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  1. whoknows

    Best time to take vacation during articling

    I honestly doubt it exists at all in the legal profession anymore, if it ever did at all. It's the reality of email and cell phones etc. I do wonder how firms used to survive when people who were away really were away. Did associates used to leave the number of the hotel they were staying at in Mexico in case they needed to be contacted? Did firms have their home phone numbers to call them back in after they had left work? My wonders aside, articling doesn't really seem like the time to be taking big chunks of vacation. It's basically a long semester of intense school, not a regular job (not that law is ever a regular job).
  2. whoknows

    New LSO logo

    What about the fourth circle? The one to represent the shape my pupils made when I read this?
  3. whoknows

    The Sartorial Canon

    Think these https://cdn.lookastic.com/black-leather-brogues/cromwell-brogue-wingtip-shoes-original-135875.jpg
  4. whoknows

    Improving Your Application for Articling

    Here's a question for you all. If I'm going to reach out to people at firms I'm interested in talking to/in practice areas I'm interested in, how do I pick who to reach out to? I don't want to look like an idiot by asking a super senior member of the bar for time out of their day (that I certainly don't deserve), but also want to be able to get the most information possible about practice/firm. Is there a balance here? Look for people who went to your school? This question is especially relevant when those firms don't have a posted student committee/hiring person to ask.
  5. whoknows

    The Sartorial Canon

    Here's a question. Black Brogues. Wearable? Too casual? Wearable at a certain level of seniority?
  6. whoknows

    The TRUTH about law school

    Hegdis with another hammer meets nail moment.
  7. whoknows

    Rural lawyering pay

    You can expose kids to the realities of the world while also not having them live with them daily. That has more to do with not being a helicopter parent than it does with where you live.
  8. whoknows

    Rural lawyering pay

    I'm with Rumpy on this, from a Ontario perspective. Some rural places are better than others, obviously, but I've been to plenty of small towns in Ontario with great restaurants, awesome beer/wine selection, etc. I think painting "rural" Ontario with one broad stroke is fairly narrow minded, and I further think having an idea of defining "rural" is important as well.
  9. whoknows

    So Um...What Now?

    Probably fair. Queen's.
  10. whoknows

    So Um...What Now?

    I definitely do note that my main interest is in litigation. From my discussions, you're correct in that you're not going to find many, if any, practitioners who both litigate and do the transactional side of those issues. But there are certainly litigators who specialize in securities/corp gov/banking related litigation (though I realize in Canada this is a much smaller area), it's why I was really hoping the OSC would give me a call for one of their litigation positions (I thought the A's in CivPro and Securities would help, they didn't).
  11. whoknows

    So Um...What Now?

    Thanks, Hegdis. Thanks to you too. I'm definitely doing this, while trying to add some heft to the old resume. I think a moot is in order, but we'll have to see how the tryout goes, it's been a while since I've been up on my feet. I'd be lying if I told you it isn't at least partially the idea of working for large clients, doing complex work, and I guess to some extent actually finding the subject matter around raising capital interesting. But what I will say is I wish it was a more singular interest. The reality is that I could probably be relatively happy in many areas of practice. In fact I often wonder how good I would be in criminal defence, given how strongly I feel about the work you guys get to do. I can find bits and pieces of numerous areas of law interesting, and the real thrill for me lies in being able to solve a Rubik's cube day in and day out. I like solving problems, and that draws me to (what I perceive are) complex areas of law. Thanks a lot for this. I've applied to Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Kitchener/Waterloo, and Mississauga. I have preferences in terms of where I'd like to live, but generally I am far more preoccupied with finding a place that's going to give me the opportunity to grow as a student/junior lawyer than where I'm going to lay my head at night.
  12. whoknows

    So Um...What Now?

    So I don't know what I'm looking for here. Encouragement, tips, commiseration with fellow students, all are welcome in this thread. Hell, if Diplock shows up and kicks me in the ribs I'll deal with it. But I'm really wondering if it's time to panic or consider doing something else with my life other than law. I'm a 3L, I have good grades (Nothing below a B, smatterings of A's and A-'s), some decent-but-not-incredible EC's, etc. My main area of interest is business law, specifically business litigation, and I have a real interest in corporate governance, securities/financing, and banking. With that being said, I have no aversions to anything other than insurance defense/family/PI work. I failed to secure a 2L summer job, despite a load of applications, and maybe 8 interviews. I've had 5 articling interviews (and a similar bazillion applications) and haven't received an offer, receiving either no feedback or little feedback from my interviewers (though I will note that some of them have been incredibly helpful). What I get most is that it was really competitive this year and they're sure I will land somewhere great. Which is nice to hear but doesn't help much. I'm just kind of at a loss, I've taken feedback to heart, gone for mock interviews, gone to coffee chats, taken informational meetings and phone calls, edited and re-edited application materials, and really tried to implement suggestions while still keeping at least part of my own personality in tact. I suppose I could just be completely unlikable to interviewers, though that doesn't bear itself out elsewhere in my life. So what gives? Do I have a chance at actually doing the sort of work that I want to at any decent level, or should I be considering heading elsewhere? I'm no stranger to failure, I've experienced it all the way through university, but I'm bordering on 3 years without any sort of win, and I'm just tired, and wondering if it's worth continuing to dust myself off for a profession that doesn't seem to want me.
  13. whoknows

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    Death, taxes, early Davies PFOs.
  14. whoknows

    2L Fall Course Selection

    Freedman is a solid prof who blends both a practical and academic perspective in class. He doesn't give many A's, but that's the nature of law school. Sure, he's love or hate, but if you read his notes and answer the fucking questions as he asks them, it's not hard to do well.
  15. whoknows

    Interests Section

    Meh. It was always said as a joke, but I have gotten it multiple times.