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  1. I wanted to ask how much grades matter after securing a summer job. Would the firm consider them while hiring me back as an articling student, and then as an associate? Do they matter if you choose to change firms after articling (possibly from not being made a hireback offer) or when making a lateral jump to another firm in the early years of your career? I know it might vary a lot depending on the firm, so I thought I would add context: I'm going to be working for a large, full service, Bay St firm this summer.
  2. Same, just received mine a couple of days ago!
  3. I was in in a similar situation and I transferred to U of T this year. I completely agree 1000% with regards to OCIs and Friends. I did it because of family responsibilities so I don't regret it at all, but it hurt my job prospects (Thankfully I got a job out of the OCI process though!). I also agree with Diplock, who is absolutely right. You lose a lot of friends. My best connections are still friends from my previous school, although I have managed to make a few friends at U of T. My recommendation would be to not transfer if you don't need to, but that's just me.
  4. McMillan and Gowling ITC (U of T)
  5. ITC Bennett Jones, DLA (U of T)
  6. Thanks! I got confused because my lecturer pointed it out when I asked her, and said she may not be eligible. She wanted to be sure before she wrote the letter so as to not wreck my application.
  7. Hi Everyone, For Transfer Applications, it says that we need a letter of reference from a "law professor who has taught you". Does that mean only faculty members can write the letter, or can sessional lecturers/instructors who taught you also vouch for your abilities?
  8. Hi, I know we have 7 courses in first year: Access to Justice, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Legal Research and Writing, Property Law and Torts. Would anyone know which books are required for these courses? It would be a great help! Thanks!
  9. Hi! Thanks for taking time out to answer questions, its been very helpful so far. If you don't mind, I have a lot of few questions of my own. 1. How are the Libraries like? Are they usually crowded and full or can you find a place to sit and study? What are the Library hours like? Would you recommend any other place on or off campus to study? 2. Is the public transport at Windsor reliable to get to and back from campus? If it is not reliable as a whole, are there some routes that are? 3. I have Wind Mobile. Would you, by any chance, know how the coverage is like in Windsor? Would you recommend changing networks? Thank you!!
  10. Accepted at Windsor & Queens, wait listed at Ottawa, waiting for Osgoode
  11. Rejected almost a week ago. CGPA & L2 3.45, LSAT 160, 168
  12. They told me about a week ago that the class was 2/3 full.
  13. For Osgoode B2 is more relevant. I have 3.42/3.64(B2) and 168 and I'm still waiting.
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