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  1. Personally know a few NCA candidates who now are settled into their legal profession. It takes time, but you'll get there. Best of luck to you also! Articling recruitment can be a long process even for those who come from a Canadian university.
  2. OP, you're going to have to make the decision yourself and work at it to find out. Take it from someone who wanted to pursue law and took YEARS off because I wanted to be very sure that I wasn't going to waste money. In those years off I (a) talked to people, shadowed lawyers and law students; and (b) worked to save up for law school. I know the decision isn't easy, but strangers on the internet can't make that decision for you. I'm going to dig into my empathy here and acknowledge that you're probably just really confused and scared of the next step, so if I have any advice it's this: take your time and really sit with and explore your feelings. You really don't have to rush. If you want to rush, accepted that you're going to feel, well, rushed, and perhaps uncomfortable and even a little uncertain. Asking advice on here is a good step, but expect that you might not like the answer. After this/alongside this, I hope you take some time to explore other options and find what makes you happy. **I'm a mature student if that makes a difference!
  3. A friend got MAG tribunals ITC. Good luck all!
  4. I asked for feedback from some govt *agency, and they gave me detailed feedback on how I could improve (i.e. question by question). Of course not all firms and govt agencies did this, but man was the detailed feedback a huge help. Good luck!
  5. I have interviews with several of them (don't want to self-id so i wont say which ones unless you'd be ok with me pming you). any advice would be great!
  6. I don't want to self-id, sorry! *it was two branches. that's all I can say for now.
  7. I got an interview with the Ontario Securities Commission. Does anyone know what kinds of questions they ask during the interview?
  8. I go to a school in Ontario (1L) and I recently got my marks back=B B B B B+ B- B- and if I missed a course, there is a high chance that the course was also B. From reading other posts in this forum it seems that my OCI options are stark. Are there any current students/recent grads who have done different strategies apart from ocis that worked or didn't work and who are willing to share their stories? EDIT: Ok I'm going to be more clear since I don't think I was. I am not applying to any less ocis based on my marks, but i am thinking about other strategies different from ocis that students have done because I don't believe this mark range is exceptional. I am not even asking to see how well/poorly I would do during ocis. My question is: what are other things students have done other than ocis that they found successful?
  9. I recently emailed Danielle, her response was what was said before: movement is unpredictable and goes until the stated deadline. Good luck all.
  10. Hi. I am going to do traditional residence this year, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with residence, and if they could recommend any particular residence? I have already applied to Gerrard, Sherriff and Howe due to their proximity and the budget that I have. Any response would be appreciated.
  11. Accepted yesterday, also had interview last Fri. Cgpa: 3.3/4, l2: 3.75/4 Lsat: 165 ECs average, minimal work experience. Deadline to accept is july 6
  12. Thanks! Could i know why? If the undergraduate noise might be an issue, I never enjoyed studying where I lived anyway, preferring to study at libraries or community centres.
  13. Thanks for starting this thread - Do you know of any law students who live on dorms? When I did some research I found barely anything, and the bare that I did find suggested against it.
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