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  1. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has applied to mid sized, in-house, or lower ranked big law in New York during their second summer or once graduated (before articling). I have average grades at a top school in Canada (if we can even say such thing) and for personal reasons I have to move to NY. Although a handful of NY firms do OCI at my school, I am looking into less prestigious/competitive firms. When I checked many of their websites they mentioned that they hire students from schools approved by ABA. If anyone has done such thing, I would appreciate if you could share your experience with me.Thanks !
  2. McGill and Ontario schools are seperate. you accept McGill you would still hear a decision from Osgoode.
  3. I was in exact situation as you except it was Queen's that offered me an 18 k scholarship. I was in queue for Osgoode, so I emailed them and ask them if they could expedite it. Instead they waitlisted me after few days. Lucky me, before the deadline of the scholarship McGill offered me admission which the cost would be even better than Queen's with scholarship. So I turned down my offer at Queen's. Anyhow a few weeks ago Osgoode offered me admission along with a significant scholarship. So I would say don't email them. I honestly don't understand why Osgoode is taking this approach, many good applicants will accept scholarships and stop waiting for Osgoode. It is a very tough decision to make, however calculate all the living expenses and everything (if you live with your parents in Toronto) and take into consideration that your scholarship may not be renewed next year. Best of luck
  4. I am turning down their offer and the scholarship , I hope my spot goes to someone waiting on this forum;)
  5. Thank you so much for your replies. I appreciate it.
  6. I haven't found recent information on these two schools and I have have to decide between these two great schools. I speak French very well and I don't think I will have any problem with that. McGil's tuition fee is obviously very good , however I will have to pay for my living expenses whereas for Osgoode I will be at home and will only have to pay for my tuition. In other words at the end of the day I will be paying pretty much the same amount. I am more interested in the quality of education, easiness?!, job prospect, etc. I appreciate it
  7. Off the waitlist, Lsat 161, CGPA 3.66.
  8. Hi, Can you please tell us of the difficulty of McGill law ? I have seen the grade distribution and it is slightly harder than other law schools. Is it possible to graduate with a GPA in the range of B+'s? I have heard that in the first year they are very tough and regardless of how much you try you end up with a B-. Is there a GPA cutoff to be eligible for OCI?
  9. I emailed and told them about the scholarship I have been awarded to and its deadline. The response was that you will know when we review your file. A few days later I got waitlisted, to be honest I thought I would be admitted once they review my file since my stats are higher than some other applicants and I think I have good resume, community involvement and personal statement. Luckily I got into McGill's law school and even if I had admission from Oz I would have turned it down. It is just a surprise to me thay I was waitlisted given that McGill is definitely a holistic school and my stats were not that high comparing to other admitted student. My stats are stated in this forum in a chance thread. Anyway goodluck everyone.
  10. I didn't expect an interview at all. These were the questions she asked me: where did you learn French, what do you expect of McGill law, which sources do you check if you come across a difficult and complicated passage in french and that's about it.
  11. I surprisingly got admitted I must say I'm speechless. I wrote Feb Lsat (161) with 3.66/4 cGPa though my two last years are 3.9/4. I honestly didn't think I had any chance at McGill so I was debating between my offers in Ontario. I received a cold call interview with no preperation whatsoever this morning. In my opinion my interview was a disaster. I learned english and french as second language in a non english or french speaking country but I think their standard is not as high as I thought it was. I'm very happy so this hopefully gives some hope to lower end gpas and lsaters.
  12. I surprisingly got into McGill Law program, so I will be declining my offer at Queen's and their generous scholarship. I really was considering Queen's as I provisionally accepted it but nothing beats McGill's tuition fee. Hope someone in this forum gets my spot:). Gluck everyone
  13. I didn't know the admission office could comment on your application on the phone, I will definitely try it out next week. Unfortunately the scholarship condition is to firm accept my offer by end of April:(. Well I will be living at home if I go to Osgoode whereas I have to pay the rent and other living expenses at Queen's so at the end there may not be that much of a difference.
  14. I got a scholarship from Queen's that almost cover my first year tuition ,And ofcourse the deadline is end of April to firm accept my offer. Given said that do you think there's a chance we see a wave at Osgoode by then? ...
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