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  1. I scored lower in my second LSAT attempt than my first....Its frustrating as I have already submitted applications and am waiting responses.. I understand that all of the schools I applied to consider the highest score but how do they view lower retake scores? Is it a deterring factor in admission decision? I had many proctorU issues in this January rewrite...but I thought to myself what is LSAC going to do? Probably nothing! So i didnt bother to file any complaints...But now I am thinking if law schools were able to see these complaints maybe it could justify a lower score because I was interrupted 3-4 times during the test from the proctor switching mid-exam....UGH
  2. LOL Sorry - today's gpa release on ouac got my brain all fuzzy... Applying to all schools in Ontario (except Lakehead), Calgary, UBC, and UVIC.... Thank you everyone!
  3. OLSAS Converted: CGPA 3.42, L2/B2: 3.585 LSAT: 163 rewriting in Jan Good/kinda strong extracurriculars & work experience, Good LORs, EDIT: Applying to all schools in Ontario (except Lakehead), Calgary, UBC, and UVIC
  4. CGPA: 3.42, L2: 3.53 (or a bit higher idk exactly how its calculated) LSAT August Flex: 157 Havent started on personal statement yet and got the go ahead from two very good reputable individuals (one is a prof) for agreeing to write me a LOR.... I am applying broadly to schools but I would be the happiest person in the world if I get into Western, Queens, UVic, or Ottawa... Before I wrote my LSAT in August I was PTing at around 154 - 158....hit a 160 once....I didn’t study from August till now and work FT... Can dedicate 2/3 hours on weekdays and 5-6 on weekends....PS is incomplete. Question: In my situation what’s the target score that I should be comfortable with? Is it wiser to study and write in November or do January instead? Concern being that I anticipate prepping for applications may take some time..... What would you do in my situation?
  5. End up hearing back? Asking because i have similar stats haha
  6. Even replacing a grade with another course - both courses would still show up on my transcript with a note below the replaced course that says "replaced for GPA improvement." Don't know how admissions committees would view this... I should add that I'm primarily interested in Osgoode, Wester or Queens, in that order.
  7. In order to be more competitive, I still have an opportunity (by delaying my graduation) to take extra courses in the spring and summer to either boost poor grades by retaking the same course or boost poor grades by replacing the course with another course that is equivalent. Does anyone know how schools assess this in calculating CGPA and L2/B2? im currently sitting at a 3.45 CGPA and a 3.55 L2 GPA which is well below the median. Has anyone gone through a similar situation and can share their experience? I am obviously going to aim for the highest LSAT I can possibly achieve but if there is still something I can do about this damned cgpa id really like to know. I am also heavily involved in school extracurriculars with work experience in summer and upon graduation in the relevant field of study but im not sure how much of that matters when my gpa is so low. Would love to hear some thoughts from people who have been in this situation and/or can help recommend the steps I should take!
  8. I'm taking 4 courses for my last semester of my undergrad and have taken a 2 credit year-long course in my 3rd year so it's a little challenging to compute my L2. Does anyone know how a 2.0 course is looked at? Been trying to contact Western through email and phone but not getting replies (guessing its because its a busy time of the year)
  9. Congrats! Curious, was this general or access category? I have similar stats
  10. For my last two years, I have taken 4 courses each because I had done summer school consistently to graduate with a minor. Does taking 4 courses count as a full course load? If not, how would they calculate my L2? Thanks!
  11. Thank you for your feedback! Ill take into consideration what you've all said.
  12. Hey everyone, Due to specific complications, mostly lack of motivation, my gpa first year has not been up to par. (2.8-3) I have recently decided to pursue law because I always thought that i would fit perfectly within the profession. However i looked at the admission requirements and realized CGPA plays a big role. Hypothetically if i were to pull myself together and manage a CGPA of 3.7 or higher in my next three years along with a competitive LSAT score, what are my chances in being accepted to the schools within Ontario?
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