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  1. Personal message me any specific transfer questions any of you may have.
  2. Who said we are ignorant about what is on our devices? I know full well what is one mine.
  3. Someone has probably said this already (did not read all six pages), but one relatively common thing is to have the employer lock the device; only giving the password to the employee when they are through the border. This is the protocol at my place of work. In addition to management setting a new password that is only given once through the border, one's computer is usually scrubbed relatively clean, and the files are then airdropped once the destination is reached (i.e. released from the cloud of similar virtual storage).
  4. Disagree. I'm in the Vancouver market, have no help from family, and can afford to purchase a home.
  5. You’re welcome. It’s elementary stuff (literally), but it can make a world of difference in how partners and peers view you.
  6. Learning the correct use of then and than would surely increase your value.
  7. Imagine getting an online law degree. Honestly, makes me chuckle.
  8. UBC Edit* UBC is also extremely cheap, and if you need financial assistance, it is virtually free. I received 10k in bursaries each year. In addition, UBC is also a more highly regarded law faculty. Yes, this does not mean much, but it is true. I would never go to a school because it is easier to get into a moot (lol) - talk about selling yourself short. Talk about politics all you want. Why would you hide your views? My political views do not align, in the slightest, with the prevailing views at UBC, but I wasn't afraid to express them.
  9. Counsel with a Crown Corp. No billable target and we do not track our time.
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