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  1. If you are interested in social justice, you should probably consider Windsor and Lakehead also. People also suggest to apply where you want to practice.
  2. I would apply to all the schools you listed to stack all the odds in my favour if I were you. Your references won't mind having to send out multiple letters of recommendation. Also apply to schools based on where you want you practice law.
  3. Thanks! I was in touch with Scotiabank last week and they told they could offer me up to 135k at prime+0. I submitted my application last week and I am now awaiting approval/refusal.
  4. Doing another year of undergrad courses is a one way to go about it. Or you could also wait two more years and apply as a mature student.
  5. I also don't think going to an Ontario school, such as U of T or Osgoode, is a good investment in your case. I suggest UVic as a backup too. I know people who went to UVIC and ended up with good jobs in big law.
  6. Thanks! I will reach to Scotia and see what they say!
  7. Hi there, I am shopping around for a student line of credit. When I called RBC, they initially told me I would quality for 125K as a McGill law student, but when somebody from one of their branches called me today to open an account, they said it's 90000 k at prime + 0.5. If you have a line of credit at prime + 0, please let me know what bank you are with
  8. No one knows what your chances are with schools that take a holistic approach. Although your GPA is subpar, they may or may not admit you. You won't know until you try. Though personally, I would suggest taking a few undergraduate courses to raise your GPA to increase your odds
  9. Hello, could someone please tell me how long written assignments usually are at McGill? Someone has told me in the ballpark of 30,000 words but that seems exaggerated given that all first year courses have written assignments...
  10. Taking an extra year to graduate because of CO-OP doesn't affect your chances of admission. If anything, CO-OP makes you a more impressive candidate vis-à-vis other candidates with similar stats because you will have work experience.
  11. Thank you! What about textbooks and readings? Will those be in French if I sign up for French sections?
  12. Do you think language of a course could make a difference if you're an allophone who has an excellent mastery of both official languages (acquired through schooling in another country) but prefers to write in English? Asking because as someone on the waitlist I probably will have to sign up for the french sections
  13. I have no idea how the wait list works. My deadline to accept my offer was July 15th. Does anyone know if they send out offers as spots open up or they do it in batches?
  14. Selling The Fox LSAT Logical Reasoning Encyclopedia: Disrespecting the LSAT Paperback in the Ottawa region. I can also ship at your cost. Book is in excellent condition with a few scribbles in pencil!
  15. Thanks! I was offered a spot on the wait list and had until July 15 to accept. I was just wondering when people on the wait list should expect to hear back.
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