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  1. Between 65 and 80, depending on the sophistication of the work/the volume of the practice, as well as bonus structure, fee split, targets, benefits, and vacation.
  2. Yep. I reviewed at my firm this year (non-bay st., limited OCI) and the only use I got from undergrad transcripts/grades was the odd interesting course and as backup to "COVID created a scenario where I didn't reach my potential" type things. I was a lot more inclined to believe the explanation for poor (relatively) 1L grades due to covid when the person was clearly a superstar in undergrad.
  3. Freehold is a dream provided you have neighbours who care about maintenance. For all the crap I talk about condos and condo boards (and my opinion on them is well established) it is really nice to get a certain level of guaranteed upkeep, provided you're in a decent one.
  4. This is my experience as well everywhere. Bigger the building the worse it usually is, to a point (above a certain size, they mostly just suck). If you can get a unit in a smaller place I would always recommend that, even if it's a bit further away.
  5. I do not work on Bay, but I can count on one hand the amount of times I've truly needed to respond to an email past 5pm. All of them were during contentious closings. My boss actively encourages us to use delay send, and we expectation set with clients that unless something is truly urgent they may wait 12 or 18 hours to hear from us. We also charge a "night and weekend" rate when we get requests to turn things around on an urgent basis where it was avoidable. We don't use it often, but it's amazing how when the hourly rate doubles the folks who want a lease they send at 4:30 Friday reviewed by Monday morning are suddenly okay with Tuesday. I don't make Bay money, but I do okay for a 1st year call, and am happy to trade the extra cash for that balance. And while my clients aren't the TDs and Googles of the world, we've got a fair share of highly sophisticated, saavy clients who are more than happy to accept our service standards.
  6. Can you expand on this a bit? I've heard rumblings that as a lawyer you have access to better mortgage rates, higher limits etc. but not from reliable sources.
  7. You answered the first part with the second. Windsor is likely going to be cheaper by a decent margin when you take living expenses into account. The city also takes more heat than it deserves, IMO (not that it competes with Ottawa, but IMO nowhere really does). If OP is at all budget conscious, Windsor probably eeks out a win. All that being said, between the Windsor single and the Ottawa single, I don't think OP can make a bad choice here.
  8. Here's a piece of LinkedIn advice. If you're messaging to set up a networking call, don't ask for it to be on a weekend. My SO does not work in law, but boy was she not happy about that ask today.
  9. Do you have any idea what the inverse actually looks like? Id assume the earlier you move from solicitor to lit the better?
  10. YMMV based on the MP or MPP you are working for. I know of at least two that I wouldn't wish my worst enemy worked for. Also, the lack of job security in those partisan positions is rough. In fact, most of my friends in those positions are actively trying to move to either public service side (difficult for partisan staff, for obvious reasons) or to the private sector.
  11. Thanks, Mr. Holmes. That doesn't solve the immediate problem of money being tight. Nor is it a good answer for new calls in this market. It also ignores that many times the increased pay from additional files coming in lags greatly. You may not see that cash until bonus time, possibly almost a year from now.
  12. As if taking on a few more files means making more money. For most people it means making the firm more money - not themselves. There are plenty of folks under loads of debt and possibly in any number of situations that could make salaries tight.
  13. I probably work 35-40, am semi-on call another 10 or 15, and preoccupied thinking about work another 5 or 10. It's seldom only client work for 35 or 40, but the non-billable/administrative stuff takes up a chunk of time. I anticipate as I get more senior/better at client management/quicker at some tasks, this will all probably drop to be less, but I could also see it just ramping up as I get more senior/have more responsibility, etc.
  14. Picking up on this part, have you been doing the classic language tricks when sending stuff to the other side? "My client advises me" "I have instructions to" etc. etc. Maybe it goes without saying, and I'm obviously junior, but I've been in a few similar situations, and felt like on both sides there's been some fairly couched email language used that served to cool things a bit.
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