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  1. I agree that the political climate at UBC is frankly quite absurd. I know many conservative leaning folks who stopped sharing their opinions altogether as they were chastised.
  2. Wow. How is that even possible. Are you going to an American school or something?
  3. What do you mean? I would suspect that virtually all of them are; unless you are suggesting they are being forced to get started. Whether they choose to is another question all together.
  4. Or you'd need to just have worked and saved for a while before LS. I did labour work for several years before. I also went to LS in BC, so my entire tuition was less than one year at U of T.
  5. Yes, graduated debt free without any parental or family financial support.
  6. I was wondering if anyone has any experience working as in-house counsel in the banking industry. If so, please PM me. I would love to ask a few questions.
  7. Personal message me any specific transfer questions any of you may have.
  8. Who said we are ignorant about what is on our devices? I know full well what is one mine.
  9. Someone has probably said this already (did not read all six pages), but one relatively common thing is to have the employer lock the device; only giving the password to the employee when they are through the border. This is the protocol at my place of work. In addition to management setting a new password that is only given once through the border, one's computer is usually scrubbed relatively clean, and the files are then airdropped once the destination is reached (i.e. released from the cloud of similar virtual storage).
  10. Disagree. I'm in the Vancouver market, have no help from family, and can afford to purchase a home.
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