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    Any 3L still looking for articles?

    I'm in the same boat as you, OP. But everyone I've spoken to has indicated you're going about this the wrong way. Cold calling and asking straight up for a job isn't the most valuable use of your time. It's been much more productive on my end to attempt to set up coffee chats with lawyers in practice areas you are interested in, go, discuss their practice, etc. Create good relationships with people whose networks are bigger than yours. I've had people who I've met with later reach out for my resume because they've heard someone is looking. You'd be surprised how generous people are with their time. Also, these ad hoc applications aren't effective because they are carefully tailored to the individual firms, doesn't mirror their interests, etc. Focus on quality, pointed applications that are individuall tailored and things will likely pick up. It's not even close to time to be applying to the LPP (deadline is May 30th).
  2. 82.6% is not horrible, especially not with extenuating circumstances. One of the smartest people I know in law school is a Windsor grad. You're overthinking this. Do the best you can (which seems to be pretty damn good) write a solid LSAT, and you'll be fine.
  3. whoknows

    You're in Biglaw and you LOVE IT!

    @Uriel has a thread about being a big law associate that's pretty great for this. He seems to enjoy it (or at least he did when I met with him a year or so ago).
  4. whoknows

    Burnout in the profession

    I'll just put it out there, but his experience is how a number of people, at least in my 3L classes, see their futures going post grad. It's why probably...50ish percent of people I speak to in-depth about the future have already thought of exit options.
  5. whoknows

    In need of advice. To be or not to be?

    This was pretty much my point, and I think it's probably pretty dependent on small vs. big shop situations or even based on practice group. I said it mostly as a way to get OP to consider the intangibles of what he may be giving up. I went into law with some rose-tinted glasses and have come to accept certain elements of what my future life will look like, but I wish I had known before entering.
  6. whoknows

    In need of advice. To be or not to be?

    There's something to be said for "usable" vacation though. Sure, plenty of my friends who are working have "3 weeks" or "2 weeks" or "4 weeks", they just seldom get to use it, and even when they do, it's not truly vacation, they're still working, just not going into the office. OP should be aware of that.
  7. whoknows

    In need of advice. To be or not to be?

    I would not give it up to go to law school. That's a solid career, great work-life balance, good pay, more vacation than you'd hope to get for years in law, and at a very early age.
  8. I've heard ERCO Worldwide has sent out interview offers.
  9. whoknows

    Feeling very anxious about not landing 2l job

    I struggled with whether I should comment on this thread, mostly because I'm not out of the woods yet (3L without an articling job, who didn't secure a 2L summer job). But I thought I should chime in with a few thoughts and words of encouragement. Firstly, you're hardly into February, there's no need to panic, plenty of 2L jobs will get posted between now and the summer, and some even into the summer. With that being said, I think the tendency at times (and a mistake I made) is to treat the search as more of a numbers game than you should. By all means you should be putting as many applications out as you can, but focus on making them tailored to the individual jobs. The reality is that the margins are super thin in this entire process, and the difference between getting an interview offer and not is that extra 15 minutes you spend researching and tailoring, or that 30 minutes you spend chatting with the person who worked there last summer. Anecdotally, every time I've met and had a good conversation with someone from a firm, I've gone on to secure an interview at that firm (maybe this goes to me being better in person than on paper, but such is life). I'll also note that your worth or potential is hardly defined by whether you get a 2L summer job, and if you have some valuable work experience it won't be an issue going forward. The articling interviews I have all had have asked why I didn't work last summer, and every one of them understood when I said I wanted to be fresh for 3L and articling. Of note here is that I have plenty of work experience slogging through manual labour or service jobs, so there wouldn't be any concern regarding work ethic or otherwise. I could have worked 40 hours a week bartending again last summer, instead I opted to focus on the articling recruit and play 70 rounds of golf. I don't regret it, and it's never been brought up as an issue. Another tendency I think you'll need to get over is that as you apply more and more places and get more and more down on yourself, that attitude of "something must be wrong with me" or "I'm not good enough" begins to seep into your cover letters such that you undersell yourself. Fight that urge, and you'll be all the better for it. Good luck with it all, keep at it, and take care of yourself while you do.
  10. whoknows

    Burnout in the profession

    I'm right there with you man, @Hegdis hit the nail on the head. Nothing is certain right now, everything is flip flopping and changing and there aren't any guarantees. In basically 3 months I could find myself in Ottawa, or in the GTA living and working, or moved back home with my parents and commuting, or without articles at all. That stress is tough to deal with because there's no planning your way out of it. I find that getting out into nature is pretty essential for me and gives me some perspective. A walk or run through some trails or in a park or down by some water or whatever. I ski, so I try to get out and away for a day on the side of a hill when I can. Also, and this is something that I don't do enough, is having a community you go to where talking about law and law school is off the table. Hit that rock climbing or bouldering gym you've been interested in, or join a run club, or a DND group or something like that. Anywhere that you are pzabby the person rather than pzabby the law student. The place you go and bullshit about sports or people's kids and families or that new TV shows.
  11. whoknows

