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  1. Congrats! Does anybody know if BC courts send rejection emails, or when they finish sending out interview offers?
  2. To add to this thread, does anyone know what the application process looks like for the Crown in Vancouver? Is there 2L summer positions, or is that solely for articling students?
  3. Does anybody know if Allard gives course prizes for the top mark in each class? I have heard of them from people at other schools, but I have never heard of them at Allard, so wondered if they had stopped giving them. Just curious
  4. Congratulations!! That is so fantastic! Do you know where you were on the waitlist?
  5. Hey guys, I am a little late to the party because I didn't really expect to get into UBC this year, but I did... exactly one day AFTER all of the scholarship applications were due. Lol. I was just wondering if anyone had any good websites for finding scholarships which are merit-based for students entering 1L. I probably won't qualify for most need-based scholarships due to the fact that I have no student loans out, but my average was above 90 for the last two years of my undergrad, so I am looking for something that considers those grades. Do those kind of scholarships exist, and is there some kind of search engine that I can use to find them? Thanks in advance for your help - I am hopeless at this! I have been looking independently but I am really not finding much.
  6. They're on the boards somewhere here already but my average was approx. 83-84% and LSAT was 161. Average for this past year (which they didn't count towards my cGPA) was over 90%, as was last year, so there was a strong trend. Not sure to what extent that mattered but I did send them my most recent grades for the file.
  7. I had accepted a spot at UVic and withdrew today via email (no response yet) in favour of a UBC offer. Good luck everyone!
  8. Received and accepted an offer today via the discretionary waitlist!
  9. Offer received today from the Discretionary Waitlist. I started in position #7, so it has moved at least that much
  10. What position were you? They advised me it will move around 10+ spots - did you hear differently?
  11. I called and then emailed! They advised that it moves quite a bit over the summer
  12. I'm waitlisted #7 on the discretionary waitlist which is apparently different! Does anyone know how much movement this list sees typically? I didn't even know it existed! Lol
  13. Waitlist #7 - does anyone know how much it tends to move? I'm not sure if I should remain hopefully or not with so few spots
  14. Has anyone heard anything yet? Sounds like the waitlist has been ranked, which surprises me as I don't believe discretionary offers have gone out yet, but perhaps my file has just ended up in limbo somewhere in "File Complete - Awaiting Review" land... just wanted to make sure lol
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