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  1. I'm one of these students. I found it no more difficult from one school to another to get A-grades, and this was from two schools that would have been considered decently far apart in terms of quality (I similarly never found that difference in quality to be present). Courses under 25 enrollment give profs the option at Queen's to curve to a B+ rather than a B. Some profs do, other don't. It certainly allows for some gaming of the system, but it all depends. The only thing I hate is it's confusing for employers trying to figure grades out. But such is life.
  2. I think I get another 12 months before it converts to a term loan. Ill call and check. I also have some stock I could sell in a real pinch. It's not super dire, but if this stretches into next year I'll be in some tough spots.
  3. Yea. I'm not feeling super comfy right now. I'm being called in June, and once EI runs out come October I will be screwed. I'm lucky, in that I'm in a long term relationship with someone with a job that can pay our rent alone, but it's still not good. The only thing I can hope is that I'm willing to take jobs outside the main Toronto area. Hopefully some smaller town firms will need some help. Otherwise, I'll either need to hang my own shingle as a new call or start selling my belongings.
  4. This is the easiest answer to one of these threads I've seen. Go to Ottawa. It's a solid school, in the market you want, will keep your debt levels down, and a lot of Health and IP law gets practiced in that market.
  5. I'm really trying to avoid being unduly harsh to any one organization in this. But the answer to your question is, of course, it depends. No, I don't expect every kink and thought to be hashed out 3 days in (though it's more like a week in, it's been 7 days since the major sporting leagues shut down, which should have been an indication). What I do expect is a more fulsome response than what is basically written on every entry regarding articling in the world. I'd like at least some indication that they are thinking about changes to the status quo in a circumstance that is very much not status quo. They are the law society, one of their main functions is to license lawyers, I'd like to see some evidence that they are actually taking steps to make sure that will continue to happen. Here's an easy and common-sense example of something LSO could have announced, quickly. The deadline to file the Record of Experiential Training and the completed Certificate of Service without paying a late filing fee is approaching April 1. How about a simple "Hey, we know this has thrown a wrench into a lot of plans and some of these things won't get filed on time, or you'll need some additional time to figure it out, this year we're waiving the late filing fee". It's not much, but at least it shows people that they are at least thinking of ways they can ease the impact here. And if the answer from the LSO is simply "Hey, we've got more important things to do right now, hold please", I would be fine with that. Because as you said, there are super pressing issues that they have to attend to with courts closing, etc. What I'm not okay with is them dressing non-answers up as answers.
  6. So basically, they rehash what the baseline is, and provide zero additional guidance. They may as well have just copy and pasted their blurb from every articling form ever. If they can't scramble a more fulsome response together regarding this, I really wonder where my 3100 in articling fees goes.
  7. So you'd rather just not get called? Seriously, call the law society. Your principle has duties here. I'd rather burn a few bridges and get called. What good are your relationships in the bar if you're not a lawyer?
  8. Or hiring at all. If you weren't going to be hired back anyway: 1) who is calling people in for interviews right now? 2) who has budget in an economic downturn to hire?
  9. This is something I've been concerned with since the beginning. The LSO has been completely mum on this, and frankly it's disappointing.
  10. Even if OP doesn't hear this, I sure as hell did. I'd never heard it articulated this way before.
  11. SO would not be pleased. I won't opine on my legacy of making poor career choices here though. Maybe in another thread some time.
  12. Ontario. So yea. No dice on an external crown hire. Super rare.
  13. They're all restricted jobs, meaning you need to be a current OPS lawyer withing 125km of the city to apply. Believe me, I've tried.
  14. I'm basically taking a hard right turn and want to pursue criminal work, but the market for associates is terrible, and even worse if you're like me and your resume isn't criminal heavy. Crown positions are next to impossible to find, and if you have a debt load, working for next to nothing isn't feasible. It's the reality of the practice area, which is a shame, especially because of the major changes to crim right now that have really impacted rights of accuseds.
  15. I get a year after articling before I have to make principle payments with scotia. I'm really sorry to hear the pay is so low though. I totally understand though how pressure filled it can be to not have articles.
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