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  1. Filed consumer proposal due to bad investment a year ago, luckily was able to reduce my debt to 30%, but credit score took a huge hit and I was bit concerned whether that affect my legal career. I know law firms usually require a background check before hiring you, but do they also check your credit report? What about bay street? Thanks.
  2. By-Law 8, Part 1, section 1 place restrictions on lawyers who cannot have a trust account. Just curious, what if an articling student files for bankruptcy before he becomes a lawyer? What kind of effect does that have?
  3. Just a personal opinion, 2k suits are for associates only, partners should wear 6k suits such as Tom Ford, Kiton or Brioni.
  4. You can't go wrong with Ottawa if you intend to do IP. However, with UBC's reputation, you might land a job in the US which is something UOttawa can't provide.
  5. Thumbs for the style, however, it's not even goodyear welted so you can't resole them as there is no blake-stitched machine in Canada. I would suggest you take a look at Carmina as they offer very similar styles with much better value and quality. Plus there is no HST if you buy it from their e-commerce websitešŸ˜‰.
  6. I took his financial skills last term and can't comment on the resounding negative feedback as I haven't discussed this with my other classmates, besides I did slightly above average so no complaintšŸ˜. However, 1 reason most students suffer in this course is that they suck at math. The last 20% of the exam questions are pure calculation. Regarding his teaching style, it is probably true that many students were not very fond of him and I agree that MacGregor is probably the best tax prof at UOttawa, but IMHO Krishna is still 10 times better than Zweibel, that woman's taxation level I is a joke. I suspect you can probably count with 1 hand the number of bay street partners who bill more than $1400 per hour. Love him or hate him, you have to admit the guy is a tax guru.
  7. BTW, professor Krishna bills $1400 per hour.
  8. If what you said about her daughter's homework is true, you should gather all the evidence and report to the law society.
  9. So did you succeed in getting a better salary?
  10. So how many suits do you need for summer jobs? I currently have 2 but was thinking about 3.
  11. Good point. I emailed my professor who's been a tax lawyer for 10+ years in 1 of the 7 sisters, she said they sent junior associates there for marketing purposes to build connections with accountants.
  12. At least someone is paying for your bar exam.
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