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  1. Pas de souci, merci pour la réponse! Ce n'est pas le refus qui me dérange, mais plutôt le fait de ne pas savoir. Maintenant que je suis fixé, je peux me concentrer sur mes autres opportunités d'emploi. Je sais que certains cabinets envoient des refus rapidement, je pense que ce devrait être la norme.
  2. Est-ce que quelqu'un a des nouvelles de BCF ou sait quand ils donneront des réponses?
  3. Are all the calls supposed to come in today or do some firms call over the weekend / into next week? I didn't ask at my interviews when they were planning to call, but some of my friends did. I wish I had thought about it, I'd be less in the dark right now.
  4. Blakes and Fasken on Monday, BCF yesterday (Tuesday).
  5. I hope you interviews went well. Mine were OK, no call for a second round interview yet. Please let me know if you hear from Fasken, BCF or Blakes. Best of luck to you all!
  6. Est-ce que quelqu'un a des nouvelles de Langlois? Québec ou Montréal.
  7. My question may sound stupid, but I'd like to know what is appropriate footwear for interviews (for women). There will still be snow, so normally I'd wear boots to get there. But then does it look inappropriate once you're at the interview? Do I bring shoes and change there? I was thinking maybe short black booties? Leaving my place in a cab and going directly to the interview is not an option as I will be travelling from Ottawa. Any advice regarding my trip's logistics would be welcome. What do I do with the stuff I will be carrying? (Laptop, change of clothes, travel basics...) I won't have my own car, so I can't leave stuff in there. I'm not staying at a hotel either. Should I rent a locker at the bus station?
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