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  1. I was in the same boat as you, but when my firm sent me a formal offer that required signing, the salary was stated there as well as the start date. Not sure if it's the same for all firms though.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has gotten an e-mail confirmation from Bruder Springstead?
  3. Hey guys I'm an out of province student in Alberta and only a few firms come out to my school for OCIs. Other firms indicate you can apply and they will review it. They have told me that they may offer an interview infirm without an oci. Has anyone here with experience with this have any insights into what a firm considers for such a process since they do not get to meet with you first? How standout does an application have to be to go straight to infirm?
  4. How about first class standing or is dean's list sufficient?
  5. Hi guys, I was wondering if I should be putting my 1L GPA on my resume for the 2L summer recruit, or will they get it from my transcripts? The same question for dean's list. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey guys so I am originally from Toronto but go to school outside of Ontario. I am interested in doing the Calgary and Toronto recruits but the Calgary offers come out before infirm call day for Toronto. I was wondering if anyone had this dilemma before. I really want to go home but I don't really mind Calgary. Also my GPA for 1L is a 3.6 so I was wondering is it worth the risk of not applying in Calgary if BigLaw is my goal. Thanks for the advice in advance!
  7. Well as a student here, I can give some insight Pros: - Super collegial atmosphere, don't have to worry about people trying to get ahead, everyone is friendly and will help you - The school seems to be a pretty important school for Western Canada so a lot of firm hosted programs and such are held here - Great Career Services staff - Steve at the Gavel can give you a boost in morale, also has foosball, ping-pong, and generally a nice place to hang out - Very social school, lots of extracurricular and events - Rugby #1 Cons: - Edmonton sucks (snowed in September this year) - Library sucks (the rooms are okay, but the library itself is filled with international students) - Lecture room chairs are the least comfortable things ever Debatables - Lots of drinking (good if you are social and drink, seems kind of lonely for those who do not attend social events) - Some profs are amazing, some are pretty bad, probably the same in most schools - Not really much to do in Edmonton (besides the drinking)
  8. Hello, It seems like the application this year to U of M law does not require a copy of an official transcript? Or did I just miss that because the only section asked for a file of my unofficial transcript and has no instructions on where to mail a copy of my official transcript. Do we not need to send in an official transcript Edit: Found out you don't need it until you are accepted
  9. Hi, I was wondering what are my chances of acceptance in law schools in Canada (hopefully in Ontario) I have a 3.2 CGPA, my L2/B2 is a 3.56 and my LSAT is 163. I know I have no chance at UofT or Osgoode. I am also wondering about the access category and what constitutes someone to apply in access/discretionary categories. My mom is a single mom on welfare since I started university and I had to work an average of 20 or so hours a week to help out with finances as well as miss classes to assist her with meetings with the social worker. Is that a reason for me to apply in the access category or should I apply in regular categories? Thank you!
  10. I've been trying to use olsas conversion but York does a 3,6 or 9 credit per course system, I was wonder how these fit under full courses or half courses
  11. Hello, I am a prospective Law School Student who is finishing their final year at York, and I had a question about GPA, In York since it works on a 9 point scale (7 being a B+), I have a cgpa of 6.96 or in terms of a 4 scale i guess like a 3.25, my L2 or B2 (being the same) is a 3.64, my question is would it be better for me to take another course just to push my cgpa to a 3.3 (7), if I plan to apply to law school or will it make very little difference? Thank You!
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