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  1. Google tells me there's 2: here and here
  2. For admissions statistics and program information, they can be found on their respective websites. Both schools are considered holistic in their own ways: UofT Law puts 1/3 of your application on your PS. Osgoode also takes a PS. As for demographic factors, probably not. The main focus is to do well in undergrad.
  3. 1) "I also have to keep my options open if Law School does not work out and having a BA in arts or criminology wouldn't be to much help, I need to be able to get a job after uni." This is definitely something someone in high-school would say. Guess what? You're wrong on every level. 2) "Should I pick the easiest way to secure good grades?" No, you should be choosing a program that interests you the most because that ='s better grades (for the most part). 3) "Is U of T worth all that money?" Are you referring to prestige? The university you go to does not matter for law school. Just get good grades. 4) "Which of the schools offer a more secure environment and a good community?" This is subjective to each person. Right now, all you need to think about it getting into university and doing well in your first year.
  4. The answer is found here under the 'are summer courses mandatory' question.
  5. Technically, you didn't even appeal the first time around. The professor was kind enough to give you a higher grade without you going through the formal appeal process. Although I do see that a 1-2% difference can make or break a 79 from an 80, it's very marginal when in the context of your cGPA at this point. 1) No, don't tell the admissions committee, that's very annoying 2) If you decide to appeal, remember that your mark can be brought down even lower from what you were originally graded
  6. I wonder what platform they'll do the 'online interview' in, because isn't Skype dead?
  7. Yes, that's the undnergrad email. It stays the same.
  8. Not unless you'd like to and it fits in somehow. If you have above their LSAT median, you'd really need to mess up the PS to not have a good chance (not saying you'd get auto-accepted).
  9. You do meet their median LSAT but you do not meet their median cGPA of 3.69. Hopefully that helps.
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