on the number of people I see wearing their jackets on the street).
  15. Is anyone aware of any upcoming short, free (or cheap) CPD programs before the end of the year in Ontario? I've ended up half an hour short!