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  1. Call them or even better ask for an appointment and go in person.
  2. That's what happened to me and decreased my last 60 credit GPA significantly. Make sure to confirm your GPA with them after you apply to avoid any surprises.
  3. For future reference, I just wanted to confirm that the Award is still automatic for those on the Dean's list but unfortunately, it could be slightly less than $4000.
  4. Thank you for this is the answer I was looking for, I will not make any firm financial decision in anticipation of receiving the money. Do you know where can I find the 2016/2017 Dean's List? And did you by any chance checked whether the amount of the award was based on the recipient's rank on the Dean's List?
  5. Does anyone know whether or not UofA automatically awards scholarships to the upper-year students that are on the Dean's List?
  6. I did not read your lengthy post but based on the title I would suggest that to pick some courses business admin program at NAIT. It is cheap and easy to get A+ in. The University of Alberta accepts the upper year courses done in the program.
  7. You can also include your LSAC number at the top. It will make the admission officer 's job a little easier.
  8. I know someone who was accepted early January before submitting their personal statement.
  9. I am not 100% sure but I think they do. If I remember correctly someone received a conditional offer two years ago. The condition was related to their fall grades.
  10. U of A uses average LSAT scores, (165+163)/2=164. The school changes the formula between 22.0 to 22.5. You are most probably in given the previous year applicant profile. =3.56*22.5 + 164 = 244.1 =3.56*22.0 + 164 = 242.32
  11. Just email Heather and ask her if she could confirm your GPA. Also, ask if she cannot confirm it when would be a good time to follow up?
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