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  1. If am interested in working for a municipal government after law school where should I apply for 2L summer positions? most government positions are only open to articling and don't hire for 2L. for those who did end up getting those articling positions, where did you work/do for 2L summer. Thank you.
  2. for those going to the 1L meet and greet in toronto is there a dress code? or can i come in a tshirt and jeans and sneakers? wondering since there might be faculty there etc... thanks
  3. i heard that most if not all students that applied for OSAP received some bursary. how much was this bursary? are there many scholarship/bursary opportunities? typically, how much students receive assuming they make the effort to apply? thanks.
  4. yes! I checked myuwindsor a lot throughout the day so the email and the status change must have happened around the same time!
  5. finally after being referred since mid march i was accepted today!! Email came in around 2pm. was never waitlisted. Gpa is a 3.25 on olsas and my L2 is 3.55/3.6 LSAT 153. PS - social justice oriented/experience in non-profit such a stressful wait, thankful i never have to write the LSAT after all! good luck everyone.
  6. what time did your email come in if you don't mind me asking?
  7. Congrats!!! Did you receive an email or did u just check myuwindsor recently?
  8. it's a mystery.... the optimist in me says we are borderline applicants that they are still unsure about it. the pessimist says they're about to reject us all at this point in the cycle but just haven't gotten around to it. i read somewhere on this forum that someone found out that there's some sort of "de-facto" waitlist that the admissions committee has sometimes late in the cycle...so i'm holding on to that statement for dear life also being on the waitlist sounds pretty scary since it's such a big pool and i feel like they leave a lot of people hanging there every year. honestly it could go either way but prepare for the worst.
  9. anyone here hear back yet? i'm still waiting. wondering if the class is full or almost full...also wondering if its necessary to be on the waitlist to be accepted at this point.
  10. doesn't that only apply to waitlisters? but i would expect that those of us still waiting for a decision (accepted/rejected/waitlisted) would hear back much earlier than august.
  11. i'm going crazy here!! how long can they keep us hanging for....?! it's almost june!
  12. exactly it's not over untill we get that rejection notification! best of luck to you. please update if you end up calling in.
  13. also still referred with similar stats. 3.25 gpa/153 lsat. lots of relevant ECs! not expecting an acceptance but it would be really nice. getting really frustrated with this long wait though, i've been referred since mid march with no answer. i called in last week , they said the class is by no means full and they still have a few hundred applications to go through...
  14. can't you join the wait list while still provisionally accepting windsor?
  15. Congrats! When were you accepted and when were you referred? and were you waitlisted?
  16. haha that does make me feel a bit better. hope we all get an answer soon! hopefully we hear very soon! i'm happy to see that windsor is at least taking time to reject people off the waitlist this year so if we do end up there we aren't left hanging throughout the entire summer! that sounds like an nightmare.
  17. still referred and saw a bunch of people accepted off the waitlist today. is this normal for windsor or can we expect rejections soon? freaking out
  18. this waitlist is getting long....................................................
  19. FINALLY a response from a school haha. got my first rejection/response in general. cgpa: 3.25 l2: sometwhere between 3.5-3.6 LSAT: 153 (wrote once) good ECs? not banking on this cycle, already preparing to re-do LSAT!
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