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  1. In addition to the financial resources required, I would also consider other factors like: 1) where you plan on working in the future: based on my personal experience, UofT is heavily focused on Bay Street big firms' recruitment, but does not give much attention to other opportunities outside of Bay Street; 2) social life: from what I have heard, Osgoode has a better social life and less pressure than one might feel at UofT; 3) courses offered and clinics/pro bono work: i would look into the course offerings at both schools to get an idea of which school piques your interest - both schools have different types of clinics and extracurricular opportunities, so researching them can only be helpful to make an informed decision --> definitely take into consideration that you think Osgoode has more courses/clinics that suit your interests because it can have a huge impact on your overall experience during law school; 4) reputation: how much do you care about graduating from the best law school? (UofT ranks better than Osgoode) - personally, i believe that reputations are overrated. 5) location: would you rather be living in downtown Toronto/uptown when going to school vs commuting? - commuting life is difficult and is an added obstacle when it comes to your learning experience and social life, when compared to your peers! Overall, I think you should decide on the school that is more suitable/attractive for you based on these considerations, and others; but the fact that other people might be picking one school over another should not be your deciding factor because you will never be happy if you follow the herd, especially when it comes to deciding which school you'd like to attend for the next 3 years of your life that can shape your future (and mental health!)! Hopefully you find this helpful in making a more informed decision! Good luck!!
  2. It can be difficult given that there are very few transfer students accepted, but it is not impossible. Depending on what law school you want to transfer to and the reasons for the transfer can make a difference as well. Given my personal experience, your 1L grades and extracurricular/co-curricular activities during 1L are big factors but LSAT score, not so much.
  3. Yes, got an interview but they did not say who I’ll be interviewed by.
  4. Rogers Partners called without ITC. Wondering about Ridout and Deeth William as well.
  5. I don't believe that there is any actual or intended prejudice by the firms. If you really consider the timing of when my application was submitted, the prejudice argument becomes weaker. Apps had opened on May 28th and I submitted mine on July 2nd, merely 4 days before the deadline. So practically speaking, submitting my app 4 days before the deadline should have already prejudiced my chances had the firm started reviewing apps early and were being prejudicial towards late submitters, considering they had all of June to select other applicants! I am not trying to defend the firms but just to provide more context, I am not a straight A student and only demonstrated a strong interest in Tax Law through my educational background and ECs. Had prejudice really existed against late submitters, I don't believe I would have gotten the interview offer because submitting an app the week it was due, but had been open for over a month seems quite late to me.
  6. Thought I’d get started on a thread for Articling Interviews’ Intent to Call or PFO emails - for informational purposes. Got an ITC from KPMG Tax last night.
  7. Oh no, it could be a waitlist too I guess. The person I spoke with just said an offer, so it could be an acceptance or waitlist too, in my opinion.
  8. Called Queen's just now and was told that there is no guarantee that they will be replying to everyone before the July 1st deadline as they have our files ranked and are making offers based on those rankings. So we may or may not hear back before any provisionally acceptances elsewhere turn firm. Just wish that they would respond to everyone before the deadline. Don't understand what they've been doing for the past 8 months with our applications.
  9. Was waitlisted back on May 11. Hope we find out our ranks soon.
  10. How did you receive this information? Thanks!
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