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  1. greenyellownoses

    Waitlist 2018

    I recently emailed Danielle, her response was what was said before: movement is unpredictable and goes until the stated deadline. Good luck all.
  2. Hi. I am going to do traditional residence this year, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with residence, and if they could recommend any particular residence? I have already applied to Gerrard, Sherriff and Howe due to their proximity and the budget that I have. Any response would be appreciated.
  3. greenyellownoses

    Accepted 2018

    Accepted yesterday, also had interview last Fri. Cgpa: 3.3/4, l2: 3.75/4 Lsat: 165 ECs average, minimal work experience. Deadline to accept is july 6
  4. greenyellownoses

    Ask a 1L at DAL (2018)

    Thanks! Could i know why? If the undergraduate noise might be an issue, I never enjoyed studying where I lived anyway, preferring to study at libraries or community centres.
  5. greenyellownoses

    Ask a 1L at DAL (2018)

    Thanks for starting this thread - Do you know of any law students who live on dorms? When I did some research I found barely anything, and the bare that I did find suggested against it.
  6. If confused or uncertain about your application, just email Rose for a follow-up. She's good and thorough with responses.
  7. greenyellownoses

    Rejected 2018

    Rejected today, Gpa 3.3 Lsat 165 Sad but not surprised and relieved! Waiting was really hard. Good luck everyone!
  8. greenyellownoses

    Waitlist 2018

    Waitlisted on Fri apr 27th Cgpa 3.3 L2 3.7(?) Lsat 165
  9. greenyellownoses

    In Queue 2018

    Valentine's surprise, I suppose: In queue as of Feb 14th 2018. cGPA OASIS: 3.3, L2: 3.75 LSAT: 165, Feb rewrite Oddly they changed my date received to Feb 14th too, hopefully this means they're showing me some lovin'. It must be a glitch.
  10. I received mine on Jan 15th and haven't heard anything back so far.
  11. greenyellownoses

    Chances? 3.34 GPA 170 LSAT

    That's tough to predict because while your gpa is below average of acceptances your lsat is way above average. I know there's a calculation out there which people can use to see if they fall under dal's acceptance stats but I can't find it atm. Personally, if you have great ecs/work experience, I think you have a fair shot (at the later cycle). Good luck!
  12. greenyellownoses

    Chances? 3.34 GPA 170 LSAT

    Amazing lsat! What's your L2? And remember dal uses the 4.3 scale.
  13. Mine still says that too, so if I'm going to guess, I'd say your file is pending. Based on the previous year's posts, your L2 is lower than average for acceptances, but I don't feel comfortable chancing you beyond this observation. Good luck! I'm anxious too :/
  14. Hello everyone, I have already emailed Dal enough times and decided to give Randi a break by asking the question here: In my dal online application, there is a blank space in my Sept 2017 LSAT section. Does anyone else have this? I took the lsat this past September and it's been blank since my application has been completed around a month ago.