    Suits For Men

    Please, please, please do not go Fossil. I own one myself but they are a pure fashion watch where the name on the dial is adding tonnes of cash on top of what the watch itself is worth and they have some significant QC issues. At that price go Casio or Timex.
  12. Did his team buy the beer? Did he pay cash?
  13. Inspiration can come from everywhere, and I try to take in information from a variety of sources and then try to make legal connections. One of my recent papers that I did particularly well on was as a result of my listening to a Freakonomics podcast and then applying those ideas to some course material. If you have time, I'd start looking for info in areas you're interested in and then think about the legal implications.
  14. whoknows

    Suits For Men

    There are about 100 watches I'm buying for $1000 before a Weil Quartz. For value under 500 , Hamilton, Seiko, Orient, all offer great choices. I'm also never shying from vintage Omega at that price point.
  15. whoknows

    Good Character Requirement

    This is inherently legal advice. Contact a lawyer who understands and practices law surrounding lawyer licensing.
  16. whoknows

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    That's assuming working in a sawmill, or in my case, at a pool company, is objectively bad. I wouldn't ever say that. Tough? Yes. Underpaid? Debatable. Bad? Nope. I probably learned more in that job than anywhere else.
  17. whoknows

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    It's pulling dead animals out of pool covers for 18 an hour I like to remind myself of.
  18. whoknows

    Lawyers and The Stock Market

    Maxing tfsa contribution room may be a better idea, depending on the interest levels on the debt. Edited for brevity. I don't have hands on experience with roboinvestors, but I certainly believe in the underlying tech and premise. Wealthsimple also has a waitlist going for a no comission trading platform, definitely worth it, even if you make 5 trades a year (purchasing indexes to max your tfsa limit). Fees are the enemy. With that being said, and I'm going out on a limb here. Yes. Seek advice, and read a book (I'm partial to the intelligent investor) and get up to speed on the basics. For investing, I would always suggest going to a block rate (hourly) adviser (note: adviser= legal term, advisor= not). You want to eliminate the profit motive from advisers the best you can. Accountants give tax advice. OP, most firms will have no-trade and restricted trade lists. It's fucking horrifically easy to not run afoul of insider trading regulations if you have even a modicum of forethought. Be smart, and don't be stupid.
  19. whoknows

    How subjective are law school exams?

    It's all prof dependent. I had one whose life mantra was "answer the fucking question". As in, he repeated that phrase multiple times in a review class. He wanted short, concise answers. I have had others that basically looked to length as an indicator of quality. What I can tell you is that while my exams have always been subjectively graded, I have never felt they were nearly as subjective as my politics ones were. Additionally, and I'm sure I'll be corrected, but most law school exams are anonymously graded, so relationships with profs won't help unless you slip them your confidential ID under the table.
  20. whoknows

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    This thread confirms to me what I already believed. Everyone should be required to work food service jobs or retail at least once in their life. Jesus Christ. I mean, I don't have cheap interests at all (I ski, I golf, I love watches). And I'm pretty sure on 75k a year I could manage to fulfill all those things. I had a realization a few months ago, that after tuition/books/rent/groceries/etc. My cost of living in lawschool has ended up at about 33k a year. I live in a nice apartment, eat and drink pretty much whatever I want, I don't sweat buying stuff I want very often. Sure, there are certain things I want and can't afford right now, but expecting that to not be the case would be insane at this stage in my life. I'm pretty happy on a very small cost basis. If you're smart with your money, invest early and often, etc. There's simply no reason you can't live a pretty high quality of life filled with the things you want, especially on 75k. In fact, I know multiple people older than myself who have done just that.
  21. whoknows

    How to Become a Partner on Bay Street

    If I wanted to maximize earning potential for time invested I wouldn't be looking at big bay partnership. All the really rich people who control their hours I know from the legal community (which is few) went Bay st. Corporate for 5 years worked their ass off and networked hard with businesses they were interested in, then ported out of law and eventually (read: years later) into senior exec roles with large companies. Even then they are working crazy hours, but the compensation is far better.
  22. I'm a walking example of this, and of the other posters who have said to assume nothing. I got into law school with a 3.1 CGPA. I had maybe 4 A-'s on my entire transcript, and a smattering of other grades from c-'s upward to B+'s. Through two years of law school I have 3 A's, 3 A-'s and nothing below a B. Assume nothing and generally, don't even talk about your entrance stats when it comes up in 1L. The slate is wiped clean at the point, and it doesn't matter. You frankly have no clue what kind of fish you're going to be, or what your pond will look like.
  23. whoknows

    Suits For Men

    Sport or Dress watch? If sport Seiko Automatics can be had at that or less and offer phenomenal value. You could also go vintage brand name.
  24. whoknows

    Improving Your Application for Articling

    Thanks for the response. As I've gotten more comfortable with reaching out, I've noticed just how generous people are with their time, and their coffee money. I'll have to be sure to pay it forward when I (finally) enter this profession.