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  1. I was also wait listed today. 3.2 CGPA, 157 LSAT, MA. Applied under the access category, due to special considerations. Wondering if there is any downside to being wait listed? Or do they give you the option to cancel your application just in case you've been admitted elsewhere? I'm also wait listed at York.
  2. To those who were recently added to the waitlist: Did you apply with special considerations? Were any of you interviewed?
  3. Good luck! I was interviewed in February and just like anonlawgirl, I was also waitlisted. It will be such a relief when it is over! I know it was for me. Sending all the good vibes your way! Keep us updated on how it works out.
  4. Congratulations everyone! Love to see people with special circumstances get accepted at this point in the cycle. Do you all mind sharing when your deadline to accept is?
  5. It was updated on OASIS and then they emailed me to set the date for the interview.
  6. This was pure gold. Late to the party here, but damn that was funny.
  7. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm in a similar situation as you. Still waiting.
  8. He previously stated this information.
  9. The kinds of questions and the tone of the interview were exactly what has previously been described. The questions were very similar, it was structured and yet casual. It was what I expected and prepared for. I honestly walked out of the interview feeling pretty good about it overall. I obviously overthought everything that I said the minute I left the room, but there was really only one response that I feel I did not answer as well as I would have liked. Or as well as I would if I were asked it again. It kind of makes it worse that I felt good leaving the interview. I was pretty upset about it yesterday, but really I am just happy today that I don't have a rejection. I have heard absolutely nothing from Queens, Dal, and Ottawa and I am happy to have had the opportunity to go. Just leaves me thinking things like 'was I not excited enough?' or 'did I not make it known how much I wanted to be there?' but ultimately there is nothing I can do! Unfortunately I think I was destined to end up on the waitlist regardless of the interview. I applied under the diversity/special circumstances category and I have a lot of interesting qualities and life experience, but my stats are not nearly as competitive as many other candidates.
  10. Yeah. It says I have been added to the wait pool on OASIS.
  11. I got waitlisted as of Friday. I had an interview (that I can now assume did not go as well as I hoped). Anyone else in limbo with me?
  12. Thank you! Glad to hear someone else has been through the interview. They still haven't called to tell me the date. The suspense is killing me. But yes.. I will try my best not to be super weird. I hope I have the same story as you to tell next year.
  13. My overall GPA that has been calculated on OLSAS was 3.04 (though my graduate marks aren't included because I'm not finished the program) My LSAT was 154. I didn't expect to hear back to be honest.. especially not this early. I applied under the access category, as I have several special circumstances to consider. I have excellent letters of reference (including one from the vice-president of research at my university), a strong personal statement, an undergraduate degree in Philosophy, and I am currently finishing my Masters Degree in Biomedical Ethics. I have a decent amount of volunteer work, I have three jobs (one of which is as a research assistant), and I am presenting at the upcoming Canadian Bioethics Society Conference in Toronto. I want this SOOO bad.
  14. Long time lurker, first time poster. I have been invited for an interview with the admissions committee. I still haven't been contacted about the date of this meeting. I am very nervous and I have read some previous postings about what to expect, but what I am wondering is whether anyone else has been contacted about an interview yet? And what are my chances of getting in after being invited for an interview? Does anyone have any input? This is the first law school I have heard back from. Osgoode is my first choice and I am so nervous.. but over the moon to have a chance at the interview!
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