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  1. whoknows

    Suits For Men

    Sport or Dress watch? If sport Seiko Automatics can be had at that or less and offer phenomenal value. You could also go vintage brand name.
  2. whoknows

    Improving Your Application for Articling

    Thanks for the response. As I've gotten more comfortable with reaching out, I've noticed just how generous people are with their time, and their coffee money. I'll have to be sure to pay it forward when I (finally) enter this profession.
  3. This mirrors my experience and my opinion. And with regards to ease of undergrad program, and I've said this before, school matters. An A in politics from one place is different than an A from another. It's a reality that you have to deal with when you're in a program where grading is subjective, one that STEM students seldom have to contend with.
  4. whoknows

    Things I Wish I Knew (Before Starting Law School)

    1. Know what works you, and block out the noise. If you need 1 hour where someone else need 2 that's okay. The opposite is okay too. Laptop? Handwritten notes? Notes in lecture vs. just listening? It's okay to study the way that works for you. But also, be flexible and willing to change. 2. Off of one, BALANCE. Learn it, and use it. Don't buy into the hype of spending 12 hours in the library. It's a recipe for burnout. Exercise. And know that it's okay to seek help when things really aren't going right for you. 3. If I've found anything particularly useful, it's been the ability for me to process a large amount of information relatively quickly. I didn't learn this from readings, I learned this from constantly being tuned in, I'm reading newspapers, articles, journals, listening to podcasts, etc. most of the day. Practice processing things you don't understand. Have a budding interest in banking and business? Read those books about securities analysis, etc. 4. Be prepared and okay with your interests changing. If someone told me two years ago I'd be struggling to go to admin law yet super excited to write a paper on corporate governance and securities regulation, I'd have laughed at you. Well, here we are.
  5. whoknows

    Going to the gym during law school

    I currently have this plan on the wall in front of my monitor, looks like I'm failing 3L and also never getting articles either.
  6. Easily, depending on personal traits. Especially if the class power points are provided and cover the readings.
  7. whoknows

    What is all this stuff?

    Your L's are your years of school. 1L is a first year student, 2L is second year, etc. In between 1L and 2L and 2L and 3L you have summer positions. Not articles. These aren't guaranteed by any stretch, they're just summer jobs. After 3L, you graduate law school, write the barristers and solicitors exams in June (typically) and then commence articles. Articles are a practical skills requirement of the licencing process, you basically are a baby lawyer working under supervision of a more senior lawyer, with reduced privileges. Articles last 10 months and are typically paid. You get an articling position by applying like any other job. After you complete the exams and articling you become fully licensed. 1L-Lawyer takes around 4 years.
  8. Anyone hear from ATS Automation?
  9. whoknows

    Non-OCI Recruit - 2019 Toronto 2L Summer

    Just as a note to you guys. Best practice is to submit an application as soon as possible after the postings. These jobs get hundreds of applicants and many of the firms simply stop reading after a certain number are received. The deadline is an illusion in many cases.
  10. That may have something to do with the fact that running is one of the best ways to clear your head, at least in my experience. Add a mentally taxing profession of competitive people to that mix, and you're likely to find a group that likes to race.
  11. Yeesh. I spend way more than an hour a day on hobbies, and still manage to get my 8 hours. Last year I carried a few small extracurriculars, played hockey once or twice a week, watched most Leaf games, played plenty of video games, and trained for and raced a 30k. Still managed a combo of grades between B's and A's. I'd estimate I spent roughly 20-25 hours a week on school. It's far easier to schedule in now than when I worked 60 hour weeks during summers in undergrad.
  12. whoknows

    Law School or Masters (MPP/MPA)

    4.0/164 is an auto admit. On top of that, there's a reason why the application asks if you have applied/got in before. I don't know for certain, but I can imagine not accepting any of your offers would not be looked on favorably if you apply again.
  13. whoknows

    Law School or Masters (MPP/MPA)

    I'll go ahead and once again hype the MPM program at Carleton. Every person I've seen go through that program has jumped ahead in hiring/career path. It's small, practical, and incredibly good for networking.
  14. whoknows

    Law School or Masters (MPP/MPA)

    I struggle with this one, because I wish you had considered this before applying. You're a textbook case for needing to take a year or two off and figure it out a bit. I'm definitely with Ben, if the goal is living and working in Ottawa, MPA/MPP/MPM is the way to go. The legal market there is a struggle and a half (my very limited perspective). Other posters are far more qualified to talk working hours, but know you're not the only one concerned about them. You're not going to get any sympathy on this forum, though.
  15. whoknows

    Do firms call unsuccessful candidates?

    It depends on the firm and on how close you were. I've had friends get calls who weren't hired, but I'm pretty sure they got them a few days past call day. Generally though the phone just doesn't ring. Maybe an email.