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  1. Did anyone from queens hear back from Gardiner Roberts?
  2. OK Thanks! I went to CIBC and they offered me prime so I went back to Scotia. Hopefully Scotia will lower it as well
  3. Would it be possible if you can send me your TD offer?
  4. have you been rejected recently? or back in May?
  5. I hope you get in! Honestly reading your post made me pretty sad because your stats are better than mine and you got rejected. But I think you have a really good shot at western due to your high lsat and l2! Good luck to you!!
  6. When did you get the e-mail. My stats are worse than yours so I'm really worried. Also, did you hear back from any other schools?
  7. she said it was ok to graduate in November, as long as I had all my credits before September. But once again, I didn't get accepted, so I'm not really sure if this applies to you. Just e-mail the admission person then you will have a peace of mind.
  8. I dropped two courses which wouldn't make me a June graduate as planned. I e-mailed Aimee asking my chances about it and she said it didn't matter as long as I finished my 4-year degree before law school started. So... I don't think you need to tell them if you are finishing up your degree in the summer, even if your convocation may be in the fall. If not, you might want to talk to the law school admissions in case they ask for final transcripts and notice that you are missing grades.
  9. do you think the rejection letters come out in batches?
  10. I'm sorry to hear about your rejection :/
  11. Hi, what does your last name start with?
  12. How are my chances looking? I just want an acceptance, don't really care how late in the cycle.
  13. I applied this cycle, but due to some personal circumstances, I don't think I will finish the degree in June. But I am planning on taking a summer school credit which will finish in the before end of June. Is this OK? I e-mailed Queens, but they haven't gotten back to me yet. For those who already got their acceptances, is the offer conditional that you graduate in June?
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