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  1. Thank you very much for your reply! I definitely agree with everything you said above. The one thing that is making me nervous about transferring to UVic is course selection. All 2L/3L's at UVic have already picked their courses for the upcoming year. After talking to admin about the course selection process it looks like I will just have to take courses that have seats available in them and get myself on waitlists for the others. As well, UVic wants me to enrol in a first year con law course that will count towards my second year credits because uOttawa doesn't cover the same material in their first year course. Should I move to UVic because I will build better connections but risk not getting into the courses I would like to enrol in or should I stay at uOttawa and not be able to build the connections I will at UVic but be able to take courses that I would like to take? Also, will not being able to enrol in the courses that I want to enrol in jeopardize OCI prospects for firms that require a list of the courses you will be taking in the upcoming years? Ps. Thank you so much in advance!
  2. Anyone who transferred to UVic from an out of province law school that would like to share their experience?
  3. What is the last date to accept your offers for transfer to UBC?
  4. I was hoping some transfer students could shed some light on their experiences after transferring from one law school to another. I am from BC, would like to practice law in Vancouver and just finished 1L at uOttawa. I received an offer of admission from uVic as a transfer student and can't seem to decide if I should go back to uOttawa or start 2L at uVic. Any insight will truly be appreciated.
  5. I am a 1L at the University of Ottawa and can't decide if I want to participate in the first year Nelligan moot. I was hoping that other students who have participated in the moot could perhaps provide some feedback on their experiences. Was it worth it for you? Was it at all overwhelming to do the moot? Would you recommend it to other first year students? What are the advantages and disadvantages of participating in a moot during your first semester at law school? Thank you very much in advance!!
  6. I hope this question makes sense but I was just wondering how common law courses work. Are courses catered towards learning provincial law of the province in which the law school is geographically located or is it more catered to overall Canadian laws. Would you be at a big disadvantage when it comes to legal studies if you went to a law school in one province but want to practice in another?
  7. Mine does!! I haven't heard anything back from UVIC yet!
  8. Did you hear via email or telephone?
  9. I rejected my offer so that opens up a seat!! Goodluck to those waiting!!!!
  10. Did either of you contact the admissions office to see when they're hoping to get back to all of us by?
  11. Did either of you contact the admissions office to see when they're hoping to get back to all of us by?
  12. Is anyone else also still waiting to hear back from UVic?
  13. For all the students accepted, when was the deadline to accept your offers?
  14. I’ve spent some time looking at previous posts on TRU and Lakehead and it seems like there is a bit of stigma around both law schools for being new. I was wondering how everyone views these schools in comparison to other law schools now that they have had graduating classes. Knowing what you know about these universities now would you attend them over other law schools in Canada? Are students from these universities viewed differently than students who attend other law schools in Canada? If you have attended either school what have your experiences been? Were you happy with your decision to attend one of the newer law schools in comparison to some of the older law schools?
  15. How important is it for a student to attend law school in a province that they want to eventually practice in? (I am from BC and have been accepted into an Ontario school. I would like to practice in Vancouver. Am I at a disadvantage if I attend an Ontario school?)
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