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  1. Only 2 people dropped out in my year and one of them did it due to mental illness. At the end of the day if you have shit GPA from your undergrad, you will not get in and you cannot even apply to interviews. Again undergard GPA is not an accurate predictor of someone's performance in law school .
  2. The program at NAIT is less challenging than other programs at the UofA simply b/c the courses are not curved. My understanding is that at NAIT b/c the courses are not curved, the lecturer has some discretion to raise your grade from an A- to an A , again that is my experience, it may be different for other people. Law school courses are curved and TBH if you work hard it is not that difficult to get a B or B-. In my case typing speed had more impact on my grade than my peers intelligence. Unlike the "thousands of others who have the same goal" OP actually smart enough to plan his path to law school. Once you have a shit GPA, you are done.
  3. You got Dino for Crim, he is the best Crim lecturer in that faculty!
  4. I did not find it challenging. TBH enrolling in a university course, which is curved and difficult is not the best way to set yourself up for law school either. I have to say it cost way less than the University of Alberta courses; if you are not paying for your uni tuition fees, it does not matter. Remember if someone mess up their GPA while studying what they are passionate about they would never get into law school.
  5. I agree with you, but the program at NAIT is so basic that as long as you show up to the class and mention to the instructor that you are planning to go to law school, most of them will try their best to make sure you will get an A. AKA the program is not intellectually challenging at all!
  6. I disagree with people when they say do something that you are passionate about. If you are sure that you want to get into law school and you live in Edmonton, I believe you should enroll in the business degree at NAIT. It is a easy program, classes are not crowded, it is business related, which I found helpful if you want to work for the big firms in Edmonton. Also, it is very cheap and you can finish it in 3 years if you take summer courses. TBH if you go to NAIT, you will also have lots free time to prep for LSAT.
  7. Call them or even better ask for an appointment and go in person.
  8. That's what happened to me and decreased my last 60 credit GPA significantly. Make sure to confirm your GPA with them after you apply to avoid any surprises.
  9. For future reference, I just wanted to confirm that the Award is still automatic for those on the Dean's list but unfortunately, it could be slightly less than $4000.
  10. Thank you for this is the answer I was looking for, I will not make any firm financial decision in anticipation of receiving the money. Do you know where can I find the 2016/2017 Dean's List? And did you by any chance checked whether the amount of the award was based on the recipient's rank on the Dean's List?
  11. Does anyone know whether or not UofA automatically awards scholarships to the upper-year students that are on the Dean's List?
  12. I did not read your lengthy post but based on the title I would suggest that to pick some courses business admin program at NAIT. It is cheap and easy to get A+ in. The University of Alberta accepts the upper year courses done in the program.
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