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  1. OMG SAME. First person who lets us know when they get a call from Langlois is MVP
  2. I have a feeling that mid-sized offices haven't started calling yet, i.e. Langlois, LRMM, Morency, Monette Barakett, Bélanger Sauvé, etc.
  3. Does anyone know if RSS are done calling?
  4. A student my friend knows at Lavery pretty much confirmed hearing that the calls are over Better luck next year!
  5. Did anyone here not receive the RSS refusal e-mail but also didn't get a call yet? Is that good news?
  6. I got De Grandpré Chait with a low 3 GPA, but a pretty solid resumé There is hope, my friend!
  7. Not having a signal in class (sous-sol Jean Brillant) is killing me right now
  8. Still no calls from Lapointe Rosenstein ? Anyone from UdeM?
  9. Hi guys I understand that Robinson Sheppard Shapiro (RSS) have made their calls, as people started receiving some. However, somebody mentioned having recieved a refusal letter/e-mail? I haven't been called or refused yet.... Anybody else in the same situation? What about Lavery de Billy? And as for Lapointe Rosenstein Marchand Melancon, still no news? Sorry if I'm repeating myself, just joined and haven't had the time to read the forum posts from the beginning, and I figured there have been some updates since. Thanks for your responses!
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