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  1. What is the latest LSAT they accept for 2019 ?
  2. 1. did olsas add mandatory high school from this year ? I remember it not being there in previous years 2. do we also need to send transcripts
  3. can any current student pursuing english canadian american jd please comment on the following: The schedule on the website says that first 2 years are in the US. Is it possible to spend the first year in Canada ?
  4. I am thinking of applying with a January start date
  5. @Minna any idea of what are the percentages for A, B, C, D . Please look at my post above.
  6. @pzabbythesecond a lot of schools do not have +/- (plusses and minuses) I could find a WES scale because it does not have one for USA. It converts other countries to North America and not the other way round. Care posting a link ?
  7. @pzabbythesecond Why ? Most places for GPA A is 4.0 , B is a 3, C is a 2 and D is a 1. Admissions office particularly said WES is for schools not in North America (USA is in North America). I just need to know the percentages McGill assigns for grades A through D.
  8. Not international school but my undergrad was from a USA school. In my school A is 4.0 , B is a 3, C is a 2 and D is a 1. What percentage will be assigned to an A grade ? Admissions office has a scale but they wont reveal it and cannot trust this scale because it says it is not for law schools ?
  9. I have a GPA and am trying to calculate Percentage using this link . My school has A B C D. What would that be in percentage ? Is A a 100, B a 74, C a 55 and D a 50 looks horribly wrong to me ? WIth this scale I am getting a percentage of 40%... no way. My real GPA is actually pretty decent.
  10. @pzabbythesecond I beg to differ mature is not its own category but a subcategory within each of the 4 categories I mentioned in the thread.
  11. @LawMTL Good luck with everything. If you are still hanging out here, were you waitlisted and interviewed or just plain interviewed ? Any tips on the interviews ?
  12. See I am not accusing them of anything. I am just saying it deserves some attention. @artsydork please ask @WaitingOnTheHorizon on feelings when s/he found out that s/he was bucketed incorrectly. Another reason is year over year numbers in the buckets stay pretty much the same, so if you get bucketed wrong then by definition your file can become more or less competitive. And the other question being: well they do not know it going in the admission process, well let me say this : They certainly keep the numbers the same in the class year over year, which potentially can translate to the applicant pool also. So, yes we do not know how they tag people in the applicant pool, but an incorrect tag can put you in an advantage/disadvantageous spot.
  13. @mademoiselle and @Lampadaire please see this great post by @Gerwulf
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