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  1. Title is self explanatory In at both ... geographically speaking I would rather be at Windsor + it is more established than Lakehead. Any advice/opinions?
  2. I did! However the headline said June and not July. I realized I have a month longer of my provisional acceptance to wait for other schools.
  3. Hi, I was waitlisted April 6th - does anyone have any input regarding my odds of being accepted/rejected before July 1st?
  4. what's the difference between my provisional acceptance expiring on June 1st and (your quote before) "provisional acceptances becoming firm July 4th". Any clarification is appreciated.
  5. Hi all, I was waitlisted Friday the 7th of April. Wondering if anyone has any input indicating what my chances of getting off the list before June 1st as I have provisionally accepted elsewhere. Thanks in advance
  6. Waitlisted today Annoying because I've already provisionally accepted elsewhere and I can't imagine hearing back from Windsor before i'm forced to make a decision
  7. On this note I'm also not going to be looking at this thread anymore - Best of luck to those still waiting, and to those who will be attending law school in September.
  8. I understand how it may be seen as inconsiderate. However, I might have options and I want to take advantage of that possibility. Aside from the Ego boost, I might change my mind and accept somewhere else. Who knows. Selfish? To some it might seem so, and I do understand that - but it's in my best interest to provisionally accept. Sorry to all who disagree with my thought process here, but if you were in my shoes, wouldn't you be tempted to do the same?
  9. Thank you. I put everything into this application and I do want see where else I get in. Worth the rush! Provisionally accepted today.
  10. I received my first acceptance last week, and even though it is my first choice, I don't like the idea of not knowing where I stand with other schools. This application process was a B***, and for curiosity's sake I'm tempted to provisionally accept unless I'm missing something and someone here can enlighten me.
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