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  1. Notes in margins. Paper outlines. Underlining. To do lists. Post its. Tabs. Questions. Thoughts (rare for me).
  2. Book stand 100%. Good (not necessarily expensive) pens. Comfortable (read: expensive) dress shoes.
  3. I mean, the whole "they're only in it for the money" critique starts to lose out when you look at non biglaw corporate jobs too. Anecdotally, I could have applied to any number of insurance defence jobs last year that would have paid me 70-90% more than I'm gonna make this year. But I didn't, because there's little interesting to me about that kind of work. Of course, there's some number in terms of compensation that would get me to go there, but that's the case with pretty well anything.
  4. I did not transfer there in the end. 1L grades are going to be the big factor but the other two won't be ignored. If I remember correctly I got one reference.
  5. You're going to be sending them final transcripts. Be honest.
  6. I'd err more to the side of the broad strokes than fine details. "When I spoke to your articling student Erica, one thing she mentioned that stuck out to me was the firm's commitment to getting students into court and on their feet as soon as possible. This excited me because..."
  7. Just a heads up to all, keep your ringers on. I got called last year at 4:30 pm to schedule an interview. So just in case.
  8. How often would you say the top in house people get promotions? And what does that look like? Moves to VP positions? CLO?
  9. It goes further, IMO, than just everyone is good. It's that everyone is good and a significant number of them start to have defined interests that turn them into semi-SMEs (academically, not necessarily practically) by the time they finish 3L. I'm very confident that if I walk into a room where a certain subject is being discussed amongst peers, I am going to know more than most of them. By contrast, there are numerous subjects where my job is to walk in, shut up, and let the people who know what they are talking about speak. I'm not reading administrative or labour law articles/texts in my spare time, the same way they aren't keeping up to date on certain major M&A issues. It's not just being okay with everyone being good, it's also being okay with being good at only a few areas. The "stay in your lane" skill is one I think good students learn early.
  10. Alrighty, so let's unpack this a bit. On a) No one knows the answer here. The amount of transfer spots is entirely dependent on how many people leave from the 1L class at that school. That's impossible to know. b) I can't speak to McGill/UofO specifically, and it's going to be entirely school dependent. Some accept all, some have 1L reqs that you won't have and will need to catch up on. Etc. c) There's no guarantees, but a valid reason, above average grades, and a decent application would help. But to answer the question underlying your questions, I'll advise you that going into first you with the idea that you're going to transfer isn't the right way to be, can harm your relationships with classmates, and will likely make you miserable. You should be entering the year under the assumption you won't be transferring, do you best, and reevaluate AFTER your second semester exams.
  11. There is hope yet for my life in practice then.
  12. First half solicitors: "wow, why bother with the substantive materials if its going to be 100 PR questions and 20 questions on the materials"? Second half: "why even bother having materials if the answers aren't in there? Oh by the way, thanks for throwing those 5 PR questions in amongst some of the most high level estates law shit". Also. They spend like 40 pages on bankruptcy and insolvency and commercial law then ask 2 questions about them. But sure, ask 10 questions on tax structuring.
  13. I am a soon to graduate Queen's student who had a B+ average leaving 2L, did not have a law job in 1L or any job in 2L summer, and have a really good articling job. PM me if you want and we can set up a call sometime.
  14. That was my cumulative average when I transferred. I got an offer at U of T, didn't apply to the other two. Will depend on a) how competitive transfer applicants. b) your materials. c) how many people leave those schools from the 1L class.
  15. Thats.. .that's just false.
  16. It's entirely reasonable on a Bay St. salary. 105k/Year starting is a 75K net in first year (It's actually more once you take into account the tuition tax credits). Then lockstep raises. If you live frugally you can definitely make Toronto work on 40K net and put 35K/year against debt. It gets easier if you're double income, less easy if you have kids. Even on smaller salaries you can service the debt, but it's not going to be super comfortable.
  17. There's a myth that all arts programs are easy peasy waltz your way to As good times. I like to dispell that rumour when I can.
  18. And since I know you were in sciences, my arts undergrad also curved grades.
  19. My family are proud, I get some lighthearted ribbing because that's what our family does. I get deferred to often enough for legal questions they see in the news. I literally never bring it up unless forced to though. When it is brought up to strangers it's usually a wow/cool/my cousins a lawyer etc. Sometimes you get "you're gonna make a lot of money huh".
  20. I mean, I'd like to be an expert at every kind of law. And also dreamy.
  21. Not to be too nitpicky. But that B+ isn't something you need to compensate for. Seriously. There aren't many people who make it through law school without at least a B+ on their transcript. In fact, there are incredibly few who have grades even close to you. Let me put it this way, one of my best friends, probably the smartest legal mind I've met (in my age group, anyway), has a B+ on their transcript. Their grades are not unlike yours. They had their pick of 2L summer jobs and when it was time, got interviews/offers at all levels of appellate courts. Worrying about a B+ is a recipe for anxiety and burnout. Continue doing your best, but seriously don't worry yourself sick over the one B+. It's really not a big deal.
  22. Google Canadian Parliamentary Hansards. Older ones will be on the Library of Parliament website. Newer ones will be on ourcommons.
  23. These are the kinds of grades that get interviews. With some solid work experience and research/writing under your belt, I'd bet on you having a good shot.
  24. And perhaps as important for OP, is that whether this is true of you or not, perceptions die hard and may impact you in the short term. I have a bit of a perspective on this given that I transferred after 1L. I had a high B+ bordering on A- when I transfered and my materials were pretty decent. I received one OCI to the Toronto recruit and when I talked it over with a recruiter I know they mentioned that it would have been tough to rank my B+ from school A against a B+ from my new school, based on perceptions based on quality of student pool. It was no surprise then when after one semester of maintaining the average at the new school that I started getting a whole load more interviews. Had I suddenly become a significantly better/more qualified student? Probably not. But the perception of me as a B+ student from new school was better than it had been before because I had proven I stacked up against the "more competitive" pool.
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